With the significance of mobile applications, it’s no wonder businesses are interested to invest in mobile app development. But how much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Well, like any other region, Singapore has also a huge popularity of mobile app development. In Singapore, creating a mobile application costs differently based on some factors. It also depends on the app’s complexity. You can expect rich-feature applications to be more costly, while straightforward apps will need less development cost.

If you are also looking to develop a mobile application in Singapore, follow this blog demonstrating the cost of development with different functionality and categories. 


What is Mobile App Development Cost In Singapore?

The functions and complexity of an app’s features and the platform it was designed for are just some of the variables that influence the mobile app development cost in Singapore. This section will break down the cost and present an exact cost estimate based on different scenarios to give a clear picture of the app’s development cost in the country.


App Type Cost Estimation
Basic App $8000-$15000
Intermediate App $15000-$20000
Advanced App $25000+


The above-mentioned table of app development costs is just an estimation. If you want to know more about the exact price, consult an app development company to hire mobile developers and get more clarity.

Some Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost in Singapore


1. App Complexity 

A basic app with fundamental functions will be less costly than a mid-complexity application with features like push alerts, social media integration, and GPS functionality. However, advanced apps with large databases, high-tech features, and complicated algorithms demand a more significant cost. 


2. Development Team 

Expertise and experience in the development heavily impact the cost of mobile app development, as senior developers have a proven track record that enables them to charge more. In contrast, less experienced developers are ready to work with a low hourly rate.


3. Platform Choice 

There are two different mobile worlds regarding their platforms- iOS and Android app development. When choosing a platform, it’s crucial to consider each platform’s market share and audience. Both are dominant, but app development costs vary because of differences in their programming language, process, and tools.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App In Singapore?

Elements such as push notifications, payment gateways, and server management are involved in the cost of app maintenance. Furthermore, maintenance costs increase slightly if your mobile application supports multiple operating systems, such as iOS and Android. 

Mobile app maintenance costs 15 to 20% of initial development. Consider the number of daily or monthly active users to make your application more efficient and engaging. 


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Frequently Asked Question 

1. How Much Does It Cost To Create a Mobile App in Singapore?

As the estimation shows, a simple application can cost as little as $8000, while a complex and sophisticated cross-platform application may cost $25000.


2. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Mobile Application In Singapore?

The time it takes to develop an app can vary based on the platforms, complexities, developer expertise, features, and other factors. Basic apps can be developed in 3-6 months, whereas apps with complex features may take nearly eight months. 


3. Which Platform Should I Choose To Create My Application On?

Depending on the target audience and budget, you can select either the Android or iOS platforms or both using a cross-platform development service. 


4. How to Earn From the Mobile App?

There are numerous ways that convert the apps into a steady source for the businesses.  These are in- app advertisements, In-app purchase Sponsorship, paid apps, upselling services and products.


5. How Can the Mobile App Development Cost Be Lowered?

Here’s how to bring down the mobile app development cost in Singapore:

  • Define straightforward app’s goals
  • Develop cross-platform apps
  • Hire dedicated developers
  • User open-source tools
  • Regularly test the app