Choose React Native for App Development


Know Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development

Mobile apps have become a vital necessity for our daily lives, and cross-platform development has emerged as the best solution to mobile app development. When it comes down to cross-platform app development, it allows the developers to cut the expenses and even save some time by keeping one single codebase. In past times, the major challenges before app developers were developing applications that work well on different platforms like Android and iOS.

But with the adoption of React Native app development by a mobile application development company, it can create separate apps for both iOS and Android. React Native framework is among the leading mobile solution and has an immense potential to create high-performance futuristic native mobile apps for the businesses.


Why Choose React Native


Why should React Native be Chosen for Mobile App Development?

There are a plethora of frameworks that allow the developers, but the special features like higher performance, single codebase, native feel, library support as well as lower development cost make reach native quite special.

React Native is essentially an open-source framework which was duly developed by Facebook that introduced the exhaustive concept of web development into the mobile application development using the JavaScript. They don’t actually differ from the apps which are built using Objective-C, Java or Swift and they even utilize the same UI building blocks as native Android and iOS apps.

Following are the significant reasons why you should choose React Native for app development

1. Reduced Time and Development Costs

React Native actually allows the react native developer to keep the same codebase or even part of it between the various mobile platforms. Once the developer has written an app for an iOS device, he can compile it onto Android and vice versa. An Android app development company can also develop a website and mobile application with various reusable modules that improve development time as well as help in reducing the development cost.

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2. Reusability of the Code

The most significant feature of React Native is learned once and write everywhere. It actually shares the one single database for the developers for creation of apps for both Android and iOS. It also allows the app developers to reuse the code from their own web apps which are written using the React. Such that developed web applications can easily utilize their own website front-end and even convert it into different mobile apps.

3. Improvised UX and UI

React Native is entirely about the mobile UI. If you actually compare this particular framework with Angular JS, you will certainly find that it looks much more like JavaScript library rather than a framework. React Native actually utilizes third-party libraries as React Native doesn’t have any UI components library that belongs to it. Native base, React Native Material Design, React Native Elements etc. Are some UI libraries which are available to the react native developer.

4. Better Speed

Hybrid apps are certainly much faster in comparison to native as well as mobile web applications. With the hybrid mobile apps, you certainly don’t have to reload the entire app data often as hot reload comes directly into the picture. The technology, as well as framework utilized in React Native Application Development, is the vital reasons behind its great speed.

5. Cross-Platform

A component actually describes its own appearance in the reacts then it actually handles the entire rendering for you. A clean abstraction layer actually separates these two distinct functions. In order to render the different web components, the React utilizes standard HTML tags. This particularly same abstraction layer also called as the Bridge, allows React Native to invoke the entire actual rendering APIs on Android and iOS.  Rather than compiling down to the native code, the React Native takes the entire application and then runs it utilizing the JavaScript engine of host platform without actually blocking the main User Interface thread. You can easily get advantages of native performance, behavior, animations without actually having to write Java or Objective-C.

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6. Ease of Integration

React Native is quite great whenever a mobile application development company is starting a new mobile app right from scratch. Hybrid apps actually leverage the internal programming system of the device via an overlay that assists to enable the seamless synchronization with different other compatible apps. Hence, it reduces the various integration issues for the developers. In turn, the various hybrid apps work quite well with the native applications of a device like messaging, camera, GPS etc. to ensure a smoother user experience.


React Native is among the most popular frameworks in the present world. It has all of the essential features like performance, native feel, hot reload, speed, third-party library API support etc. which is also backed by Facebook that makes it best for mobile app development. A lot of big companies have adopted react native to their business requirements. Being a popular framework for UI development, it is suggested to hire react native developer for easier development, better execution as well as other user experience.


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