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What Security Roles Should SaaS Providers have on Their Teams?

Despite the continuous boom in the SaaS Application Development industry, there are still companies that have not adapted to the trends. According to Better Cloud experts, the percentage of organizations to operate on cloud services will hit to 73% by the year 2022 and 86% of firms will default to cloud services. While this all upheaval of cloud services has led to increased popularity of the SaaS Services, but it has also made Data security and vulnerability a big concern for the industry. With the increased accessibility it has also let to the increased number of opportunities for a hacker to breach the data security.

According to statistics, data breaches in the U.S. cost companies about $225 per the compromised record, with healthcare data breaches costing a whopping $380 per record.While looking forward to developing SaaS Application is important to calculate the risk involved in it. Leaving the data totally in the compromised situation, there are SaaS Development Companies are unprepared for the attack making them prone to continuous cyber attacks and eventually subjected to user abandonment generated by rising security distrust.

SaaS firms Security Obligations

Unlike PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), a SaaS Development Company has much more security concerns than the other two. It is due to it being a software service provider vendor. It is important for SaaS companies thus that they must manage the accessibility at all levels throughout their application, which will help them take care of the data easily.

According to a survey around 13% of IT Professionals voted for Public Cloud Services being much safer. Security being a major concern for IT industry, one mistake can expose millions of user’s personal data like address, phone number, name etc. while creating a deep distrust for the enterprise.

Thus, for a SaaS Company, it is very important that they secure the customer data and build a smart business while preventing regular breaches and earn user trust.

Hiring for SaaS Security

Building a security team is an important part of ensuring the security of SaaS Applications, from Microsoft to small and medium-sized business apps the security team is built to report chief security officer or the responsible people on the team.

Following is the list of roles that play an integral part in securing the data for SaaS Companies:

  1. SecDevOps Professional: While critically analyzing SaaS Web Application development it was found that most of the companies miss the Security DevOps. Commonly known as security engineers, the SecDevOps is a professional IT expert that reveals the security loopholes in the development of Apps. They check the quality of the product especially the security and ensure that development codes are well integrated and off from any vulnerabilities. They use the tools such as risk modeling, threat assessments, penetration testing etc. the help them check the development and development process throughout an application.
  2. Identity Manager: Security concerns for any SaaS-based technology service provider are much higher than that of any non-SaaS or on-premise Company, security checks and security touch-ups are a part of application throughout its lifecycle. It is important for organizations to manage who, when and how are their services are being accessed.Ensuring the security of SaaS Application cannot be determined by the company you have hosted the services, even if it is a company such as AWS it still requires regular maintenance. Thus, the maintainer of the SaaS applications is Identity manager whose job is to manage and build up a role-based security program and access credentials. The job role does not require any extra qualification, one from the current team can be assigned the job.
  3. Governance and Risk Manager: The role of governance and risk manager it to accelerate the delayed response of SaaS Companies to the new threats caused by hackers and retaliating to the challenges with policies. The governance and Risk Managers job is twofold, it is that of establishing communication between the security requirements of a company to the clients, employees, vendors, regulators etc. And that of revoking and improvising current policies and regulations necessary changes in them.They change the way a cumbersome task is managed by a SaaS company while enhancing the productivity of the employees. It also helps in setting equilibrium between security and agility, pulling up a ‘not too much and not too less’ agenda they help in balancing the two efficiently without compromising the data and slowing the business for a company.
  4. Security Operation Manager: Somewhat like a SecDevOps a security Operations managers helps in detecting and preventing the data from threat and scheme sublime strategies in response to the breach.  A security Operation manager sees to the five-step process of a SaaS security practice that is to identify, protect, detect, respond, recover. A security Operation manager head these 5 operations that help a company intact heavy security to customers data from the breach.

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