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What Are The Advantages of Using PHP for Web Development

As per the latest usage statistics as well as market share data revealed by, over 81% of websites all over the world currently use PHP as their server-side scripting language. This usage indicates that PHP is much more popular than any other commonly used web development technologies which include Java, Python, ASP.NET, and ROR. Along with this, PHP development team has recently released PHP 7.0.0 along with reduced memory consumption, improved performance and consistent 64-bit support. It has led to boost in PHP web development. This essentially means that you can always consider utilizing PHP for the development of web application to reap its benefits.

Now, we should look at the advantages of using PHP for web app development. They are as following:

  1. The first most important advantage is the built-in web development features. Unlike most of the other programming languages of modern times, PHP is particularly designed for web development from the beginning. So it all comes down to specific features which are required for creating a wide range of websites as well as web applications. For example, one can easily use built-in functions and classes which are included in PHP in order to accomplish most of the common web development operations and tasks. Also, you are provided with the option to both calls the classes and functions from anywhere in your code.
  2. Another advantage of using PHP for web development is that it is platform independent. At present, PHP provides support to major operating systems which include Windows, Mac OS X, Linus, and UNIX. It also provides the option to deploy any PHP application on cloud hosting like Amazon, Acquia, Azure and Cloud as they provide support to PHP. This means that you can easily start developing web apps using PHP without any worry about the deployment as well as hosting options.
  3. One of the major advantages of PHP is that it works well with popular databases. At present, most of the web apps require accessing and delivering a huge amount of data, both swiftly and efficiently. So the businesses wish to utilize the best database in the backend environment. It provides support to most of the commonly used databases which include MySQL, SQLite and No-SQL like databases such as MongoDB, Amazon Dynamodb, and Apache Cassandra. This means that you can easily utilize the database according to the needs of individual clients. This makes the task of any PHP development company, quite easy.
  4. It also provides the option for adoption of LAMP Stack. One can always effectuate development as well as the deployment of web apps by simply adopting the LAMP stack. It includes Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL, and PHP. One can always combine PHP with any particular operating system along with database and web server in order to build as well as deploy web applications in a more efficient way.
  5. It also provides unprecedented flexibility. PHP is particularly designed on the basis of popular programming languages such as C and C++. This means that you can read, understand as well as use the syntax in this particular server-side programming language without giving any extra effort and time. Along with this, you also have the option to both write as well as use the PHP code in several ways. Based on the choices that you make, you can either combine the PHP code with any web framework or embed the PHP code into any HTML code. You can also consider the execution of PHP code via a common-line interface.
  6. Another salient advantage is the availability of various libraries and frameworks which facilitate PHP web development. While utilizing PHP, one can easily reduce the coding time by a significant margin by simply availing a large number of open source libraries and frameworks. On the basis of the requirements of the project, one can also choose from a variety of PHP frameworks which include CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, and Phalcon. Likewise, one can also add functionality to the web apps without even writing lengthy as well as complex code by simply using commonly used PHP libraries such as Mink, Hoa, Geocoder, Faker, Ratchet, and Requests.
  7. The most important advantage of PHP is that it is open source. Most of the recent versions of PHP are currently distributed under an open source license. So, one can use all the component of this famous server-side programming language without any requirement to pay any licensing fees or any royalty. So PHP allows you to build a wide range of websites as well as web apps with reduced project overheads. This makes things easier for PHP development companies, and they can hire PHP developer to develop versatile websites and web applications which suits clients’ requirements.
  8. Along with all these advantages, PHP is also supported by a quite a large community of developers. PHP is essentially developed as well as updated by a large active community of programmers. This community includes programmers from different regions as well as with diverse domain authority. One can always remain connected with this active community via online forums and blogs in order to resolve any development issues. This facilitates the developers in any PHP development company.

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