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In the technical world, the mobile application development industry is rapidly multiplying by leaps from the last five years because of a smartphone as it is the only technical device that most widely uses around the world.

The reason behind the increased demand for the mobile app development industry is their own needs for both smartphone users and businesses.

Due to the rapid growth of the mobile app, the industry needs to develop new apps as per user requirements and demands. So, mobile app developers struggle to choose the perfect programming language for app development.

Because at this time there are many programming languages used to develop mobile apps. In this blog, we describe some of those trending languages of mobile app development.

Popular Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

  1. Python
  2. PHP
  3. Kotlin
  4. Ruby
  5. HTML5 & JS
  6. Swift
  7. Objective-C
  8. Java

1. Python

Python is one of the fastest-growing high-level programming languages. It is relatively new compared to other programming languages.

python app Developers and enterprises around the world have understood the benefits and the future scope of the language. Because of that, it has reached the top level of many programming stacks of big enterprises. Google, Instagram, and many another big IT industry tycoons are using Python for many different purposes.

One of the best things about the language is that it is great to be integrated with AI and ML. This language serves great benefits for data science and high-level software programming.

With its development framework, Django has become even more powerful and can be great for native mobile app development. Top mobile app development companies prefer Python over many other programming languages.

2. PHP

PHP was developed as a server-side programming language. This language has supported a lot of web development and software development projects over the years.

It was developed in the year 1995, and since then there have been a lot of upgrades to it. It can now be used for general-purpose development by mobile app development companies.




This is one of the programming languages that can be used to create great dynamic websites and can also be used by Android and iPhone app development services. With this programming language, developers can develop many types of development projects.

3. Kotlin

Developers say that this is very much similar to the Java programming language. This is comparatively new and is an object-oriented programming language.

The structure of this language is very much similar to Java. The framework of the language is really clean and it offers many advanced features to the developers.

It is a language that is independent of platforms and can help the developers to make applications for most of them. This is hence a great choice for mobile app development companies.

4. Ruby

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that is influenced by other programming languages like Perl, Ada, Smalltalk, and Eiffel. This is an object-oriented programming language that is now used extensively for mobile app development.

This programming language has a dynamic type system along with automatic memory management. It offers great functionalities for web and mobile app development. This programming language supports functional, object-oriented, and imperative programming.

5. HTML5 & JS

Both HTML5 & JS is used to front-end development(designing) for both web and mobile apps ideally. With the combination of Javascript, HTML5 provides great user experience and can be productive for application development. HTML5 & JS can be effectively used for both mobile platforms iOS & Android.

Features of HTML5 & JS

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Responsiveness

6. Swift 

Swift is a popular open-source, easy to learn & maintain, a fast loading programming language that is used for custom ios app development includes watchOS, MACOS, and tvOS other such platforms.

It is designed by the apple industry in 2014. The latest version of swift is Swift4.0. It is used to develop native iOS apps. It is the combination of objective c and c++ features and concepts.

Advantages of Swift Programming Language

  • Easy to learn, use and maintain
  • Fast speed development
  • Open source programming language
  • Provide security against vulnerabilities of Objective-C

7. Objective-C

It is a class-based object-oriented programming language that is mainly used to develop iOS apps. It is the static, dynamic, and native platform programming language.

It is used to develop native iOS applications. It was the preliminary language used by Apple. But because of slow being replaced by a more powerful programming language called Swift in the Apple ecosystem.

8. Java

Java is the most popular and preferred language which use for android app development. It is used to develop native Android apps. Java is a completely object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems.

Note:- Java doesn’t completely use for android app development. Only some libraries use for app development.

Key Features of Java

  • It is a completely object-oriented language.
  • It has the ability to reuse the code to update the software.
  • API support, which simplifies integration.
  • It has many different libraries that contain open-source code.