Ever since mobile applications were identified as a go-to-solution for businesses, every enterprise wants to develop a mobile app to boost its businesses.While developing mobile apps can be fruitful, it requires some upfront costs. So, what is the mobile app development cost in Moscow? The price can differ depending on the app’s complexity, features, and the developer’s location. 

If you want to know about the app’s development cost, this blog will help you. Here, you can understand the range from basic to advanced-feature apps. Look at the factors that influence a mobile application’s cost and maintenance cost. 


What Is The Mobile App Development Cost In Moscow?

If anyone wants to develop an app, the first thing they would have asked is “What is the mobile app development cost”’ the answer is- “it depends”. On average, app development costs range from 7,28,040.00 to 13,65,075.00 rubles.

Look at this table of mobile app development costs based on the app’s complexity!


App’s complexity  Cost Estimation (in Ruble) Time Duration 
Simple App 7,28,040.0013,65,075.00 2 – 3 months 
Medium – Complexity App 13,65,075.00 –  18,20,100.00 4- 5 months 
Advanced-Featured App Up to 22,75,125.00 8 months 


This is an estimate of the mobile app development cost, as the price can vary according to the app and its requirements. For more information about the factors that influence the app’s development cost, you should look at the following points.

1. Cost By Developer Location 

If you want to outsource your mobile application to a mobile app development company or developers in a different nation, the cost will obviously be high. However, having developers from the same region or country can make communication easier and help hire app developers at an affordable rate.


2. Cost By App’s Functionality and Features 

The answer to the question, “What is the mobile app development cost in Moscow?” depends on the app’s features and functionality. A basic informational app will be less costly than a complex e-commerce app with advanced features.


3. Cost By App’s Platform 

iOS and Android app development is somewhat similar. However, the app’s cost will undoubtedly increase if you want to develop applications on both platforms. The cost of creating a cross-platform application can be slightly higher than that of a single-platform application because developers have to consider different UX/UI experiences and testing methodologies.


What Is The Mobile App Maintenance Cost In Moscow?

Once your mobile app has been successfully developed and launched, the process does not end here. It’s crucial to consider the ongoing maintenance and updates required to keep the app running smoothly. Generally speaking, mobile app maintenance cost will comprise 15% -20% of its total cost, even if you are not introducing a new version with adventures. Still, maintenance is necessary to keep the user experience intact.


Why Should You Choose Dev Technosys To Build An App?

By carefully considering the app’s complexity, the platform, and the developer’s location, you can make informed decisions to keep your app’s development cost in check. Whether you hire dedicated developers or an app development company in Moscow, you should carefully consider the options and ensure that your app is developed within your budget and meets all the requirements.


Frequently Asked Question 

1. What Are The Costs Associated With Mobile App Development?

The cost of a basic app ranges from 7,28,040.00 to 13,65,075.00 Rubles. An application of average complexity costs between 13,65,075.00 and 18,20,100.00 Rubles. A rich-featured advanced mobile app costs around  22,75,125.00 Rubles. The final cost depends on various elements, such as the developer’s location, app features, technology stack, etc.


2. How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Mobile App Developer?

If someone wants to hire mobile app developers, the cost will depend on the developers’ skills, talent, and capability to fulfill the app’s requirements. The average price of hiring a mobile app developer is 1,365.08 – 2,275.13 Rubles per hour.


3. How Long Did It Take To Develop A Mobile App?

In Moscow, developing a mobile phone takes an average of 2 – 3 months. Complex applications can require 5 – 8 months; the rest depends on various factors, as different requirements take different time frames.


4. What Is The Most Useful App Monetisation Strategy?

There are numerous ways developers or publishers can monetize their apps. But still, one of the best monetization strategies is offering both paid and free mobile app versions. This monetization strategy will provide a reliable revenue stream.


5. How To Bring Down The Mobile App Development Cost In Moscow?

To reduce the app’s cost, you need to focus on critical features, prioritize functionality, and adapt cost-effective technology. You can also reduce costs by outsourcing to affordable but talented developers and using an agile methodology.