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Do you want to lead in the eCommerce industry with an app like Meesho? A shining star in this booming industry is Meesho, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies today. It has gained popularity as a cutting-edge platform that enables millions of people to start their businesses. Meesho has changed the game in Indian e-commerce due to its incredible success since its introduction.

It made every other entrepreneur question what caused Meesho's stratospheric rise. Knowing that Meesho's origin story is one of empowerment and innovation is vital.

If you're looking for one with the potential to become a fighter in the e-commerce market and empower individuals to start their businesses, then you must build an app like Meesho. Let us take you towards our app of the week, which will provide you with every inch of information about Meesho from its start to rise.

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What is Meesho? Take A Look!

What is Meesho? Take A Look! !

Meesho is an Indian social commerce platform established in 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. It was developed to enable people, especially women, to begin their own companies by reselling goods on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Meesho capitalized on India's rising semi-urban and rural demand for inexpensive, locally sourced goods.

Meesho has grown rapidly since its founding due to taking advantage of India's expanding e-commerce market. It received over $125 million in fundraising in 2019 and was dubbed a unicorn startup. Meesho reported yearly revenues of about $250 million and had over 10 million resellers on its platform.

Its success reflects how e-commerce is changing in India, where social commerce is essential for accessing underserved consumers. Due to such demand to build an app like Meesho, several companies are looking to hire dedicated developers at affordable rates. If you are one of these people, you must contact our custom web app development team and drop your requirements below.

Screenshots Of Meesho - Leading eCommerce App

If you want to build an app like Meesho, you must be curious to know how it will look on screen. To help you learn its visuals, in this section, we have portrayed some exciting screenshots of your online shopping app like Meesho.

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Key Features of App Like Meesho

There's no question about it when we say that the features of any application highly impact its working and user engagement. To enhance your app like Meesho working with a high user base worldwide, we have created a list of some features you can get by hiring an on demand app development services provider to create a distinctive experience.

Incredible Features To Add In App Like meesho-app
Reselling Platform

Reselling Platform

Meesho is a platform for resale that allows users to launch their businesses at no cost. It provides various products for users to pick from, which they can share on social media and sell to earn a commission.

Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Meesho provides various products, including accessories, gadgets, and more. Due to its variety in selection, resellers can be sure to discover goods that are demanded by their target market.

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Meesho has this incredible feature from which users can easily onboard procedures for resellers, which makes it accessible to a variety of users. It's crucial to know that it's popular among women who want to launch their businesses from the convenience of their homes.

Social Integration

Social Integration

Meesho interacts easily with popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It makes it easy for resellers to spread products among their networks.

Discounts & Offers

Discounts & Offers

Meesho often conducts promotions and discounts, drawing customers. It is crucial to know that it offers help to resellers to generate sales while also giving clients something of value.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Meesho other attractive feature is providing various payment methods, including COD, cards, wallets, etc. Customers can easily make purchases based on their preferences because of this flexibility.

Tracking and Shipping

Tracking and Shipping

Meesho delivers a loyal monitoring and delivery procedure that keeps customers and sellers updated about the progress of their shipments. It guarantees a simple and transparent purchasing process.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Meesho provides customer service to answer several queries or handle any problems. It assists in the platform's success by helping to preserve confidence between buyers and vendors.

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How Does the Meesho App Work?

Using the Meesho app as a platform, people may launch their online enterprises by reselling goods. Let's learn how it works;

Registration is the first step where users can browse the app's extensive selection of goods, which includes apparel, accessories, electronics, and more. Users can easily pick the goods they want to sell and raise the prices by their margin.

Once a user discovers a product to resell, they can post it immediately from the app on multiple social media networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

These shared links allow interested buyers to place orders. It is vital to know that Meesho manages the procurement of the goods, their packaging, and customer delivery while paying the reseller a commission on each transaction.

Along with providing tools and resources, including marketing materials, order tracking, and customer assistance, Meesho also offers resources to help resellers expand their businesses.

Last but not least, it is essential to know that Meesho inspires people to start their businesses by making the process of reselling online goods accessible to a wide range of users in India and other countries.

Cost To Build An App Like Meesho

To build an app like Meesho, looking into the cost structure is important. We discussed the features above, which you must add to your app, like Meesho. However, now the time has come when you must learn how much it costs to build an app like Meesho. Developing a marketplace app like letgo may cost around $8,000 to $25,000. Additionally, it is crucial to remember that the cost may vary depending on various factors that affect the cost. Here are some of the factors that affect the cost to build an app like Meesho;

  • App Complexity
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Development time
  • Technology Stack
  • Development team’s Location
  • Testing & maintenance
  • Development platforms
  • Marketing & promotion

Get in touch with the best e-commerce mobile app development company to get a proper cost estimation breakdown. After hearing your overall requirements, only an experienced and scalable e-commerce app development services provider can provide an accurate cost to build an app like Meesho.

How To Build An App Like Meesho?

To build an app like Meesho, you must know its step-by-step guide. Discover the steps that will help you develop an app like Meesho with extensive effectiveness.

Conduct Market Research

Start by doing a thorough market analysis. It is the first stage to build an app like Meesho, where you need to analyze the needs and preferences of your target market. Study competitors to spot market gaps and chances for differentiation. Assemble information about consumer behavior, shopping patterns, and interest in numerous product categories.

Define the Project Scope

Now that you have analyzed everything, it is time to define the scope in detail of the features and functionalities of your app. Choose e-commerce app development company and, with the help of, define user roles and their associated permissions, such as sellers and buyers, and any special features or improvements to make your app stand out.

Choose the Tech Stack

Choose the best technology stack in the third stage to build an app like Meesho. Now, you must decide between developing native apps (for iOS and Android) or using cross-platform development frameworks like React Native or Flutter. Your hired online shopping app development company will build backend technology using cloud services like AWS and Google Cloud and server-side scripting languages like Python and Node.js.

Develop UI/UX Design

Create a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. Get in touch with an experienced on demand app development company to create aesthetically pleasing and responsive layouts. With tools like product listings, search, cart management, and a secure payment method, concentrate on a seamless user experience. Make sure your app's design matches your target audience's tastes.

Develop the Backend & Frontend

Now, the time has come when the shopping app development services provider you hired will start working on the front and back end simultaneously. Create profiles for vendors and customers, and many other features for two-way communication. Ensure security measures are in place to safeguard user information and transactions. It is vital to make sure your application is scalable to handle expansion.

App Testing & Launch

Ensure that your mobile app development company provides you with an application after testing for usability, security, and operation. Beta-test your application with a few users to get their opinions and make any necessary changes. Correct any defects or problems found during testing. Release your program to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store whenever you know its reliability. Use marketing initiatives to publicize your app and draw in buyers and vendors.

Top 10 Popular App Like Meesho

Are there several e-commerce applications out there with millions of the market base? Learning about its competitors is crucial if you want to build an app like Meesho. In this section, we have provided some of the leading e-commerce app development in the e-commerce industry.

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Meesho App Available On

Meesho app is an incredible e-commerce app available on android, iOS and web.

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Meesho is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the burgeoning e-commerce market, building on the success of a platform that has helped many microbusiness owners succeed. Such a shopping app for an ecommerce business can transform your company by simplifying simple product reselling, connecting consumers and sellers, and offering strong support. So, if you also want to build an app like Meesho, then it is vital to an eCommerce development company with years of experience and talent.

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