Online shopping is a popular activity today. Its convenience has made it popular. People prefer online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores. Nowadays, many people have plenty of time to research and read reviews before deciding which product to purchase from an eCommerce website. It's so simple, isn't it?

To compare products and reviews, people had to switch apps constantly. Once they were satisfied and ready to buy, they added it to their cart and placed the order.

Live video shopping app development makes it easy for consumers to find, compare, and purchase products. Video commerce allows businesses to sell and promote products and services online.

Live video shopping app development has revolutionized eCommerce by providing consumers with a great deal of convenience. It is also essential for retailers, as it allows them to showcase their products and give shoppers an improved user experience.

In this blog post, we'll discuss the different elements of video commerce and how they can help your eCommerce app development grow faster.

What is a Live Streaming App?

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As the name suggests, live-streaming apps allow users to simultaneously record and broadcast video. In recent years, the number of such apps has increased thanks to advanced camera technology and high-speed Internet.

Live video streaming has influenced influencer marketing and entertainment. It also has a positive impact on business marketing. Here are some of the most popular Live video shopping app development among users:

  • Facebook Live

  • Twitch

  • Periscope

  • Kuaishou

  • Douyu

  • Bilibili

    Facebook Live is well-known among users of social media apps, while Twitch allows gamers to broadcast gaming sessions. Douyu, the Chinese version of Twitch, boasts more active users.

Enjoyable Live Streaming Stats

  • Live video shopping app development has grown by 98% between April 2019 and April 2020.

  • In 2020, China will have 600 million users of live streaming.

  • 80% of US customers prefer to read blog articles over live videos.

  • As of Q2 2020, the total number of live-streaming hours watched across all platforms was 8,99 billion.

  • Live streaming viewing rates are 10-20 times greater than on-demand video.

  • Around 34% of Generation Z is interested in live streaming, particularly on social platforms.

  • Video-enabled companies grow their revenue at a rate of 49% higher than those who do not use video.

How Does Live Video Shopping Work?

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Users can interact with sellers through a live video streaming app. Typically, the process involves:

  • The app allows users to browse and discover live shopping sessions.

  • Users can watch the live stream of the seller's product demonstration when a session starts.

  • Users can ask questions, request product demonstrations or seek additional information through chat or audio.

  • Users can purchase directly from the app if they wish.

  • The seller can answer inquiries, give product details, and aid in the purchasing process.

  • The app ensures a seamless shopping experience by facilitating secure payment processing.

    Overall, Live video shopping app development is a great way to bridge the gap between shopping online and personalized real-time assistance. Top live shopping apps increase engagement and convenience for both buyers and sellers.

Types of Live Video Shopping App Development with Examples

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You'll first need to determine the type of mobile application you have in mind. There are three types of live video shopping app development:

  • Type 1: Live Broadcasting Applications:

    The most popular type of live-streaming application is this one. These apps allow users to record, stream and share live audio and video to anyone with access. YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope are some of this category's most popular live-streaming apps.

  • Type 2: Video Demand Streaming:

    Users can schedule and watch their favorite TV shows online using Live Streaming Apps in this category. YouTube TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are some of the video streaming app development that offers this service.

  • Type 3: Audio Streaming:

    Audio streaming platforms allow anyone to record and broadcast sounds in real-time. They are available on any device. Podbean and Spotify are common examples of this type of app.

How To Build A Live Video Shopping App?

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A winning live-streaming app requires careful planning, implementation, and attention to important factors. Consult a live software development company for live video shopping app development. Here are a few steps to help you build a live-streaming app for shopping.

  • Define Purpose and Target Audience

    Define your live video streaming app's goals and target market. Decide your live video shopping app development's niche or marketing strategy.

  • Conduct Market Research

    Discover the newest trends, the products offered by rivals, and the preferences of customers by conducting market research. Find gaps or opportunities where your shopping app for your e-Commerce business could capitalize.

  • Plan the Features and Functionality of Your App

    Decide on the advanced features and functionalities of your app. It includes live video streaming, interactive chat, product catalogs, user profiles, and secure payment integration.

  • Create a User-Friendly Interface

    Create a visually appealing and attractive user interface to enhance the user experience. Easy navigation, clear displays of products, and seamless transitions from live streams to product details are all important.

  • Select the Right Technology Stack

    Choose the technology stack to develop your Android app idea for live streaming protocols and backend infrastructure. Scalability, performance, and security are important considerations.

    • Front end: Angular, React
    • Back End: Java Laravel Node.JS
    • PayPal and Braintree are the two main payment gateways
    • Database: SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
    • DevOps: Jenkins Android Studio Amazon CloudWatch
    • Cloud Computing: AWS & Google Cloud
  • Create And Test Your App

    Implement the features you have planned and develop your app with the technology stack of choice. Test thoroughly to ensure smooth operation, device compatibility, and an error-free user experience.

  • Integrate Secure Payment Portal

    It is one of the premium features of an online shopping platform. Integrate a secure payment portal that supports multiple payment methods, ensuring smooth and safe transactions for your users.

  • Optimize Performance

    Optimize the performance of your Live video shopping app development, such as fast loading, smooth video streaming, and minimal latency. Test your app in different network conditions to ensure users have a smooth experience.

  • Launch and Promote Your App

    Prepare a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan for the launch of your app. Use social media, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising to attract users and make your app known.

  • Take Action on User Feedback

    Listen to your users' words and encourage them with your incredible live video shopping app development. Iterate and improve your app continuously based on user feedback to increase user satisfaction and retention.

Essential Features of the Live Video Shopping App

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In recent years, live video shopping app development gained popularity. The app offers a unique shopping experience that is interactive and engaging. These are the must-have features of a live video app:

  • Live Video Streaming

    A live video shopping application's core feature is its ability to stream video live. Users should be allowed to watch live video broadcasts of sellers showcasing their products or demonstrating how they are used.

  • Product Catalogue

    The live video shopping app development should have a comprehensive product catalog and be easy to navigate. Users should be allowed to browse different categories, see product details and access relevant data such as pricing and availability.

  • Chat and Interaction

    Live video shopping app development should include a chat function that allows users and sellers to communicate during live video sessions. It will increase engagement. You can ask questions, request clarifications and even request specific product demonstrations.

  • Purchase Options

    Users should be allowed to purchase directly from online shopping apps. The app should include secure and seamless payment methods, allowing users to add items to their shopping cart, go to the checkout, and complete the transaction, all without leaving the app.

  • Push Notifications

    Online shopping apps should include a notification system that alerts users to upcoming live video sessions, special offers, or new product launches. It keeps users informed and encourages active participation.

  • Social Sharing

    Social sharing allows users to share videos or interesting products with their followers and friends on social media platforms. Social sharing is one of the best features to increase your app traffic and visibility.

  • List and Favorites

    Users should be able to save products they like by adding them to their wish lists or making them favorites. This feature in the mobile app idea allows users to easily find and revisit the products they liked in live video sessions.

  • Reviews and Ratings

    Mobile shopping apps should let users’ rate and review products that they have bought or used during a live video session. It will help establish trust and credibility.

    This feature allows other users to make informed decisions, and sellers are encouraged to maintain the quality of their products.

  • Analysis and Insights

    Apps should give sellers analytics and insights into their live video sessions. It includes metrics such as engagement and conversion rates, number of viewers, etc. These data can help sellers evaluate their strategies' effectiveness and make informed choices for future sessions.

  • Multi-platform Support

    Apps should be accessible on multiple mobile devices (iOS, Android) and browsers. The app allows users to shop live from their favorite devices. Hire mobile app developer if you want to add multi-platform support to your live video shopping application.

Benefits Of Video Shopping Apps

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Live video shopping apps are trending as an incredible eCommerce strategy today. As a result, there are many activities to increase conversions via video. There are many benefits to live video shopping app development.

  • Better Engagement

    A video can quickly convey much information to your target audience. Video is faster and more detailed than images. The video is typically 15 seconds long but can be 30 seconds or even a full minute. It allows people to stay on your site longer. After watching the video, shoppers can explore the themes that were used.

  • Increase in Sales

    Video click-through rates are consistently higher because of the captivating nature of moving images. When the viewer is engrossed in and enjoying the content, they are likelier to purchase from the live shopping apps. This increased engagement leads to an increase in sales for businesses. Utilising videos helps businesses draw in viewers and boost conversion rates.

  • Conversions Boosted

    Video searches are the most popular. Adding a video to your website will bring you more traffic, better rankings, and more search results. In a well-produced video, people knowledgeable about your product will be featured.

    People can then relate to the video, feel reassured, and are likelier to share it. We see that people like to share videos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you make entertaining videos, then they will be shared.

    When a video is uploaded that shows off your product, it's shared widely. You know then that those who view a video about a product will be more likely to convert.

  • Lesser Costs

    The ubiquitous high-resolution camera in smartphones makes video creation easy. Individuals can easily edit and capture videos thanks to intuitive editing and shooting capabilities.

    As a result, video production costs are reduced significantly since the need for expensive equipment and professional services is lessened. This accessibility allows users to easily produce high-quality video at a fraction of the cost. It encourages creativity and content creation.

  • Connecting the Influencers with Consumers & Merchants

    Video Shopping app revolutionizes how influencers, merchants, and consumers interact. It provides a seamless platform that allows them to connect easily.

    The app simplifies the buying process by eliminating the need to switch between media channels. Users can make more informed decisions and easily complete transactions. This innovative solution makes shopping a fun and convenient experience for all.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Live Video Shopping App?

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The cost of Live video shopping app development can vary depending on several factors. Key cost components include app development (frontend and backend), video streaming infrastructure, user authentication and security features, payment gateway integration, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Development costs typically depend on the complexity of the app's features, design requirements, and the platform(s) targeted (iOS, Android, web).

Additionally, team size, location, and hourly rates will impact the overall cost. A rough estimate for a basic live video shopping app could range from $10,000 to $20,000, while more complex and feature-rich apps may cost upwards of $30,000 or more.

It's important to consult with development experts to get an accurate development cost estimation based on specific requirements.

How Can Dev Technosys Help You in Live Video Shopping App Development?

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Dev Technosys, a well-known mobile app development company, specializes in developing live video shopping apps. We can help you create a shopping app tailored to your requirements. Our skilled mobile app developers can create a user-friendly and robust app that seamlessly integrates live video streaming, browsing products, and purchasing functions.

Dev Technosys guarantees high-quality coding standards, efficient performance, and a smooth user experience. Partnering with an on-demand app development company will allow you to leverage their technical expertise to bring your live video app idea to life and gain an edge on the market.

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