This current age of digital technology is marred with the latest technological marvels and innovations and businesses all over the world, aiming to inculcate them to stay ahead. Whether they are tech-savvy or not, most of them have an uncanny desire for achieving automation. In case you are a web development company offering web development solutions, you ought to have all the right reasons to be quite excited. The intervention of Artificial Intelligence sounds like a bright idea. Everyone would like a bit of automation and why wouldn’t designers and web developers.

The entire artificial intelligence market has grown at a phenomenal rate over these years. It is now worth billions of dollars. This stupendous growth is expected to continue over the next few years and decades to come.

Now when it comes to design as well as web development industry, it has witnessed exponential growth over the recent years, but in regards to recurring operation complexities pertaining to the industry haven’t been curtailed. Hence, there is a certain place for the presence of AI in this particular industry. It is not a flabbergasting proposition that technology companies have essentially noticed this particular opportunity and finally have started to develop AI solutions and hire AI development companies. Also, it’s the actual scale as well as the effectiveness of these particular solutions, which is the point of interest. AI is largely affecting web development in a multitude of forms. Now, AI-powered tools are providing perfect assistance to the designers as well as web developers today. Let’s address this here in this article.


Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Artificial Design Intelligence and Web Design/Development

  3. Potential of ADI

  4. AI-powered tools- The Brilliant Assistance for Web Designers and Developers

  5. Conclusion


Artificial Design Intelligence and Web Design/Development 

When it comes to the entire web design as well as the development industry, the entire crux of AI lies in assisting to automate the design along with the development of images and websites. Thus, it is generally referred to as Artificial Design Intelligence or ADI. Essentially, there are a plethora of tools that aim at completely automating operations. For instance, the Grid, Adobe Sensei, Wix ADI, and Firedrop.


Potential of ADI

Even though these tools have certainly created a certain humungous buzz in the entire industry, they haven’t yet even come close to replace humans completely. Actually, it would be quite wrong to be expecting a miraculous return from AI at this juncture. Certainly, AI is still in its nascent stage. You can argue that there are certain shortcomings corresponding to independently creating websites as well as adjusting image designs.

However, the most favorable aspects of these different AI-enabled tools are that they almost never miss their deadline, provide infinite customization, offer thousands of options in order to choose from and certainly never ask for additional incurred charges. However, the question arises that are these different auto-created websites as well as design adjustments right up in the league? In certain cases, yes, however, in most, they leave you to ask for more.



Hence, when it comes to carrying out minute tasks such as cropping images that need intricate detailing or offering a website that consists of highly optimized and clinical code, AI can’t certainly match up to that of any professional developer. Also, the various problem areas consist of random, improper collation of data along with complication as well as un-optimized codes along with sub-standard finishing of the websites and much more. For example, talking of the “The Grid”, it has actually come under scrutiny as the industry experts have claimed that the various use cases of the tool is actually restricted to image auto-cropping as well as generating color-palettes. Also, even the websites that they actually deliver have received some criticism as claims have been certainly made that they were simply lookalikes with quite a little space for any space of customization.

Hence, these AI tools haven’t essentially reached the level where they can finally replace humans. However, it isn’t the case that there isn’t any possibility for any future opportunities for AI to make a significant mark.


AI-powered tools- The Brilliant Assistance for Web Designers and Developers

Even though AI tools in case of design, as well as web development, certainly don’t match up to the actual human perfection, but it’s essential skills by no means certainly suggest that they can’t empower the humans. Also, the results they actually produce might not be quite perfect, but still pretty impressive. Developers and designers are generally involved with a massive amount of basic as well as mundane legwork like predictive coding, updating database records, as well as basic image editing. Even though they are basic, they are quite time-consuming. Also, auto-editing of images, as well as auto-generation of the code, can easily be handled by these AI-powered tools with quite a distinction.

Also, another major area of human empowerment which is brought about by Artificial Intelligence is in the field of quality testing of the apps. In a variety of cases, deep learning algorithms can easily test any app without any need for human intervention by simply analyzing a huge volume of data as well as predicting any inefficiencies or errors. It not just improve the standards of the software but even saves a significant amount of time for dedicated testers. It even speeds up custom software development.

Artificial Intelligence has certainly a lot to cover in this particular industry. However, it has already achieved something quite extraordinary, which no one could actually even imagined a few years ago. Now, looking ahead into the future, we see AI impacting the web app development in a variety of ways. Let’s look into it.


1) Voice-Assisted Interaction

With consistently evolving computer-human interaction as well as a content delivery system giving rise to voice-based interactive tools, we are witnessing a rising trend of the chatbots along with virtual assistants. They are assisting organizations in enhancing customer engagement and providing them with quite an amazing experience with the utilization of AI. Also, with the assistance of AI, the customers can resolve their entire queries easily and even understand the various related operations by simply speaking out their inquiry directly in quite an unambiguous manner.


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2) SEO

The search engine optimization aspects of web development are essentially improved SEO. At present, there are various web analytics tools that are available. But these tools are quite limited owing to their processing skills of their programmers who actually read as well as understand the entire data analytics of their own websites. By means of making the utilization of minding data as well as AI, the different websites can easily maximize the entire utility of the data and even utilize it to improve the SEO further.

Even the AI-enabled predictive engines can also notify the web programmers about the various irregularities in the website architecture, inform about the issues concerning the web content which are affecting the website’s SEO. Furthermore, these notifications, as well as ideas, may certainly help in the overall improvement of the entire web content as well as other aspects that may connect well with the particular targeted audience. You can hire AI developer who can enable such analytics to enabled improved SEO.


3) Content Augmentation

In case you are a single developer actually working on a particular website, then there are certain things that you are needed to handle when it comes down to the web content, which is, the promotion and the development. Essentially, both of these fronts can easily be improved with the assistance of AI, certainly if you select to go way beyond the conventional blog posts and actually spice up the entire content mix. For example, in case you choose to create an online course or even develop and create a YouTube channel.



Hence, to make most out of these promotional content channels, certainly, there are major chances that you need to rely on the advertisements in order to push the entire value propositions to more number of individuals. This is where AI comes into play and completely enhances the ad targeting efforts which are already implemented by numerous display networks such as Google AdSense along with “AutoAds” specification.



4) Enhanced Video Content Rendering

It is an established fact that video contents are quite an essential factor in obtaining the popularity of your website and making them viral among the audience. Provocative, intriguing, and interesting video becoming viral might bring a massive volume of traffic in a few hours. In this case, AI plays quite a crucial role in turning the videos viral. As on the basis of human interaction as well as user signals on the similar types of videos, AI-based tools can easily suggest changes to the particular video contents in order to make them quite attractive and popular. Even, video recognition content analysis certainly opens up a new domain of opportunities to better UX as well as smart user searches.

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5) Offering Personalized Store Experience

The customers that make online purchases from the comfort of their own homes will certainly enjoy all of the luxuries of the new web experience. Essentially, the overall presence of AI-powered tools makes the entire online store experience for online users much more personalized.


6) Design Layout Brainstorming Sessions

In order to have great online success, an appealing and amazing design layout for your website is quite mandatory. However, the tough task is to create various designs and then finally settling for the one which needs lots of time along with resources. Hence, it is certainly quite a difficult process whenever it is actually done by the developers, and also at times pushes them to actually settle for a particular design which certainly needs a little tweaking but time and money don’t allow it. In this context, AI-powered tools can certainly help designers in a huge way.



Artificial Intelligence has garnered much attention in a plethora of industries with businesses in different industrial domains adopting it to achieve automation and improve their processes. In the web development industry, AI-powered tools are certainly assisting designers and developers massively. We have discussed Artificial Design Intelligence and its importance along with how AI-powered tools are impacting the web development industry and enabling quicker creation of web development solutions. Hiring an AI development company can certainly help a web development company in a variety of ways too.