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Online credibility is very essential in the case of any business. According to live stats of the internet, it can be said that there are over 1.5 billion active users of websites and there is also an estimation of adding 200 million more.

There is an increment in the development of web applications as well as mobile applications to keep the new trends as well as innovations every year.

And so it is very much essential for the decision-maker in sharpening the knowledge for the trends of web application development and also to keep up with the latest news for standing among the competition that is rising.

It has become a tough job to judge the behavior of the users as it is fluctuating from time to time and every time the users wish for something new as well as unique.

Now if you are a business owner then you must be responsible enough in watching the current trends of technology and also to adapt them to your business. This will not only help you in improving the area of your business but will also help in getting a good amount of profit.

The need for developing a web app is getting high daily and so it has become a very important job for choosing the best web development company for developing an app for your business that will be meeting all your requirements as well as the expectation of your customers.

Web App Development Trends that You Must know in the year 2024

There are many technologies available for developing any web application and it is usually forcing the entrepreneurs so that they are able to walk with the latest technology trends.

So it has become very essential that you know about the latest trends of developing a web app and also to adapt them if you’re having a business as per your requirement. It is the job of developers to develop a perfect app for their clients.

The developers who are present all over the world are also getting a chance for learning and knowing about the new trends and also to work on various technologies and then develop the perfect unique app that will be loved by every user.

This will therefore help you in getting extra benefit in your business. Moreover, this latest app for your business will also play a major role in arranging a huge customer base as well as a great amount of profit for your business.

  1. Chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence
  2. Motion UI
  3. Blockchain- secure storage of data
  4. PWA or Progressive Web App
  5. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages
  6. SPA or Single Page Application
  7. Voice Search Optimization
  8. Automation testing
  9. Augmented Reality
  10. JavaScript Framework
  11. Internet of Things
  12. Push Notification

1. Chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence

In the field of IT, the world is moving very fast and there are many new developments in this field because of the advancement of technology.

This is the main reason why many people are becoming very curious in knowing about the latest trends and they are also thinking about using them in their business that will help them in getting more customers.

Now if the chatbots, as well as AI, are being mentioned then it can be said easily that the use of AI technology in the web application will become very famous in the near future and will be used by almost every business owner to stay at the top of the competition.


Chatbots are becoming very famous and in simpler words, it can be said that they are playing an important role in providing developers with new ways of developing an online store that is interactive in nature.

Moreover, they will be having full support as well as instant online assistance for their customers as per their needs of a query. The customers will be expecting an immediate reply.

The whole working of the chatbots for any app will be changed in the near future as the chatbots are going to be AI-based. The entire interaction will be taking place without any kind of support from humans and all the things are going to take place automatically.

The new chatbots that are going to be developed by chatbot development company will be having the ability to understand the live speech as well as providing correct feedback to the customers as per their queries.

2. Motion UI

The main job of Motion UI is to assist the developers to design the website properly with a minimal approach but with an interactive design so that the users will be receiving the best user experience.

The motion UI will also be playing an important role in avoiding the use of unnecessary flash content as well as various GIFs. Soon there will be the popularity of the motion UI where the animations will be allowing the developers in using the styles for development required in building a unique app or website having a user interface that is static in nature. These websites or apps will become a standalone one among the other competitors that are present in the market.

motion UI

There are many users who don’t like to see a lot of flash content, GIFs, ads, and messages while they are going through an application during their leisure time.

In order to avoid all these things, it has become very important for the developers to seek the help of motion UI for developing a moderate design that will be preferred by the users.

Motion UI will also be allowing the developers in designing as well as developing a simple app that will help their client in having more customers and will also be providing their client with smooth web development that will make the website a unique one. The developers will be getting many chances to include different styles for developing an excellent website by the use of animation.

3. Blockchain- secure storage of data

Blockchain technology is known to be a new technology that is not used by many people but this technology is now becoming famous as this is used by many business owners for storing massive data.

This is becoming very famous because of the high-security features. Web application development is emerging towards a new future and blockchain technology it is using cryptography for storing different data in blocks that will be linked internally.

If any app is using the technology of blockchain then there is no need for using the third-party app or any intermediate medium while doing the process of a financial transaction.


Every transaction will be receiving full confirmation and will be depending on the algorithms that have been defined for the reasons only instead of trusting a great number of computers.

There are a huge number of information that is stored in computers all over the world but with the help of blockchain technology, this can be stored in a secured manner.

4. PWA or Progressive Web App

The technology of PWA development is becoming famous among modern developers and investors. This is because they are able to perform better than before and are also able to work close to the native app.

The writing of PWA will be taking place with the help of HTML, React, CSS, Angular, and JavaScript. Several eCommerce, new platforms as well as companies that are having a low budget can easily reach a bigger audience without losing it in the stage of app downloading.

PWA can play a role in changing the money algorithms in the Google Play store as well as the App store market where paid apps play a role in sharing the profit with the aggregators of the app.

5. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

Apart from progressive web app development, there are various other technologies that are in trend in the year 2024 and one of them is the AMP technology.

This technology helps in optimizing the pages which are able in operating fast and is also having a simplified but convenient design along with basic features.

A number of pages are mobile-friendly as well as the content is easily readable. This approach plays an important role in showing the developers as well as other technical experts that the internet is becoming user-oriented.

A chance of saving in UX is given to the organization and also helps in gaining faster speed of internet. So the developers must be chosen wisely in the new year of 2024 so that the app that is being developed is having this kind of technology.

6. SPA or Single Page Application

This current website trend plays an important role as it helps in avoiding seamless communication and also plays a role in showing better performance of the page.

With the rise of JavaScript, SPA has gained popularity. According to many Google trends it has been mentioned that in the future SPA will be used for developing complex as well as a functional website. Instant feedback can be received easily about when the site will be consuming less and working without the code of server-side

7. Voice Search Optimization

In the near future soon the web developments will more of voice and little amount of text. In the year 2024, there has been the introduction of many smart devices that are able in executing commands with the help of voice.

Personalized AI-based experience will be provided and this will help the appliance in recognizing different voices. This will play an important role in helping the users to save a huge amount of time and will also be allowing the users for ordering online services in a very little amount of time.

8. Automation testing

Various development tools are there which are using the approach of machine learning and AI to build complex projects with few development experts and a small team.

This system will play an important role to reduce the cycle of testing and getting a better end product at very little money. The developer will be able to provide their client with bug-free software and so this will not only satisfy the client but will also satisfy the user who is using the app.

9. Augmented Reality

This trend is new for developing a web app. But a developer must have all the idea about this. This helps in providing simple, fast as well as interactive trends of development.

All the people who are engaged in using different platforms of social media are integrating the AR in their platforms of social media in order to get a wider reach for their area of business.


It becomes very easy for any developer to work with Augmented Reality and then bring good features to the app as per the requirements of the client.

Because of the growth of technology the IT is being taken to another level and is helping everybody to earn a great profit from their business. It is very advantageous for any business owners to adopt new trends of technology in order to get better results in the area of your business.

10. JavaScript Framework

This framework helps in creating a convenient frontend system involving UI/UX testing as well as aspects of product tech management. These are based on active components in order to compose working on a website.

There are many web development companies who are very reputed and is having good experience of working and they also seek the help of this JavaScript framework.

11. Internet of Things

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is nothing but a simple network of devices that are interconnected that does not require any actions for executing the operations as well as performing useful results. Because of this technology, human life can become very easy and convenient.

12. Push Notification

This is an instant notification that is able in replacing the types of communication like sending email as well as other activities. This technology is implemented by Facebook, Google Mail, and other organizations. Hire dedicated developers who will use this kind of technology in your app in order to make your app a better one.


These were some of the cutting-edge trends in web development in the year 2024. It is better to adopt them for your business as this is going to be used by your competitors in the near future and so you must not lag behind.