As mobile app development has become a booming industry, businesses in Malaysia are no exception. With this increasing demand for mobile applications, businesses are interested to invest in developing mobile apps to reach and engage their customers. However, the most common question when developing a mobile app is: “What is the mobile app development cost in Malaysia”?

Suppose you want to know more about the cost of developing an app. This blog will give you an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing businesses’ informed decisions and help them budget for app development.


What is the Cost of Mobile App Development in Malaysia?

There is no fixed estimation about the mobile app development cost estimate in Malaysia as the app’s cost varies based on factors such as the app’s feature, level of complexity, the technology stack, developers, and so on.

For an exact estimation, you must define your app’s requirements, consider additional costs, and account for unexpected expenses. If you want to know about the average mobile app development cost in Malaysia, consider the following points:

  • Developing a basic application with essential features, like a calculator and flashlight, will cost anywhere from 38,128.00 – 71,490.00 RM.
  • More sophisticated software, like those for e-commerce, can range between 71,490.00 – 95,320.00 RM
  • High-end applications with more advanced functionality and features can range up to 1,19,150.00 RM


Mobile App Development Elements Estimated Cost (in RM)
Basic App 38,128.00 – 71,490.00
Medium App 71,490.00 – 95,320.00
Complex App 1,19,150.00+
Cross-Platform Development 71,490.00 –  1,19,150.00
UI/UX Design 23,830.00- 38,128.00


This table has categorized the mobile app development cost based on their types. It’s just a general estimation. To understand more, look at the following factors impacting the cost of mobile app development

1.  Mobile App’s Platforms

The choice of platform (iOS and Android) also impacts the mobile app development cost. If you want to develop an app for multiple platforms, it will require additional time, resources, and energy, increasing the overall cost.


2. Hiring of Team

Hiring a team of skilled and experienced developers, project managers, and designers has also significantly impacted the mobile app development cost in Malaysia. Businesses can hire dedicated developers or opt for an app development company. Highly skilled and experienced teams will charge more, whereas less experienced teams will be ready to work at a lower hourly rate.


3. App Design and Functionality

When developing an app, different cost variables should be considered based on the required functionality type. It is deemed affordable to create essential list-based apps independent of server-based services. However, dynamic applications, including operation, may be more costly in terms of both expense and work.


How Much Does It Take To Maintain A Mobile App In Malaysia?

Besides the initial development cost, businesses must consider the mobile app maintenance cost as it requires ongoing maintenance and support. It ensures that your app is functioning well and up-to-date.

Mobile app development costs 15% -20 % of the overall development cost.

For instance, if the app’s development cost is 95,320.00 RM you can expect to spend around 14,298.00 RM per year on its maintenance. You can maintain your app by adding new features, updating the user interface, scheduling system maintenance, and monitoring performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Would Be The Cost Of Developing An App?

Based on app’s complexities, and feature mobile app development cost in Malaysia ranges different, as mentioned below:

  • Cost of a basic app- 38,128.00 – 71,490.00 RM
  • Cost of mid-complexity app- 71,490.00 – 95,320.00 RM
  • Cost of advanced complex app- upto 1,19,150.00 RM


2. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App In Malaysia?

It depends on the app’s complexity, but still, investors should have a rough idea of how much time they can expect the application to be developed in. Usually, it takes around 3 to 8 months to complete the app’s development process.


3. How Much Does It Cost To Hire Mobile App Developers

Generally, the cost of hiring developers depends on their skills and location. Still, the on-average cost to hire mobile app developers range between 71.49  – 119.15 RM per hour.


4. What App Monetization Strategy Should You Choose?

There are various ways through which you can make money with your app.

  • In app advertising
  • Sponsor and partnership
  • Creating strong code
  • In app purchase
  • Free/premium version


5. How to Measure the Success of Mobile Apps?

You can track success of your mobile application through the number of the download or the session time or is it the revenue that you want to generate from your application.