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The portal development represents a multidimensional space having expertise at various levels and it also ensures excellent results every time.

The web portals encompass multiple settings for their derivatives like job portals, B2B portals, travel portals, E-Commerce portals, and many more.

It is extremely tricky to have an estimate of portal development cost or any other in the same segment. There are lots of influencing factors that can alter the cost of development including the features, designing, efficiency of the developer, and so on.

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Without having proper details of each one of them it is certainly not possible to define a reliable web portal development solution along with its cost in order to build such.

How is a Web Portal Different from a Website?

Many Website development service providers confuse the users with web portals and websites. In most cases, it is also seen that people usually get confused because both of them have similar features to an extent and basically both of them are internet accessible followed by an identical web address.

But both of these Web application development products have their different prerequisites and possess multiple characteristics that are not at all interchangeable. The web portals and websites differ from each other on the following grounds-

  1. Definition
  2. Accessibility
  3. Users
  4. Content
  5. Motives

1. Definition

The website refers to a web-based solution that mostly includes web pages having publicly accessible content. On the other hand web portal refers to a web-based solution that only has personalized or edited content that is available for authorized users only.

2. Accessibility

Websites are accessible through a unique URL where web portals require a secure login along with the URL which may input username or password.

3. Users

The users of the website have a large number of user bases and they are not limited to any restrictions. Web portals are only accessed by a specific group of people and mostly the authorized ones.

4. Content

The content of the website can be modified or changed only by the admin whereas the content of web portals is only changed by the authorized individuals who might have search permissions.

5. Motives

The target of websites by the Custom web development company platform is to develop a remarkable digital presence for their business driving maximum traffic to it. The purpose of web portals is to develop any single-point access to circulate the information which is provided only for authorized users.

Types of web portals

Basically, the Web portal development services help the business platforms to represent themselves perfectly in a digital world and convey precise meaning to their customers who might be interested in their products or services.

Ultimately it does not include active participation from anyone at the same time they focus to provide potential customers, their services. Common types of web portals are as follows-

  1. Customer portal
  2. Employee portal
  3. Partner portal
  4. Membership portal

Customer portal

The customer portal helps business platforms to facilitate customer support as well as other sales processes to the customers. Users at this level can perform multiple functions for any service.

Employee portal

Employee portals are crucial for companies to play a significant role in their digital transformation. It faults in maintaining the communication interface, assigning tasks, regular updates, and most importantly to deal with the onboard chaos.

Partner portal

Business platforms that do not remain active in isolation can corporate with other platforms on a regular basis. It basically involves the areas of real estate, banking, traveling, Healthcare Website development services.

Membership portal

This type of web portal is extremely useful for a business that offers maximum membership subscriptions to its customers. They provide the most obvious benefits like reliability, self-service, accuracy, and so on.

What is a Web Portal?

The web portal is a web-based solution that provides access to information to a community of users, employees, suppliers, and many more.

It can be utilized by the business platforms to provide their users with a better experience and personalized information access to perform multiple functions all at once.

Most people are concerned about ‘How to build web portal’ but prior to the development, they must understand its requirements and collaboration of information so that the experience and interaction can be improvised.

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There are multiple benefits offered by the web portals which mostly include delivering user satisfaction, improvising the access points for the information along using the basic login.

Most of the organizations have eventually deployed the web portal services to leverage its advantages for their requirements like-

  • Web portals eliminate the requirement of back-office management administration.
  • It provides enough options for scalable licensing.
  • The Web application development services improvise communication.

What is a Website?

The website refers to the collection of various related web pages that possess multimedia information and other digital content. Mostly the websites are identified with their domain name and Atlas published to a single server.

In Custom web development, websites can be referred to as a collection of interlinked web pages that are altogether grouped in multiple ways and known by the name website or a site.

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On a website, web pages refer to any hypertext document or a document that is actively connected to the world wide web and displayed on any browser.

Similarly, a web server refers to a server that hosts a wide range of web pages by the device that is interlinked together over the internet. Two functions of websites include-

  • Answering the user’s query.
  • Providing clear insights and information.
  • Building credibility for the user.
  • Providing client base
  • Processing the website development services

Why is Web Portal Development Important?

The web portal is not just a web page but it provides a complete web solution that has all the informative content for everyone.

It can be said as a single access point for multiple information actively including the categorization information for individuals as well as customers.

web portals are known to include a membership link where the user has to enter a login code for information to access their own profile.

For developing web portal solutions it is extremely important to have some advanced skills and features like rich app development, client scripting, server scripting, registration, and many more. That’s why Websites are developed by professionals.

Many business platforms require different needs to create web portal solutions and obviously, it is an advantage to have many solutions rather than one.


In the corporate sector business platforms develop portal solutions as a small segment of intranet for their employees so that it gets easy to manage workflow, schedule the events, contact information, document management, and other activities.

web portal solutions are also used for community websites or to publish for organizations. They also provide a manageable and organized structure for the platform so that they can efficiently manage the increasing number of visitors to their platform.

The most incredible factor of web portals is that they are not messy and quite easy to manage once it is designed and set up accurately by the website development company.

It is also capable of providing instant publishing of the content to the admin. Web portals can enhance the efficiency of any business along with expanding the distribution channels.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Web Portal Development

Web portals are basically a website solution listing all the resources available on the Internet at a single point. This type of web solution is highly informative and out of all the solutions, the Cost of web portal development is most affordable.

Web portals have their own importance in a large number of industries and this type of project can create a great difference to any business platform.

There are certain factors that affect the cost of this type of project:

  1. Outsourcing or in-premises
  2. Functions
  3. The skill level of the team
  4. Elements you are including

1. Outsourcing or in-premises

This is an obvious factor that you have to pay attention to when you are concerned about how to build a web portal. Mostly outsourcing the development project is less costly than conducting an on-premise development.

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But it is also seen that sometimes outsourcing from a less reliable platform can cause you heavy loss. So, pay attention to both the factors and choose wisely because they can highly alter your budget.

2. Functions

You have to wisely choose the functions that you are willing to include in the web portal solution. It is obvious that the more complex you want your platform the more money you will require. There are a few significant web portal functions that you can consider worth including-

  • Document management
  • Task and knowledge management
  • Data aggregation
  • Data feeds
  • Profiles
  • Advanced search
  • Collaboration

3. The skill level of the team

Even the normal developer, can create a solution for you but it will be extremely different from the web portal created by a proficient one. Eventually, the price will vary too.

Developer team that charges more is willing to offer maximum services and their expert solutions to you. On the other hand, those who have less efficiency in their job can make certain compromises or negotiations.

4. Elements you are including

The cost of building any Web portal development solution entirely depends upon the elements or components that you are including in the web portal along with functions.

Pay attention to the fact that even the simple-looking website can be costlier similarly to the website which is looking fancy might not be that costly.

Mostly the more custom factors or elements that you are including at your platform will require a maximum time of developer and so will the cost increase.

The costs of building a web portal

Considering a rough estimate, a general website developed on the low and can cost you around $3000 to $5000. This estimate is suitable for a good website having some basic yet efficient quality visuals and information for your platform.

From this figure, the overall cost can increase or decrease depending upon the features or components that you are considering including in your platform.

If you are extremely tight on budget or you are planning to spend a little on the Cost of web portal development then it is better to choose a web editor and get it done by yourself.

You can also choose any creative solution like forwarding your platform as a domain name to any other business listing platform until you have enough resources to create one of your own.

Domain and Hosting: $5 to $1000 per month (depending on the rarity of the domain & traffic)
Designing Cost: $500 – $1,500 (depending upon the quality of the design)

Hourly Rates of Developers:

US developers: $150-$200 per hour.
Eastern Europe developers: $80-$100 per hour.
Asian developer: $20-$50 per hour.
Plugins and additional cost: $500 and $5000 (depending on the plugin)

What is the purpose of your web portal development?

For starters, it is important to figure out the actual purpose behind your web portal development project because it will greatly influence every other segment of it. This includes the theme, plugins, additional features that you will require for the web portal.

Hence in order to plan the cost for web portal development you have to choose from your requirements itself. Web portals represent the web solutions that can bring multiple resources altogether focusing your forum. They can be used as an internal tool for any platform that can perfectly keep the informative content all together at a place.


The web portals usually at a starting point for various other websites and huge portals usually have multiple sites available for the visitors. They also have a directory of all the websites categorized as per the topics.

If you are looking out for something new and creative that can get maximum audience web portal is something you should be talking about. Ultimately learn about the requirements of your platform and the audience you are targeting.



The business platforms today are highly integrating the portal or web development technology in order to leverage the benefits of their platforms.

Developing a reliable platform is extremely important for all those who are looking for a competitive edge along with making it useful for their visitors as well as employees.

There is no exact cost for the web portal development that you can follow prior to the development because plenty of factors can alter the cost of your portal development project at every stage.

It is recommended to concern each dimension of the project development along with the requirements so that you can at least control it.