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Are you working on your new application development project? In that case, you must look for the best back end developer languages in 2022. As we all know, the hike in technology invention is growing immensely.

Not many people know that there are several backend technologies out there that are worth the chance. But yet, it is vital to understand that choosing the best out of them is quite a task.

Every software development requires a different skill set and technologies. The choice of back end developer languages will vary depending on your project requirement.

But for that, knowing about the best back end developer languages is essential. It is vital to know that backend technologies have several benefits that can meet your business goals.

In this blog, we have covered the Top 10 back end developer languages which you should keep in account and choose one of the best suitable for your business. Use this blog as a guide to better understanding programming languages so you can get the most out of it. Hire dedicated backend developers and discuss this blog with them about each language.


What Is Back-End Development?


What Is Back-End Development


When it comes to web development, it is divided into categories of frontend and backend development. Frontend development handles the user experience and works on how progressive web apps development appears to users.

At the same time, the backend focuses on website and app servers, databases and the connection with the frontend and interaction with it. Several companies are looking for backend developers for hire due to excessive demand for web development.

Backend development is responsible for building the server side of software development that consists of data management and business logic. It is vital to know that a user can’t get access to the backend of a website, and it’s written with codes that lead to a database of website privacy.


Market Stats on Backend Development

Below we have covered some market stats to make you understand the strength of the best backend language 2023. After reading these stats, you can decide whether you want to look for backend developers for hire or not.


Market Stats on Backend Development

Market Stats on Backend


  • In 2022, more than 65 % of respondents said they used JavaScript, and just over 55 % said they used HTML/CSS, making them the most popular programming language software developers globally.
  • The final three of the top five most utilized backend languages for web development worldwide were Python, SQL, and TypeScript.
  • The poll found that 42.62 percent of participants were using React.js and 47.12 percent were utilizing Node.js.
  • According to the Stack overflow 2021 poll, backend, full-stack, and frontend developers were identified by 43.73%, 49.47%, and 27.42% of respondents, respectively.
  • According to the 2020 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most used backend language for web development.
  • In this survey of experienced developers, JavaScript received 69.7% of the votes, Python 41.6%, and PHP 25.8%.
  • With 64.96% of all users, JavaScript is the most popular programming language globally. The Steel Kiwi


Top Back End Developer Languages of 2023

Now the most awaited moment has come when you’ll have a list of the top 10 back end developer languages used in 2023. All of these languages are widely chosen by the majority of developers across the world.


 Back End Developer Languages  Developed Year
Java 1995
Python 1991
PHP 1994
Ruby 1995
Go/Golang 2009
C / C++ 1979
JavaScript 1995
Kotlin 2016
Perl 1987
Node JS 2009


1. Java

Many of you must have heard about Java. It is a prominent back end developer language used to create massive, highly secure web applications.

The Java components are commonly available, and it is pretty scalable. It is the most popular backend language because it’s adaptable and may be used to create desktop, online, and mobile apps.

It is vital to know that virtual machines for Java’s resilience and reliability are due to JVM. Hire dedicated backend developers to get the backend development with Java.

Instead of running the code on each machine, the programmers use, it standardized the code machine on which the programmers work. The studies have shown that Java is also a better choice for backend languages for app development due to its consistency with JVM and platform flexibility.


Some Top Websites Using Java











2. Python

Python has become another most chosen programming language by several backend developers. Its demand among developers is due to its unity with cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, IoT, deep learning, and many more.

You can also hire web developers to help you understand its importance more thoroughly. Python is one of the most well-known back-end developer languages among many developers. It is also frequently used for web development.

Leading software companies like Google, Youtube, and many more employ Python because of its readability, adaptability, and interoperability.

It is vital to know that python assists in simplifying the overall coding process. You can hire web developers and verify the impact of using Python is more effective and easy as it has an extensive collection of standard libraries and straightforward syntax.


Some Top Websites Using Python










3.  PHP

It’s not surprising that PHP is one of app development’s most acceptable backend languages. It stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a dynamic, all-purpose, open-source scripting language.

It can be incorporated into HTML and is used in creating server-side applications. It is essential to know that running on all major operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux PHP languages, doesn’t need a compiler.

It is in demand among many PHP web development companies due to its simplicity, cross-platform portability, and ability to communicate with various database systems.

Many people don’t know, but over 85% of websites on the internet are created using these back end developer languages. It is a preferred language for a PHP web development company.


Some Top Websites Using PHP










4.  Ruby

Ruby is the programming language that is also known as Matz. Ruby is an open-source, general-purpose back end developer language developed in Japan in 1993.

It was developed to increase productivity and make programming a fun and effective activity that humans can quickly understand.

Many people don’t know that Ruby is the back end developer language typically recommended for novices to learn and get acquainted with the field of backend development because it is the most accessible back end language to master.

Ruby consists of illustrious languages like Lisp and Perl and is compatible with all well-known operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is vital to know that ruby offers a gentle learning curve to developers to increase efficiency.


Some Top Websites Using Ruby










5.  Go/Golang

Go is a well-liked programming language created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is also referred to as Golang. It is one of the top 5 most popular backend languages worldwide by several developers.

Because of Go’s fundamental idea, it is vital to know that developers may more quickly create scalable and secure web programs. Go’s robust support for multithreading which allows for autonomous memory management, is two of its standout features.

The Go programming language has many exciting features, including simple learning, usable code, Google support, package management, robust standard library, quick performance, and many others.


Some Top Websites Using Go










6. JavaScript

The most widely used language by far is JavaScript, which is frequently mentioned while talking about back end developer languages.

It is vital to know that most users prefer a particular javascript language, making it the most back end developer language. The users’ demand has made it the most popular and dominant programming language on a global level.

It will become the best backend language 2023. It is not surprising that JavaScript is used to build many different websites.

The properties of JavaScript—lightweight, case-sensitive, able to carry out built-in tasks, providing user input validation, community support, and greater browser control—come from its nature as an object-based and interpreter-based language. JavaScript offers several frameworks, including BackboneJS, AngularJS, and ReactJS.


Some Top Websites Using JavaScript













7.  C / C++

One of the first programming languages is C, from which JavaScript and C# are descended. Consider C++ a more advanced variant of C. It is the most chosen programming language similar to java. According to the TIOBE Index, C is currently the second most used backend programming language after Python.

The reason for its developed most preferred back end developer languages is its efficiency in running codes across android and ios, and Linux platforms.

Due to their high performance, both languages are frequently used to create various applications. They can be compiled for a variety of systems. The majority of developers and states adore them that it’s the most used backend programming language for their speed and effectiveness.


Some Top Websites Using C / C++



C / C++










8.  Kotlin

Kotlin is the best backend programming language and a new open source back end developer language known as Kotlin that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is fully adaptable with Java.

It is vital to know that Kotlin provides null-safe operators and functional programming. kotlin is object-oriented, has increased scalability, offers extensions, and has a compact, clean syntax.

It works with JavaScript and Gradle and supports Android development. Several developers prefer this when it comes to social media app development as it allows for less coding for better performance and is more readable.

Kotlin doesn’t require precise maintenance as it’s easy to handle. It creates large projects more quickly and efficiently than other programming languages. Developers choose it as the best backend programming language.


Some Top Websites Using Kotlin












9. Perl

Perl is another exciting programming language that means practical extension and reporting language, which is a multipurpose programming language specifically designed for text contrivance.

Knowing that Perl is used for large projects such as system administration, network programming, web development, and many more is vital.

Several people don’t know that Perl is dialectically similar to C language, which is too easy for beginners to use. Unsurprisingly, Perl is the best back-end developer language to manage encrypted web data and text handling, leading this language to progressive web app development.


Some Top Websites Using Perl












10. Node.js

Node.js is another most promising back end developer language used by more than 2 % of websites for server-side operations. It is vital to know that node js works as an object-oriented programming paradigm that allows several developers to employ the web app developed using inheritance and sessions.

Several developers state that it is the best language for developing web applications. It is also imperative to know that node js has a variety of frameworks with different massive benefits for each.

Hire back end developers who know each framework’s different benefits, which will help you get the suitable framework for your app development. nodejs is well known to use in IoT. , app development, real-time chats, and the creation of streaming apps.

Its success is due to its reusability of features that reduce the code lines. The demand to hire back end developers increased due to this particular back end developer language.


Some Top Websites Using Node.js












What Next?

Hopefully, now you know the top 10 excellent back end developer languages from which you can choose. The blog has covered some market stats that showcase how robust the backend is in a website or application.

A website without a backend has a poor interface. Hire a custom web development company to get effective results in web development.

The list of these top 10 back end developer languages from above will be chosen by many according to their business requirements.

You have a new idea! Let’s move forward together. Get in touch with us now with your idea, and let’s make it come true with our fantastic team support.

We have a skilled and experienced development team that focuses on offering our clients quality results with efficiency and value. All you need to do is contact our team with your project requirements and let us become part of your goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which Language Is Easy For The Backend?

The backend frameworks for many startups are Django (Python), Flask (Python), and NodeJS (JavaScript). Studies have shown that these languages are the most significant programming languages used by many custom web development companies.


2. What Are Backend Developer Skills?

It is essential to know that a backend developer’s responsibility is to build backend code for any website and figure out how it will interact when a user triggers a specific action. You should vue.js development services, or a team of backend developers will work on managing the website structure, coding, scripting, and database accessibility.


3. Which Language Does Backend Developers Typically Use?

Java. It is vital to know that java is the most well-known and widely utilized back end developer language.