Mobile App Development Company in UAE

Mobile App Development Company in UAE

If you want to make a highly entertaining, feature-rich and performance-driven mobile app, Dev Technosys is the best mobile app development company in UAE. We can help you get them to market faster and promise they will work in the future.

We provide end-to-end app development solutions that are attractive, reliable, and strong. These solutions will enable you to bring in new clients, create luxurious experiences, and propel your business to success.

With the latest technologies, hire dedicated developers in UAE who will help you make platforms that are completely unique. We promise you'll be happy if you book our services.

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Our Top-Notch Mobile App Development Services in UAE

Being an industry leader, Dev Technosys has a history of providing complete mobile app development services in the UAE with a priority on efficiency, quality, and user engagement.

Gym Training App
Android App Development
Fitness Tracking App
iPhone App Development
Fitness Workout App
Hybrid App Development
Customized Workout App
PWA Development
Nutrition & Diet Planning App
React Native Development
Fitness E-commerce App Development
Mobile App UI/UX Design
Yoga Training App development
AI Development
Self Defence Training App Development
Mobile App Consulting & Support
Sports Physiotherapy App
IoT Application Development
Weight Lose Training App
Enterprise Mobility Solution
Weight Lose Training App
App Maintenance & Support

Why Choose Dev Technosys as a Mobile App Development Company in UAE?

To help startups become more digital and get the best ROI, we develop and code next-generation mobile apps from scratch. Our professional team in UAE can help with advanced mobile app development solutions in UAE in a lot of different fields. Here are a few reasons why you could choose us as a partner in mobile app development.

100% Transparency

From the very beginning of the mobile app development process till the very end, we at Dev Technosys keep our clients updated on our work and respond to any of their questions. We provide 100% transparency to our clients.

On-Time Delivery

At Dev Technosys, we have a way of doing things that puts on-time completion first, and this has become part of our culture. We promise to get your applications to you on time, without any work being held up.

Free 30 Days Support

Once the deployment is complete, you will still get 30 days of free. We provide continuous help to fix any problems that could put your business at risk.

Dedicated App Development Team

We are the top mobile app development company in UAE and are always open to new technology and ideas. Our goal is to give you the best service possible, so our team works strongly with you from the time you have an idea until the app is released.

24x7 Support

We facilitate 24/7 client support. You can get in touch with us whenever it works for you. Clients are put in touch with the right teams and experts to make sure they get the right replies on time.

No Cost Consultation

When you work with our domain specialists, they will turn your ideas into profitable businesses. Get a free consultation with our experts to get an estimate of the cost of a mobile app development project.

Why Invest in a Mobile App Development Company in UAE?

Local Market Understanding

Local Market Understanding

Working with a UAE based mobile app development company can tell you a lot about the local market, consumer habits, and potential prospects. With this much skill, you can make mobile apps that speak directly to people in your area, which will give your business a big advantage.

Cost-effective Development Services

Cost-effective Development Services

Mobile app development services in UAE are often less expensive than those in larger tech hubs. With this low price, you don't have to settle for less than the best. Instead, business owners can make beautiful apps with lots of features that fit their budgets, which increases their return on investment.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Developers in the UAE are experts at developing mobile apps that are unique to your business and meet its needs. An Android app development company in UAE can customize features and user interfaces to fit your brand identity and business goals, whether you want an app for iOS, Android, or any platform.

Collaborative Approaches and Communication

Collaborative Approaches and Communication

During the app development process, local businesses stress working together closely. Our company values openness, clear communication, and regular reports. We make sure that your feedback is respected and used properly. This way of working together creates a relationship where your app idea is carefully carried out.

Access to Skilled Talent and Expertise

Access to Skilled Talent and Expertise

The UAE has a lot of skilled developers who have expertise in various technologies. Working with an iPhone app development company in UAE gives you access to this pool of skilled people, so your app will get the best technical knowledge and the newest ideas.

Support and Maintenance Services

Support and Maintenance Services

According to the press release, the mobile app development company in UAE offers full support and maintenance services. It includes fixing bugs, making sure your app stays up to date, and upgrading it so it works better.

Want to Hire Mobile App Developers in UAE?

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Dev Technosys

Industries We Serve

Being the leading UAE based mobile app development company, as we are changing business in a variety of sectors. Our mobile app development services for Android and iOS will help your business stand out.

Our Portfolio

An extensive portfolio of successful mobile app development projects in Dubai and the rest of the UAE attests to our status as the industry leader in app development.

Eden: Christian Dating app

The creators of the app noticed that Christian values became few and far between. The new generation often replaces love and feelings with animalistic instincts. For example, the word “beloved” via new contexts and terms becomes for...
Dev Technosys

Car Rental Near Me APP

The car rental app helps you find the best car rental deals from a wide range of companies around the world....
Dev Technosys

BMT Tax Depreciation

BMT Tax Depreciation Mobile App & Website is an android/ iOS mobile and web application that allows property owners to apply for tax depreciation on the properties. This mobile/ web application specializes at scheduling ATO compliant tax deprec...
Dev Technosys

Vacation Rental/Booking App in Korea

KOZAZA is a home sharing platform dedicated to Korea. The applications connect global guests and local hosts through easy, secure and trust system. Guests can find a unique place to stay in affordable price while experiencing Korean culture and...
Dev Technosys

Real Estate Buying/Selling Needs

Zonaprop is a real estate marketplace, running in Argentina. This solution provide a visibility space to propert owners and brokers to list out properties under commercial and residential property states to reach out more and more customers.�...
Dev Technosys

Our Streamlined Mobile Application Development Process

Dev Technosys's strategy for custom mobile app development in Dubai is to provide all of its services in one place. Hire mobile app developers in UAE who carefully see through the whole process, from making sure your app ideas are good to releasing your app, using new methods to make the app development process run smoothly.



Analysis & Planning

Analysis & Planning

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Development Process

Development Process



Publish & Launch

Publish & Launch

Exceptional Mobile App Solutions We Offer

Ecommerce App Development

At Dev Technosys, we can make an e-commerce app that is easy for customers to use and lets them look, buy, and keep track of their goods. Our experience making e-commerce apps makes sure that your customers can shop easily and safely, which increases sales and brand trust.

Custom App Development

Need an excellent mobile app for your unique idea? We may assist you in turning your app idea into reality with our custom app development solutions. Together with you, we find out exactly what you need and then create an app that meets all of those needs perfectly.

Blockchain Development

With blockchain technology, many businesses are quickly evolving. We can use this blockchain technology to make safe and open mobile apps that make things easier, protect data, and give people more power.

Cross-platform App Development

Are you looking to reach a wider audience? We can help you make an app that works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices with our cross-platform app development services. Because of this, your app will reach more people and you'll save time and money.

Metaverse App Development

We can help you make metaverse experiences that are engaging, interactive, and fun for your users in new ways. Your options are practically limitless whether it comes to gaming, socializing, or showcasing products.

AL-ML Based App

We integrate AI-ML powered technology into your mobile app to personalize the user experience, automate tasks from your data. We can assist you in adding smart features to your app that will make it stand out.

Our Mobile App Development Tech Stacks

We at Dev Technosys use advanced and useful technologies to give our customers in the UAE the best mobile app development services possible. Get in touch with a well-known mobile app development company in Dubai to make unique apps that will help you reach more customers.

Web Technology

  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax
  • Cortana

Mobile Technology

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs

UI/UX Design

  • Golang
  • C++
  • Python
  • Php


  • Ethereum
    Amazon AWS
  • dGoods
    Microsoft Azure
  • TRC-721
    Google Cloud
  • BEP-20
    Digital Ocean


  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
    Mongo DB
  • Kaleido Insights

Know the Affordable Mobile App Development Cost in UAE

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

    We can't give you a precise number because it relies on factors like features, type of mobile app, level of difficulty, and so on. Usually, the mobile app development cost in UAE can be between $10,000 - $25,000 to make a mobile app in UAE. For a quote on your mobile app development project, get in touch with our mobile app development company in United Arab Emirates.

  • How Long Will It Take To Build A Mobile App?

    It takes between 2-4 months to make an easy app, but 8+ months or more to make a complex mobile app. Contact Dev Technosys, a mobile application development company in UAE, to know the actual time duration.

  • Do You Sign an NDA?

    Every time we start a new project, we sign an NDA. It's our main job to keep client details safe and secret. This is why our skilled developers never share the info with any other clients.

  • Do You Offer Post-Launch Maintenance And Support?

    We offer support after the app has been released in addition to maintenance within the app. For the long-term success of your mobile app, we regularly release updates that add new features and fix bugs.

  • Can My Mobile App Development Project be Delivered Quickly?

    As the best mobile app developer in the UAE, we take pride in finishing all of our jobs on time. For technical, business, or safety reasons, it might not be feasible sometimes. But if you have that need, please let us know, and we'll try to get our project done as soon as possible.

  • What Type of Mobile app Development Services Does Dev Technosys Provide?

    We are a full-service company in UAE that makes mobile apps. We can help you with everything, from coming up with the idea to making the app's interface easy to use to actually building and releasing it. We create custom mobile apps for all needs and budgets. Also, we build apps for both Android and iOS, cross-platform apps that work on both OS.

  • How Can I Track the Progress Throughout the Project?

    We will provide you with access to the project management platform we use. Also, we will provide a phone number, email address, and Skype ID so you can track the whole progress.

  • Will You Provide Me With the Source Code of My App?

    Yes! It’s in our policy to provide you the source code after a project is finished, and you will own it.

  • How Much Does it Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers in UAE?

    The cost to hire mobile app developers in UAE relies on various factors like expertise, and location. Basically, it ranges between $15 - $25 per hour.

  • What is Needed for Mobile App Development?

    Although a great idea, a dedicated team, and a foolproof plan are important for mobile app development, it is also vital to use the right mobile app development costs. To make a good mobile app, you need tools for API documentation, testing, launch, and keeping an eye on speed.

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