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“Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is here.” 

Dave Waters

Looking to Build An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney? Uncertain of the next step?

This is the place where your search ends.   

Avatars created by an AI art generator app like Midjourney have become quite popular on social media. In just a few seconds, they aid in the creation of images. The market for generative AI now exceeds $10 billion, and by 2032, it is expected to surpass $118 billion.   

By enabling a seamless fusion of human creativity and machine intelligence, artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed how we make and perceive art.  

Due to this, various businesses are looking to invest in AI art generator app development. If you’re also considering expanding your business and want to develop an AI art generator app like MidJourney, this blog is for you.    

So let’s begin. 


What is MidJourney?

Midjourney AI


MidJourney, an AI art generator application, harnesses artificial intelligence’s power to create unique and stunning artworks. The app combines deep learning algorithms and user input to allow individuals to take part in the creative process. The Midjourney is the best AI image generator app that can be used to generate intricate, personalized artwork based on the themes or styles provided by users. 

The Midjourney mobile app is easy to use for both artists and art lovers. It allows them to explore many different artistic styles and themes. Moreover, it is vital to know that the Midjourney can only be accessible through the Discord app.

So, if you want to build an AI art generator app like Midjorney for iOS devices only, then you must hire iOS app developers who have significant experience in app development.


How an AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney Gained Popularity? 


How an AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney Gained Popularity?


Source: Statista

  • Google searches for the AI-powered text-to-image “Midjourney”, which was launched in July, spiked two times in the 12 months prior. The keyword “Midjourney”, which was launched in July, reached a popularity score of 77 index points on August 7, 2022. It then started to decline.
  • Midjourney, the most popular Discord server, had approximately 9.5 million users as of January 2023.
  • 72% of participants in the midjourney survey said they had never uploaded any photos to the internet.
  • Most (45%) of midjourney ai art generator app users who have shared AI-generated images have done so on Instagram.
  • Midjourney is used by 70% of users for fun.
  • In 2023, a writing tool like Keewee expects revenue to be US$11.22 million.
  • Android Midjourney is more popular than iOS/Apple 
  • Midjourney is used as an art therapy by 83% of users.
  • Direct is the most popular traffic source on Midjourney.com.


How Does An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney Work? 

You might be thinking “How to use Midjourney apps”. Well, as per artificial intelligence development services provider, the app utilizes AI to produce stunning and unique images. Users typically begin by selecting a template or base image to start with. It may be a picture, a drawing, or even a canvas that is empty.

They can then explore the interface to discover different artistic styles, effects, themes, and themes. The AI engine analyzes their input using deep learning algorithms and applies artistic transformations accordingly. Users can choose to transform their image into an anime scene, vintage oil painting, or futuristic digital masterpiece.

Users can adjust settings such as color schemes, and brushstrokes, and add specific details to fine-tune their results. They simply press a button and the app will process input to create a unique work of art.

Midjourney, and other AI apps like midjourney, aim to make art-making accessible and fun for all users. They offer a creative playground that combines technology with artistic expression.


How to Build An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney?


How to Build An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney?

As per android app development company, below is the step-by-step process to build an AI art generator app like Midjourney. By creating this app, you may expect to enhance decision-making inside your current workflow and streamline the client experience. 

Step 1: Define Your Scope

To build an AI digital art creator app, you must first define the scope of your project. It is important to determine what types of digital art will be generated by your app, including 3D models or illustrations. Also, you need to decide what features will be available for users such as customizing art styles and colors.


Step 2: Choose the Right AI Technology

The next step is to pick the best AI application technology. There are several AI libraries and frameworks available, such as PyTorch and Keras. However, it is suggested to take assistance from an AI development company which can help in choosing the right Tech stack for your app. These choices must be weighed and you should choose the one which best suits your app.


Step 3: Create a User-Friendly Interface

The user interface (UI) is where users interact with computers on a device. It can include display screens, a keyboard, a mouse, and a desktop appearance. It’s also how users interact with mobile apps or websites. 

After you’ve chosen your AI technology for AI Art Generator app development, your next step is to create a user-friendly mobile app interface. The interface would have to be simple, clear, and aesthetically appealing. The user can choose what kind of artwork they want to create, adjust different parameters, and then develop the final artwork with just a few taps.


Step 4: Integrate Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms are at the heart of any AI digital art creator mobile app. Machine learning algorithms are at the heart of any AI digital art creator mobile app, and leveraging machine learning outsourcing can be a strategic approach to enhancing these capabilities.


Step 5: Optimize Performance

Next, optimize the performance of your AI art generator midjourney app. This will help your app run smoothly and provide high-quality results. Test your mobile app on multiple platforms and devices. Identify bottlenecks and optimize the code for a smooth user experience.


Step 6: Implement Feedback Mechanisms

After that, you should put feedback systems in place to enhance the precision and caliber of your artwork. The magnitude of any improvements may then be determined. Machine learning algorithms can be improved in order to raise the caliber of the app


Step 7: Launch Your App and Market It

Publish your app once you’ve finished all the steps.  Submit your application to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. In this fierce market, simply launching an app will not suffice. It’s critical to constantly advertise your app on websites, social media, and other venues.

To ensure a seamless procedure, work with the best mobile app development services provider that has the necessary experience. They should have a team of seasoned mobile app developers who are knowledgeable about the newest technology on the market.


Crucial Features of An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney


Crucial Features of An AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney

When building an app like Midjourney you should focus on features that will make your app stand out from the crowd. Midjourney has some of these features while others are exclusive. Some of the features that are a must-have are given below. However, it is vital that you hire dedicated developers who can integrate these into your app.  


1. User Registration

User registration feature allows users to create accounts, personalize settings, and access exclusive features for a more tailored art creation experience. 


2. Artistic Style Transfer

The style transfer feature is an essential one, as it allows users to apply different artistic styles to images. The Midjourney AI app can transform your artwork into Van Gogh-like brushwork, or an anime scene.


3. Customizable Filters

The ability to alter the appearance and experience of an artwork is frequently provided by apps through a broad selection of filters and effects. To achieve the desired result, adjust parameters like brightness, saturation, and contrast.


4. Brush and Texture Options

Users can choose from a variety of brushes and textures in order to add depth and details to their artwork. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to experiment with various textures, such as oil paints or watercolors.


5. Background Manipulation

Many AI art generators let users change or enhance the background. You can create a new background that compliments your subject or replace an ordinary one with a beautiful landscape.


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6. Multi-Input Sources

Many apps accept a variety of input sources including photos, sketches, or blank canvases. The flexibility of the AI app midjourney allows users to start their creative process from different points.


7. Layer Support

For more complex compositions, layering is essential. Users may update certain components thanks to several levels without having to alter the entire composition.


8. Real-Time preview

Users can see their changes in real time as they are being made. This feature allows users to make quick adjustments and experiment with different settings. 


9. Export and sharing

Users can export their artwork in JPEG, PNG or GIF once they are happy with it. Users have the option of sharing their creative works with their loved ones, in art communities, or on social media.


10. Tutorials and guidance

Most AI art generators offer tutorials and step-by-step guides that help users learn how to use their software. This function is very helpful for people who want to develop their artistic abilities.


Why Should Businesses Invest in AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney?

Why Should Businesses Invest in AI Art Generator App

Investing in AI art generator apps like Midjourney Development can provide businesses with cutting-edge AI development solutions, unlocking innovation and efficiency.

1. Unique Branding:

A custom AI art creator app can help businesses stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. It may be leveraged to produce original artwork, logos, and images.

2. Cost Efficiency:

Automating artwork creation can reduce the costs of hiring graphic designers and artists to perform repetitive tasks. This results in long-term savings.

3. Speed and Efficiency:

AI art generators are able to produce high-quality artwork within seconds. This speeds up the creation of content and marketing campaigns. In today’s digital world, agility is key.

4. Consistency:

AI can ensure consistency in branding across marketing materials by maintaining the same quality and style. Employing several designers makes it challenging to do this.

5. Personalization:

AI makes it easier to customize artwork for specific audiences and individual preferences. It can analyze data from users and create personalized content to increase customer engagement and loyalty.


5 Most Popular AI Art Generator Apps


AI Art Generator App

Available Platforms  



Imagine Android | iOS 5M+ 3.9
Genie Android | iOS 1M+ 4.6
AI Arta Android | iOS 1M+ 3.7
Lensa Android | iOS 10M+ 4.1
Photo Director Android | iOS 50M+ 4.4 


1. Imagine




Artificial intelligence is used in this application to generate original, gorgeous digital artwork. The application leverages human input, deep learning, and AI algorithms to generate a range of creative compositions and styles.     


2. Genie


Genie (1)


Genie, an AI-driven Anime Art Generator, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology of an AI in web development which provides users a dynamic platform to effortlessly create customizable anime-style art with character design, facial expressions, backgrounds, and more.  Genie turns your ideas into beautiful anime-style art in just a few clicks.


3. AI Arta




AI Arta is the best AI art generator app that offers a variety of art styles with varying levels of complexity. You can refine your search by entering keywords. Its realistic sketches allow you to explore different art styles even with simple sketches. 


4. Lensa




Lensa is an image editor for portrait selfies. This app offers many different photo editing techniques and filters to help you create a great selfie, eliminate blurred backgrounds, or make any other edits. 365 days a year, you may modify your images using its straightforward tools and camera effects. 


5. PhotoDirector




One of the best AI image generators accessible is Photo Director. You may generate stylish photos with this all-in-one platform and then modify them with sophisticated capabilities. Create avatars for your social media accounts, transform yourself into a cartoon, make your own stickers, and clean up photos using the object removal tool.


Cost to Build An AI Art Generator App

The AI Art Generator App development cost depends on a variety of factors. The cost of developing an app is estimated to be between $8000 and $25000. Here is a table of Midjourney app development costs that showcases different prices for different levels of app complexity. 


App Complexity 

Estimated Cost 

Estimated Time 

Simple App  $8,000-$12,000 2-4 Months 
Moderate App  $14,000-$19,000 5-7 Months 
Complex App  $25,000 or more 9 Months or more 


However, you can determine the cost to build artificial intelligence project like Midjourney using this formula. Cost of App Development = Time Development x Cost per hour for AI developers.

The Cost to Build An AI Art Generator App can vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • App complexity
  • The number of API calls needed
  • Build and deploy the system.
  • UI/UX designs
  • Features and functionalities  

However, it is better to contact a reputable android or iOS app development company to find out the precise Midjourney App development cost for your project. 



Midjourney, an AI-generated app, is a major paradigm shift in the art, design, and innovation industries. While we explore the vast potential of these technologies, we also need to address the ethical issues and challenges that accompany their proliferation. As you have already seen that the future of AI development appears to be bright, so investing in such types of app can be fruitful for your business.  

A cooperative environment between AI and human creativity can unlock untapped creative potential and create a future in which technology will enhance our artistic pursuits. To get the best results, it is best to hire an artificial intelligence development company that you can trust and get your app developed within an affordable budget.   


How Much Does Cost to Build An AI Art Generator App?



1. How Long Does it Take to Build an AI Art Generator App Like Midjourney?

The duration of time needed to construct an AI app will depend on the project’s complexity and the team’s level of competence. Simple AI apps may take only a few days to develop while complex AI apps could take 6 months or years. For Midjourney app development, you need to do thorough research, planning, and testing.   


2. Which AI Art Generator is the Best?

DALL E, Starry AI, and Jasper Arts are the greatest free AI art generators. The premium service Lensa allows you to design an avatar.


3. How Can I Make My AI Art Generator App Stand Out in the Market?

You can differentiate your app by offering unique features, customization options, and a user-friendly interface. Collaboration with artists or providing a platform for users to customize the AI-generated art can also set your app apart.


4. Can I Monetize My AI Art Generator App?

Yes, you can monetize your app through various means, such as selling artwork generated by AI, offering premium features, or using ads or subscriptions. Ensure that you comply with legal and ethical standards when monetizing your app.