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At present, there are a plethora of technologies along with a myriad of mobile application development languages which are available. However, mobile app development services constantly encounter challenges of interrupted and broken links. Also, it is quite essential to choose a technology which meets the actual requirements and can easily be utilized with quite ease by the developer as well as the users. As Angular JS was introduced a few years ago, this conundrum has been quite well mitigated to a certain extent.


Through mobile application development in AngularJS, the mobile application developers are quite relieved as this particular programming language has certainly freed them from searching for codes which are required to achieve their desired targets. Essentially it is a JavaScript framework, but the most recent one and it is actually built on Typescript, that is a typed superset of the actual JavaScript. This means it is a predecessor of Angular and AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app. Right before we jump into its benefits for developing mobile applications, let’s understand what this particular language is and how it has completely changed the entire mobile app development landscape ever since its entire inception.


Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Angular JS

  3. Key Building Blocks of AngularJS

  4. Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Mobile App

  5. Popular Applications that Utilize AngularJS

  6. Conclusion

Angular JS

To put it simply, it is essentially a JavaScript framework that is developed as well as introduced by Google. It is a particular framework which makes the designing of different dynamic web pages quite efficient and effective and is initially launched to actually simplify the overall creation of dynamic as well as a web application. Ever since then, it has certainly come a long way and has been utilized today for the purpose of restructuring JavaScript code. It is even utilized to gather data as well as assist developers in maintaining the entire code integrity of the app.

It works on certain essential building blocks which are mentioned below:

  1. Module
  2. Directives
  3. Controllers
  4. Data Binding
  5. Rules
  6. Unit Testing

Let’s understand the key building blocks of AngularJS.


Key Building Blocks of AngularJS 

Let’s check out the key building blocks of angularJS. However, a web development company recommends that AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app.

1) Module

Any Angular Module is essentially a base element for a particular application. Essentially it is a container for an entire group of related components like controllers, filters, services, directives etc. It can be imagined as a library of various services and components which provides particular functionality from the entire business domain of the mobile application.


Also, an AngularJS module is actually required to readily bootstrap the application. Also, it behaves like the actual main entry for any app whenever it is launched. Also, all of the elements of any small application can easily be located in one particular module which is root module, whereas, large apps can certainly have more than one particular module, but all applications need to have at least a single root module.


Angular js

2) Controllers

It essentially acts as a particular meditator between view as well as a module. Also, it controls the entire data in the entire angular application. Even it holds both data along with business logic.


Also in the case of AngularJS, the controllers are essentially normal JavaScript objects which are defined by the particular JavaScript object constructor function. Different controllers are utilized to set up the actual initial state for the $scope object along with to add the actual behaviors to it. In the case of Angular, the Controller can easily be attached to the DOM in two distinct ways, utilizing “ng-controller” where a particularly new controller object is readily created, and a new child scope is also created. Also, this child scope is duly passed as a given parameter to the entire constructor function.

3) Directives

When it comes to Angular, we utilize some new tags/syntax/attributes which need not come with basic HTML. Hence, these are termed as Directives. They can be an element name, an attribute, comment or even a CSS class. Also, they just extend the entire basic HTML. Also, in case of Angular, we have a particular set of inbuilt directives with ng-prefix that offers predefined functionality to our entire given application. It offers the capability to write our own directives too.


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4) Data Binding

When it comes to AngularJS, Data Binding refers to a technique of complete automatic data synchronization between the model as well as the view. Also, when the data in the model readily changes, then it immediately reflects in the entire view and even when the data in the view readily changes, it is actually immediately updated in the model. Also, the model is the only particular source of truth for data changes in the entire application. Just that the view is the presentation of model data. hire dedicated developers who have the knowledge of these particular features.


Now that we have certainly covered the main building blocks of AngularJS let’s look at the top reasons why AngularJS is certainly the best fit for your next mobile application in 2023.


Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Mobile App


Here are the reasons AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app. So let’s look:


1) It creates a particular dynamic web app with the MVC architecture of AngularJS. This segregates logic, process as well as user interface into various modules and make the development of websites quite easier and simpler while enhancing the entire code quality.

2) It completely improves the architecture of the application and even boosts functionality and flexibility. It even helps build robust workflows as well as accomplish better results with only a certain few manipulations on HTML as well as JavaScript. Through different templates, modules along with other user interface effects, the Full Stack Development services can easily customize the application and even enhance the overall user experience quite significantly.

3) AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app as it depends highly on HTML in order to define the user interface of any application, it certainly saves the time of the developer for defining the program flows in actually deciding what to certainly upload first. Also, HTML is quite a straightforward language much more than JavaScript and is quite more intuitive and declarative.

4) Mobile application development with AngularJS is essentially synonymous to ease of use as well as simplicity. Owing to the simple coding script, the developer can easily add AngularJS to any HTML page. Also, libraries can easily be added later to easily make modifications even at any later stage. Also, the code is quite easier to maintain, and the declarative and enhanced UI assists to build quite an engaging application experience.

5) It is quite a powerful solution which is quite useful for developers that need to meet their deadline. Also, it helps in facilitating parallel development with its actual modular capabilities along with lowering the applications’ time to market. hire angular js developers who can reduce the time to market through this.


Angular js

6) The modular structure of AngularJS allows the developers to easily organize the codes into different buckets based on its directives, components and services. Also, it is extremely critical and crucial in saving time as anyone who is familiar with AngularJS can easily refer to these particular buckets and readily reuse them. Even these modules also allow developers to simply “lazy load”, that allows the app feature to be readily loaded on-demand or simply in the background.

7) It is an evident fact that mobile application development with AngularJS makes it quite an achievable goal to easily divide the tasks across various team members while also ensuring organized code. Also, once you have achieved a precise and in-depth understanding of this, then you can make sure that you make the best of these particular modules. Even developers can easily improve productivity with the appropriate and right modules built.

8) AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app as the code of it can easily be reused owing to its entire modular structure. Moreover, depending on the choice of the developer, each module is either dependent or independent of each other. Also, they have an option to easily reuse their earlier built component for a particular new app or simply reinvent the wheel. Simply just copy-pasting the old codes, the AngularJS development services can easily save a lot of time and create apps in minutes.

9) Mobile app development in AngularJS is characterized with extremely simple testing with its AngularJS modules which are easier to manipulate. Also, it even allows the developer to easily load the necessary services and even perform automatic testing by simply segregating the modules.

10) You can forget the getter and setter functions whenever developing a mobile application with AngularJS as it relies on Plain Old JavaScript Object or POJO. It allows actual object manipulation by providing all of the conventional JavaScript functionalities. Also, developers can easily add or even delete properties from the particular objects, as well as at the same time loop over these particular objects whenever it is necessary.

Angular js


Popular Applications that Utilize AngularJS

Below are some of the popular apps that are suggested by a mobile app development company. So let’s check out:

1) Review Apps

A plethora of online review apps is essentially built on AngularJS for its rich user experience. Hence, such an application developed with AngularJS offers crucial information to readers who are ready to take necessary actions on the things that they are actually interested in. Also, these apps allow the users to determine the best-suited solution easily, even make an informed decision and certainly save a lot of money.


2) Destination Finding Apps

Essentially, a destination finger app is best created on AngularJS, for it includes the actual dynamic features. These apps developed with AngularJS make it easier for developers to readily created easy to use, intuitive and powerful apps while providing a seamless user interface.



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3) Weather Apps

A plethora of weather apps is built on Angular JS. Most of them have an interactive display as this programming language allows the developer to easily create and develop an interactive app which readily allows user to perform different real-time activities without actually compromising on the quality.

4) Content Portal Apps

Various web development solutions, like content portal apps, are created on Angular JS. These apps are famously known for their crowdsourcing content as well as they are required to be updated regularly. As they are developed on AngularJS, the developers can easily handle a large volume of data, along with crowdsourced posts and even user information all while offering improved as well as enhanced user experience.


5) Social Media Apps

Few of the most popular and powerful social media applications are developed with this language. Among such apps is LinkedIn. This particular app not just handles a huge volume of data but even requires a regular update of data in real-time. Also, this is made possible owing to the features of AngularJS.



With the advent of the latest programming languages and mobile app development technologies, developers have to pick the best possible one to fulfill the demand of intuitive, robust and powerful apps. In this regard, AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app and has become quite popular among developers owing to its ease of usage as well as simplicity. As we have highlighted the benefits of AngularJS, we can see why it has become so popular among companies to develop web development solutions. However, if you want to build an app with AngularJS framework, you must consult a angular js development company.



Why Angular Js is the best fit for your next mobile app development?

Angular Js is the best fit for your next mobile app development because it provides the facility of code reusability so the developers can access all the data with the help of the data binding feature.


How to hire an Angularjs developer?

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Hire AngularJS Developer
  • Choose Hiring Model
  • Sign Up and Start
  • Get the project Delivered
  • Hire AngularJS Developer
  • Sign Up and Start.


What is the angular js development cost?

The angular js development cost depends on various factors. For instance, app complexity, features etc. although, the cost of AngularJS app will cost $25000-$50000.


Is AngularJS still in demand?

Angular JS is one of the excellent frameworks available today. Also, one can expect significant growth in the field of web applications and web development soon. Many people also state that the Angular2 version is used extensively by AngularJS developers in IT.


What are the skills required for an AngularJS developer?

  • npm
  • Angular CLI
  • HTML and CSS
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • Empathy

AngularJs is the best fit for your next mobile app