Do you run a small furniture store and want to turn it into a well-known furniture brand? What’s a better idea than online furniture store app development? Today, developing a strong online presence is essential for businesses ranging from Startups to well-established furniture brands, as every individual relies on online services.

Whether it is about buying a table or going for exclusive interior designing, everything is available with just a tap. Undoubtedly, credit goes to the best furniture apps like Wayfair, Etsy, Amazon, and more.

As per Statista, the worldwide revenue of the online furniture industry has reached $729.20 billion this year, experiencing a CAGR of 5.03% from 2023 to 2028. The online furniture store mobile app development process can be a game changer for you if considered on time.

So, if you want to be the next market leader, it is high time to create an app to sell furniture that can help you develop a strong online presence. For that, this guide will be your savior.

What is Online Furniture Store App Development?

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An online furniture store app is a mobile application that enables users to browse, purchase, and manage furniture items via smartphones. This process includes an intuitive user interface, secure payment gateways, and the implementation of unique features like product categorization, search functionality, and more.

Online furniture store app development aims to offer users a convenient and efficient platform for exploring and buying furniture online. So, this is what the online store app is all about. It helps businesses to create a robust online presence and help them reach millions of customers in just a tap.

Why Should Business Needs Online Furniture Store App?

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Are you getting second thoughts regarding online furniture store app development? Don’t let these thoughts hold you back from building online furniture shopping apps; instead, look at the following benefits to develop an online furniture store app.

  • Reach to Global Audience

    We all know that it becomes challenging to attract a wide range of audience and convert them into customers while running a business offline. But, with furniture delivery software, it becomes a little easier to target an audience globally while increasing business profit with 2x speed.

  • Increased Revenue

    Reports state that online businesses have more chances of increasing revenue than offline furniture stores. Hence, creating an online furniture store app is likely to increase business revenue with approximately 80 – 150% margin.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    A business can only earn success and profit if it focuses on customer satisfaction and retention. So, while adopting a furniture store mobile app development process, businesses can improve their customer experience while ensuring long-term business profit.

  • Robust Online Presence

    An online furniture store app is the best way to build a robust online presence, which is impossible without mobile app development. So, develop a unique idea to build a marketplace or software for your business.

Example of Popular Online Furniture Store Apps in the USA

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Looking for the best online furniture shopping apps? Here is a list of the 5 most popular furniture stores and apps worldwide. Have a look.

  • Wayfair

    Wayfair is one of the leading online furniture store apps, offering an extensive range of furniture and home products. Get ready to offer a diverse selection of online furniture, from contemporary to classic styles, while developing an online furniture store app like WayFair.

  • Amazon

    Being the most prominent e-commerce giant, Amazon has marked its presence in the furniture market for decades. With its Prime delivery service, Amazon provides a seamless shopping experience to customers worldwide. So, if you want to build an app like Amazon Prime, get a deeper insight into the application.

  • IKEA

    Known for its iconic Swedish designs and DIY furniture, the IKEA app has seamlessly entered a digital space with a bang. With its exclusive AR-enabled feature, the IKEA house furniture app lets users browse extensive catalogues to place furniture virtually before purchasing.

  • Houzz

    The concept of Houzz furniture shopping app development goes beyond online furniture stores. The Houzz app platform inspires homeowners with exclusive design ideas and connects them with interior design professionals.

  • Etsy

    Etsy is the go-to furniture-selling app for those seeking unique, handcrafted furniture pieces. So, if you want to sell handmade and vintage items, there is no better idea than building a marketplace app like Etsy.

Step-by-Step Process to Develop Online Furniture Store App

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Are you planning for online furniture app development and want to expand your business with 2x speed? What could be a better idea than furniture e-commerce mobile app development? So, before you proceed, let us guide you through the step-by-step process to create a furniture app.

  • #Step 1 – Define Your App's Objectives

    Start your online furniture store app development process by clearly defining your business goals and objectives. It will help you later at the time of developing a furniture app.

    So, gather all the essential information initially, as it will save much of your time. Be specific with your business goals, like why you want to develop an online furniture store, what the aim of furniture store app development should be, and more.

  • #Step 2 – Conduct Market Research & Competitor Analysis

    Once you have a well-defined business objective, conduct extensive market research and competitor analysis to take a glimpse of the ongoing market trends. Research is a strong asset for successful outcomes, so do not take it for granted.

    Learn about the popular online furniture store apps and their features, functionalities, technologies, and loopholes. Competitor analysis is a must if you want to develop an online furniture app like Wayfair or IKEA.

  • #Step 3 – Choose the Right Development Platform

    As per the experts on-demand mobile app development services, selecting the best-suitable development platform is crucial. So, decide whether you want to develop an Android app, iOS app or cross-platform development.

    It will help you identify your target audience's interests and preferences and define the cost of furniture shopping app development. After that, you can hire mobile app developers for your project.

  • #Step 4 – Select Furniture App Features

    Based on your business goals and market research, create a detailed list of the key features of an online furniture store app. Adding important features to your online furniture store app, like a product catalogue, shopping cart, search functionality, user reviews, and ratings, will add value to your business application.

    Besides that, you can use the highly advanced features to make your online shopping store app more advanced. But remember that it will require more mobile app development costs than creating a basic application with simple features and functionalities.

  • #Step 5 – Design the Furniture App UX/UI

    Next, create app wireframes and prototypes to illustrate your online furniture store app's structure, navigation sequence, and overall design. Emphasize the development of an instinctive and user-centric interface to elevate the shopping journey for your potential clients.

    Ensure the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are simple and interactive. Too complicated features with myriad features fail to grab the users' attention.

  • #Step 6 – Start Furniture App Development Process

    Finally, step into the actual online furniture store app development process, where you must integrate all the data and information gathered while conducting research and competitor analysis.

    As you will have to develop an online furniture store app, you will require expertise. If you don't have the desired team, it is better to look for a well-known Android app development company or iOS app development company, depending on the project requirements.

  • #Step 7 – Test & Launch Your Application

    Once your furniture app development process is complete, carefully test and launch your mobile application. Identifying and rectifying errors is a must to ensure the smooth performance of your business app. Besides that, launching an application on the Google Play Store or App Store determines the cost of furniture app development.

Key Features of Online Furniture Store App Development

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In this highly advanced world, convenience is the key. Therefore, every user looks for easy ways to get their job done, whether buying furniture or home essentials. Here comes the need for a feature-rich online furniture store app. From secure payment gateway integration to a user-friendly interface, here is a glimpse of the key features that can make your mobile app more useful and attention-grabbing.

User Panel Features of Furniture Store App

  • User registration

  • Manage user profile

  • View product catalog

  • Browse multiple products

  • Ask questions

  • Push Notifications

  • Add products

  • Product reviews and ratings

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Track product delivery

Owner Panel Features of Furniture store App

  • Profile creation and management

  • Add offers and discounts

  • Add/remove/manage products

  • Accept payments

  • Manage furniture prices

  • View sale data

  • App analytics and reporting

Admin Panel Features of Furniture Store App

  • Admin dashboard

  • Manage users and store owners

  • Optimize/manage product categories

  • Manage multiple payments

  • Track shipping and delivery

  • Generate various reports

  • Manage CMS

How Much Does Online Furniture Store App Development Cost?

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Are you planning for online furniture store app development and wondering about the mobile app development cost? Well, an average cost to create an online furniture store app begins at $8,000 and goes beyond $25,000, depending on certain factors. The cost keeps increasing or decreasing as per the requirements shared by the AI development company professionals.

Some of the major factors affecting the cost of furniture app development are –

  • App Complexity

  • Features & Tech Stacks

  • App Size

  • Developer’s Location

  • Furniture App UX/UI Design

  • Development Platform

  • Launch & Marketing

These are some basic factors that will determine the cost of online furniture store app development. Talking about the region, the cost to hire mobile app developers are as follows

Medical Website Owner Panel Features

  • USA: $15 - $25/hour

  • UK: $25 - $40/hour

  • Europe: $50 - $100/hour

  • Africa: $80 - $110/hour

  • Asia: $15 - $50/hour

Monetization Methods for Online Furniture Store App Development

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Developing an online furniture store app can be a lucrative business opportunity to grow from a small furniture store to a well-known online furniture brand. But the question is, ‘How do you make your furniture store app profit-driven?’ Well, for that, you can refer to the following monetization methods, as they will help you balance the cost to create a shopping app while generating more revenue.

  • Subscription Models

    Offer exclusive subscription plans, such as early access to sales, discounts, or free shipping. It encourages customer loyalty and provides a recurring revenue stream.

  • In-app Advertising

    Within this online furniture store app development feature, businesses can partner with furniture brands or relevant businesses to display targeted ads within their app.

  • Featured Listings

    You can also enable furniture sellers to pay for featured listings, as it will give their products more visibility on your app. This can be beneficial for new or smaller vendors looking to increase their reach.

  • Product Sales

    It is one of the best monetization strategies to generate more revenue in less time. Go for product sales with a user-friendly interface, high-quality images, and detailed product descriptions to enhance the shopping experience.

  • Virtual Try On

    For advanced furniture store app development experience, implement Augmented Reality features that allow users to visualize how furniture will look in their own space. You can simply charge a fee for this service, providing an innovative and helpful tool for your customers.

  • Freemium Model

    If you want to increase user engagement first, then there is no better idea than a freemium model with basic features. Later on, you can charge users if they want to upgrade to a premium model containing advanced features and functionalities.

Looking for Online Store App Development Services? Let’s Connect!

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Developing an online furniture store app isn’t a hard nut to crack if you know the step-by-step process of ‘How to develop an online furniture store app?’ Now that you are well-versed in the online furniture store app development process make a plan and get started.

Look for a reliable mobile app development company with a team of dedicated developers for hire, and the professionals will deliver outstanding online furniture store app development services.

At Dev Technosys, we always adhere to the given project requirements irrespective of the project complexity and put in our best efforts to deliver the project within the promised deadline. Our team follows an agile development methodology in order to create mobile app development solutions that help businesses grow. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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