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Founded in 2011 by Mark Lawrence, Jeremy Smith, and Larry Kiss, SpotHero is a popular online mobile app platform that allows drivers to find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces. The concept of the SpotHero parking mobile app originated when the founders recognized the parking challenges faced by city dwellers. As a result, an app like SpotHero became the need of the hour.

Now, it is much easier to say goodbye to frustrating circling around busy streets and endless queues at parking lots. Today, SpotHero is a one-stop solution for stress-free parking, offering a seamless parking experience with just a tap. Whether in a bustling city or exploring new places, a parking mobile app like SpotHero empowers you with the best parking availability, ensuring you'll never waste time searching for a spot again.

SpotHero app covers everything right, from hassle-free parking options to secure payment and a user-friendly interface. SpotHero is active in around 300 cities and has raised up to 57.5 million with 20% monthly savings.

There are approximately 8000 garages, lots, and valets listed on SpotHero. Right after its launch, this smart parking app gained popularity and expanded to other major cities in the US. As a result, more and more businesses are considering developing a parking app like SpotHero. Dev Technosys, the leading IoT software development company, can assist you if you are also planning for the same.

Continue reading this "App of the Month", revealing everything about SpotHero's parking sharing app success story, features, benefits, and more.

SpotHero App
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What Is SpotHero App? A Quick Glimpse!

What Is SpotHero App? A Quick Glimpse!

Mark Lawrence, Jeremy Smith, and Larry Kiss established this popular parking application, SpotHero, in 2011. Previously, this application was a peer-to-peer parking marketplace where people could rent private parking spots. Later, in 2012, SpotHero expanded the platform to partner with parking companies and garages.

Currently, SpotHero is the #1 downloaded parking reservation app in the US. The app is available in over 300 cities across North America and offers extensive parking options, including garages, lots, and valets. In 2013, SpotHero raised $2.5 million in Series A funding, which was further extended to $10 million (Series B funding) in 2015, followed by $25 million (Series C funding) in 2017 and $30 million (Series D funding) in 2019.

The rising graph of SpotHero business revenue urged many business owners to develop an app like SpotHero in this highly competitive world. The SpotHero smart parking app provides access to a vast network of parking lots, garages, and valet services, utilizing automated parking technology such as IoT sensors, scanners, and lasers. While using the best parking apps like SpotHero, users can easily find a free spot anywhere, whether going to work or exploring a new place.

So, if you want to create an app similar to SpotHero, connect with Dev Technosys, an IoT-based smart parking app development services provider. As a leader in app development, we can craft all types of business applications within the desired budget. Drop your requirements today.

Screenshots of Smart Parking App Like SpotHero

Unlock seamless parking options - Screenshots of the smart parking app revolutionizing urban mobility. Take a glimpse at how a smart parking app like SpotHero looks and create your own parking application.

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Key Features of SpotHero Car Parking App

Every business owner dreams of having an application that catches users' attention at just a glance, and the SpotHero app is no different. So, here are the key features to include when you build a parking app like SpotHero. It will make your parking app attention-grabbing.

Key Features of SpotHero Car Parking App
Parking Search

Parking Search

SpotHero allows users to search for available parking spaces in their desired location. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily browse multiple options within the application.

Real-time Availability

Real-time Availability

The app provides real-time parking space availability, ensuring that users have up-to-date information on the availability of parking spots. It helps users make informed decisions.

Price Comparison

Price Comparison

With the price comparison feature of SpotHero, users can see the prices for various garages and lots. It helps them choose the most cost-effective option that suits their budget well.

Advanced Booking

Advanced Booking

Smart parking apps allow users to get reserve parking spaces in advance. They can choose the date, time, and duration of their parking needs with just a few taps on the SpotHero app.

In-App Navigation

In-App Navigation

The app integrates with popular navigation platforms like Google Maps and Waze. It ensures seamless directions to the reserved parking spot within parking-sharing apps like SpotHero.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

With the secure mobile payment feature of SpotHero, users can facilitate cashless transactions directly through the app. It eliminates the need for physical cash or credit card payments.

SpotHero for Business

SpotHero for Business

SpotHero has a separate platform known as "SpotHero for Business." It helps to cater to the parking needs of organizations. SpotHero also offers several in-app tools for managing parking.

Discounts & Promotion

Discounts & Promotions

SpotHero frequently offers discounts and exclusive deals on parking reservations. Hence, users can use these offers to save on additional parking expenses.

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How Does A Parking Mobile App Like SpotHero Works?

Are you curious to know how SpotHero parking app work? Well, the working mechanism of a smart parking app like SpotHero is simple and straightforward. You must simply enter the location, date, and time for the parking slot confirmation. The user can also extend the time as per the parking needs and requirements.

Besides helping users find the best parking slot, the SpotHero app guides users to their parking spot showcasing the path to reach their destination safely ad quickly. As soon as the users park their vehicle, they pay using the in-app secure payment gateway of the SpotHero app. For every transaction made, SpotHero will charge a 15% commission.

To help users get a cost-effective parking experience, SpotHero offers exclusive deals and discounts within the application. It increases user engagement and, in turn, keeps the users engaged with the application for a long. It also showcases multiple parking area rules that help ensure safe parking.

So, this is how smart parking app like SpotHero work and makes it easier for users to find the best-suitable parking slot within their nearby areas. Businesses planning for parking mobile app development should be well-versed in this. Connect with a leading software development company like Dev Technosys and level up your business game.

Cost to Develop SpotHero Parking Mobile App

The average cost to develop a mobile app for parking ranges between $8,000 to $25,000 and more. The final cost fluctuates depending on multiple project factors, as listed below. Have a look and keep them in mind whenever you plan for smart parking app development. the factors affecting the parking mobile app development cost are –

  • App Complexity
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Development Platform
  • App Tech Stacks
  • Developer’s Location
  • App Size
  • Testing & Maintenance

These crucial factors might increase or decrease your parking app development cost. While considering these features, you can get a perfect app for parking within an estimated budget. Connect with Dev Technosys, an on-demand app development company, for a seamless parking app experience.

How to Build An Online Parking App Like SpotHero?

Planning to create a parking application similar to SpotHero? Here is the detailed step-by-step mobile app development process to help you get started. Now, it is much easier to create a car parking app with these development steps in hand.

Define Project Scope

Firstly, define the project scope to build an application like SpotHero. It will also let you know the target audience associated with your smart parking application. Once your project goals and scope are cleared, you can move to the research and analysis process.

Conduct Market Research

Next, start searching for similar parking applications available in the market. It will help you analyze competitors, and in turn, you can craft a revenue-generating online parking app like SpotHero. Jot down useful information while researching the application.

Create UX/UI Design

Once you finish the research, create an appealing UX/UI design for an online parking app like SpotHero. Make sure to keep the UX/UI simple and user-friendly. If you do not have an idea, hire dedicated mobile app developers and designers to help you.

Add Unique Features & Tech Stack

The features and functionalities of parking application help to add worth and value to any business application. So, think of including the unique features and tech stacks while planning to develop a car parking app like SpotHero. You can also seek software development company help.

Start Parking Mobile App Development

Now, start creating a parking mobile app using all the important details gathered in the previous IoT-based smart parking app development process. Here, you will require development expertise, so connect with leading mobile app development services experts.

Test Your Parking App

After successfully developing the online parking-sharing app, test your application against all the errors and bugs. Launching a 100% error-free business application increases the chances of application success and, in turn, help businesses succeed within less time.

App Launching

Once you test the SpotHero application carefully, launch it on the desired platform (i.e., Google Play Store or App Store), depending on your target audience preferences and application compatibility. Seek Android app development services or iOS services for professional assistance.

Conduct App Marketing

Developing an application carefully isn’t enough if it is not marketed properly. So, right after developing the best parking app like SpotHero, include the latest marketing strategies to get started with app development. You can also hire marketing experts if you are a beginner.

Seek App Support & Maintenance

Finally, do not forget to seek mobile app support and maintenance services from experts. It will help to increase the lifespan of your business application and keep it running for years to come. It will increase the little cost to develop a mobile app, but it will be worth it.

Top 10 SpotHero App Alternatives

With the ever-rising vehicles, parking challenges have grown significantly. As a result, there is a huge demand for the best parking apps like SpotHero. But other applications in the queue are resolving the parking challenge and gaining huge profits. Here’s an overview of the top 10 online parking apps.

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SpotHero, we all know that it is a very popular parking-sharing app of today’s time. It covers around 300 cities with 8000 garages, valets, and lots. This app for finding parking spots has approximately 20 million users, and the company has raised 57.5 million recently. There is no stoppage for the growth of on-demand parking applications today as huge numbers of vehicles are available and the need for such mobile applications. So, if you are an entrepreneur or already into a similar business, now is the high time to think of creating an application similar to SpotHero. Contact the professionals of Dev Technosys, a well-known mobile app development company that can be your business saviour. Discuss your requirements to develop an app like SpotHero and get a perfect application for your transportation business.

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