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Often the business owners make a big mistake of doing things early. In IT speed, quality and cheap are mutual integrated terms. You can always choose the one between all three. If you choose cheap and fast, it cannot be good at quality. If you are doing it fast and quality, then it cannot be cheap and the same is for the other duo. Keeping this basic term in mind is super essential for the IT business. The amateur web development solution providers make false commitment to finish the development within a certain amount of time. Rendering extended timelines are always ok, and trying to finish before deadlines, is an appreciable task in IT world. The correct answer to how long does the development of custom website take is, “It depends”.

Constantly changing requirements cannot be satiated ever. Every new morning, new ideas come to a person’s mind. Always the latest idea is better than the previous ones. This way the web-app keeps extending and cannot be completed over time. Therefore, even if you are a nontechnical person, it is necessary to understand the building phases of a website or an application.

Phases of website development services:

Discovery phase:
Design phase:
Development phase:
Modification phase
Migration and launch

Above are the common phases for every kind of website development. It is also important to know that every website is different. Translating his ideas into the functional website takes time. Few variables in the development process are hard to be estimated. Here are few of those:

1. Sharing the requirements with the developer or teh team.
2. Putting together the plan of action.
3. Preparation of mockups.
4. Design and development.
5. Final revision.

The most common mistake the non-technical clients make is the work before the actual development comes into role. They directly jump over to hire web designer. If the direct development is started without making any solid ground of ideas, things go messy and a lot of time is get wasted. Even for the small website, it is important to stay methodical.

Let’s look at how long a website development services take?

Whether you hire some agency or a developer, the set of devices and always stays the same for both. Where the length of time can always vary with the scope of work demanded. Here, we will make a rough estimate according to the standard business website. Get acquainted with these simple steps are necessary.


Gauge your web development solution needs and create a plan likewise 

Let’s start with an example when you do some cooking in the kitchen; the preparation is a major part of the battle. Once you have an idea of how to finish the dish, things don’t take much time. In the case of website development, the chef is someone else, but still, you need to know the whole process. Without the proper estimation, you will end up wasting a lot of time otherwise.

An experienced developer can give you some special insights. He can guide you do with particular designs if they are not suitable for the user experience. You should always pay attention to the guidance of an experienced developer or hire the one from fullstack development services will the ultimate decision is always yours. Once you make contact with the developer, setting the whole process and analyzing the requirement takes almost 1 to 2 weeks. If someone is directly onboarding over the project this can be a sign of red flag because an experienced developer asks you a lot of questions before starting the project.


Website designing phase

Once you have decided on the plan of action, it is the right time to get started with your website design and hire a web designer. Agencies and the experienced developer will provide you do with few mockups of website design. You need to select one of the mockups and then they will tell you how your website will appear. Mockups are the wireframe of the actual design. Mockups for web development solutions are generally designed based on the requirements off the client and are ready to be modified. The designing part goes back and forth because always there are many of the divisions that can be done.

Divisions before the development stage are always encouraged and strengthen the development process. If you are stuck in the design part it is better to take advice from dedicated designers and they can show you mockups with filler contents and images so that you may know how the actual website will appear and the elements of the page will appear. At this stage, your website takes shape and this stage can take almost one to three weeks in completion. Client, you must stay proactive at this stage and asked questions for every nitty-gritty of the website design and can request multiple changes.

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Development phase

This is the state where the actual development happens and the website becomes functional. Here ideas will come into the virtual reality and here is actual magic happens. The development team takes information from you and transforms that information into the fully functional website from the mockups you have finalized. This part a long time because of there out setbacks in the project and case if you want a key part of the website to be changed, it becomes a herculean task for the developer. Both ways the website development almost takes at least a month for the small business.

The savvy custom web application development companies overestimate the timeline of the project, which gives them the breathing room to solve any problem along the way. And it is is always rewarding if the work is finished early. For this stage, you need to stay in touch. An experienced development team or developer always keeps you in a loop to show you the progress of the things. Therefore it is also your responsibility to stay active during the phase. After all, the business is yours and the website is yours ultimately the glitches will also be yours only.

Final review of the website

Once making your website officially available it is always better to make several revisions and take a close look at every element of the website. Check if your website is meeting the requirements and ideas you traced out, the beginning of the development process. Looking at the long history of projects, there are always changes in the developed version. The possibility becomes larger when the project is complex. The development team is always open to make changes and stay ready for recommendation at the first revision. For full stack development, services the things become entirely different from the traditional scenario. The JavaScript-based frameworks work over MVC, which cleanly separates the business logic with the presentation.

Ideally, you must key issues in mind at the initial stages and discuss them with the development team are the hired developer. Fixing the problems or bugs at the initial stage leaves very few problems for the later development stage. If everything stays fine and this no major work find, this face may take 1 or 2 weeks.


Steps if you need a web development solution too quickly

The above steps talk about the development process if you hire the developer to start the website from scratch. It takes time and proper dedication. If your requirements are not that large and you need a simple website for just the promotion of your business online, there are many solutions. They will let you create stylish websites faster. In the above section, we estimated the development time of 4 months for simple website development services which sounds a lot. Button fact, it is reasonable to invest such time if it makes sure that your investment is worth.

Alternatively, if you need a website very fast, means you do not need a large website with functional components, the hiring agency will be overkill. These tools over the internet let a non-technical person develop a website very simple drag n drop interface.

The time custom web application development company takes

Once you hire a web designer and the designing part is complete, the development part starts. The websites, which look very simple and easy at first glance, can take an impressive amount of development time. Most of the websites these days use functional plugins and offer advanced functionality, which demands enough time. However, developing the website also considers the things to shorten the time. According to the estimate, it may take between 2 to 4 months if you are hiring any professional agency or a developer. The website builder tool lets you create a professional-looking website within a short period and I need not be a developer to use it.

If you talk about an application then and the fully functional and powerful custom, the software takes more time. Software or an application is built to solve the myriad of business problems. They are designed to meet the specific business needs, which automatically ensure a good amount of development time and the dedicated development team. There are a variety of factors that shrinks or and largest the development time span.

In general, there are 5 to 7 development stages in the software development life cycle where all of them acquire a different amount of time.

• The first stage is planning and requirement, which takes almost to 2-4 weeks.

• The second stage is designing an architecture building, where the prototype of the application software is built which takes around two weeks.

• The third stage is the development part where the developer codes the software. This is the largest phase and may take 2-6 months of development.

• The fourth stage is the implementation of the application which is meant to deploy it over the system. The deployment part also includes several processes in it to make the software compatible with the current business processes. If any software is already been used and you want it the application to be integrated with the existing software then the process becomes complex.

• The fifth stage is testing the software and fixing the bugs. Also, monitoring and maintenance come into seen at this stage where the performance of the software is tested keeping in mind that all the problems must be solved correctly.

• The software is tested it is ready for production and to be launched. It takes around 3 weeks more.
Looking at the above phases, the development time for a custom application goes between our to twelve months. Also, it is to be noted that 85% of the software developments go over schedule.

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Different approaches for building an application

When we talk about building a website things become easy. Today the full stack development services have completely changed the scenario prevalent earlier. Whereas for the custom web application development services it depends over the time spent over different phases. The development model used in the SDLC affects the development time. Agile development and DevOps most popular development methods for or approaches today. Each development approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is an estimate of the time according to the different development approaches.

Waterfall software development approach

The waterfall model requires a great amount in planning and at the initial stage. It is straighter forward, and the development work is done in one go. This makes the software prone to bugs and heavy QA testing.

Agile software development approach

The agile software development method takes iterative development sprints. It means quicker development time and fast changes to the glitches found over each iteration.


Develop software development approach

DevOps integrates the development and operation path into a single process making the concept continuous delivery possible. DevOps make the development noticeably quicker and cut down the remediation time for picking the bugs. However, this requires a lot of change for an organization to adopt DevOps.

Wrap up

Software development and website development are two different terms. Both have their stages of development while sharing some similarities. The design and development of the simple website are easier so it takes last time where is the software hundred solving the problem needed to be kept in mind. Many factors influencers the overall time such as the scope of the software, scale, and functionality of the application, integration with the large and small-scale application. The development approaches used take different time for different phases, but if you are clear with your requirements, you can considerably reduce the time.