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Do you have any idea how much it costs to develop an automotive app?

We have created this blog to let you know what the cost is to develop an automobile app and what the factors are that influence the cost of app development.

The latest advancements in vehicles always grab the attention of users. Now, most of the trending vehicles are launching in connectivity with smartphones. But the limitation is that you can find inexpensive vehicles such as BMW, VOLVO, Mercedes, Tesla Cars, etc.

The good news is very soon; we will see it as a reality in other vehicles. There will be more advanced things yet to come in front of us. The next-generation vehicles will be smarter than their previous versions, and these vehicles will be strongly connected with smartphones.

If you are also looking for automotive mobile app development, then this blog will take you through various aspects of it. Especially here, you will find the idea about how much does it cost for automotive mobile app development?

Before deep-diving into this blog, here are some facts that you need to look at about automotive mobile app development.

  • Compared to 2020(12.5 billion USD), the automotive software market is expected to reach 13.9 billion USD by 2025.
  • In 2021, international car sales reached 66.7m units, where the majority of vehicle brands have their specific automobile app to serve their customers.
  • The globally connected car market is expected to reach 121 billion USD in 2021.

These are some key facts that give some insights into progress in the automotive website development segment.

The Need for Automotive Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now everywhere. Many thought that they would be limited to smartphones. But after a few years, apps have almost integrated themselves into various aspects of our daily lives. Even the automotive industry isn’t unaffected by it, and mobile app development in this industry is witnessing a substantial rise. It has increasingly become a norm in the automotive industry.

Automotive Mobile App Development

For example, whether it is about adjusting the temperature before you enter the car, intelligent temperature control, etc., it has overtaken the simple temperature control system in our vehicles. Over the years, automotive has been among the top industries which have been affected by smartphone devices, and there has been a rise in automotive app development.

Now automobile brands or vehicle manufacturers are focusing on implementing automated systems and other innovations to produce smart vehicle systems, so users must find it interesting.

It is okay that you are looking for an automotive mobile app but have you thought about its benefits of it? Here are some of it that you can also get with the help of a mobile app development company.

1. Improved Efficiency

The whole world is tending towards having smart solutions that start from having a smartphone to a smart home. Due to the shifting demands of end-users, the automobile industry is focusing on smart automotive software development solutions. Including a great user experience, it is also beneficial in terms of operational efficiency. These solutions support supply chain, inventory, and marketing strategies.

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2. Vehicle Monitoring

For the safety of the vehicle and passenger vehicle, monitoring is very crucial. When a vehicle remains connected with a smartphone, it provides real-time updates about how the vehicle performs the status of auto parts that they need to replace or not. Directly it can save the vehicle maintenance cost.

3. Exceptional User Experiences

Automotive mobile apps are such a promising option and provide ease to users so they can use them accordingly. In terms of the automobile sector, mobile apps are working fine. Users can use these apps to book vehicle maintenance & servicing, real-time map navigation, fuel efficiency, engine temperature monitoring, etc. As a business owner, you can leverage this trend.

4. Vehicle Care

Vehicle Care

For preventive maintenance, automobile apps work best. As a business owner, you can develop an automobile app that suggests the users for vehicle diagnosis, alerts about regular maintenance, requests for emergency assistance, and other tasks. Most of these types of apps in the market where major brands like BMW, Mercedes, and others have already launched these types of apps.

5. Driver’s Safety

The automobile apps work fine in terms of the driver’s safety. Most of modern apps provide real-time traffic updates, road conditions, shortest routes, and others. That helps the drivers to safely reach their destination.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App

6. Emergency Response

Earlier it was very difficult to reach for the emergency response now; it is available via the app. Major automobile-related apps now come with the SOS option, and it is smooth to reach help with a single click.

If you are looking for automobile app development, then you can consider all these benefits to provide your customers with a fantastic app. The best way to do this is to hire mobile app developers who have in-depth experience in developing apps for the automobile sector.

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Some Latest Trends That You Need To Focus For Automotive App Development

For creating the best user experience, it is crucial to develop the app based on the latest trends, so here are some of them. The point to be noted is implementing these latest trends influence the cost of automotive mobile app development. But each portion of the money is worth creating a fantastic automobile app.

1. Advanced Connectivity

It is one of the things that most vehicle manufacturers are focusing on these days. It refers to the connectivity with vehicles via an app, wireless music instrument, and WIFI connectivity. While developing the app, you need to take care that you must be compatible to like it.

In addition, you also need to take care of security as these apps remain on the target of cybercriminals. If any glitch happens, they can control the vehicle accordingly. It can be a challenge for automotive mobile app developers to develop and deliver a secure app.

2. Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is one of the hostess trends of the automobile sector. Tesla electric cars are the most famous example of it. Although people are taking an interest in this concept but not available for all to date, only a few people can have access to it. If you are planning to launch your app, then you can include some components of autonomous driving, such as autonomous parking, driving assistance, and more.

3. App Compatible To Telematics

Telematics is an electronic device that sends, collects, and sorts data. It records information like driving behavior, speed of the vehicle, braking pattern, and distance driven between one point to another. These devices are generally used by insurance companies and help in saving the insurance premium. Here you need to develop an app that must be compatible with telematics devices.

4. IoT Enabled Vehicle

Connected vehicle technology is directly related to the concept of IoT. The data exchange takes place with the help of sensors. It can sense the vehicle speed, engine performance, and other vehicle activities. The future will be of IoT apps, and there is ample scope in the automobile industry for these apps. With IoT, the cost of automotive app development will be more, but it will deliver extraordinary results.

5. Internet Connectivity

Now, most ultra-modern vehicles come with internet connectivity. It helps in accessing clouds for navigation or for finding an optimized route that can help in reaching the destination in the meantime.

The above are some key trends that you can consider while developing the app for your automobile business. It would be best to take the help of an experienced mobile app development company.

Cost of Automotive Mobile App development

Developing an automotive app comes with its restrictions. It is highly dependent on the use of the platform by the customers and companies. The development cost is driven by the platform used, the features included in the app, the UX/UI of the app as well as testing.

All these features have their own development cost.


On average, it takes nearly 800 to 1000 operational hours to develop an automotive app. Various features and embedding the technologies like the Internet of Things drive up the cost. The average cost of mobile app development is $20 to $100 per hour. This puts the total development cost at around $25,000 to $40,000 for an automotive app with basic features. If you need an advanced version that the cost of automotive mobile app development will be more.

The following section of this blog is dedicated to the factors that affect the automotive app development cost.

Factors Affecting Automotive Mobile App development Cost

The automotive mobile app is such a fantastic mobile application that promises several features to business owners and its users. However, some factors affect the cost of an automotive mobile application.

1. Types of App

Types of mobile apps are one of the biggest factors that affect the mobile app development cost. These apps remain different from each other in terms of features and functionalities. These apps can be eCommerce apps, vehicle maintenance apps, map & navigation apps, or others.

What kind of app do you need? You have to spend the money accordingly. Suppose if you need an app with advanced functionality such as AR/VR, IoT, or API integration, then the cost of an automotive app will be more.

2. Platform

What platform you have chosen influences the cost to develop a mobile app. For example, iOS or iPhone apps remain costlier than Android mobile apps.

3. App Complexity

The next thing that significantly affects the cost of an automotive app is its complexity. The level of apps is just like basic apps, moderate apps, and complex apps. The complexity is like more functionalities & features means more complexity. So, the cost increases with the level of complexity.

4. UX/UI Components

UX/UI components & designing become more important when it comes to providing something attractive to the users. There is some cost associated with implementing the best design, but it results in creating the best user experience.

5. Team of Mobile App Developers

The team of mobile app developers affects the cost of automotive app development as their hiring cost is involved in the overall app development cost. The cost will be more if there is the involvement of more experts.

In simple terms, you can understand it as app complexity, and the team of app developers is proportional to each other, so the cost is to them both. It involves the team members like business analysts, UX/UI designers, developers, quality analysts, project managers, and others.

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6. Third-Party Integration

Most of modern apps come with integrated third-party APIs. The API integration improves the functionality of apps. These are the pre-built software that can be added to the app as per requirements like payment gateway, SMS API, push notifications, and more. It contributes to the overall cost of automotive mobile app development.

7. Backend Infrastructure

For the robustness of an app, a strong backend infrastructure is required. It includes database, application monitoring, app maintenance, networking, data collection from sensors, and more.

8. Tech Stack

cost automotive mobile app development

Developing the app tech stack plays a crucial role, including app development skills. It includes the framework, frontend development tool, backend development tool, database, and others. The cost of using a tech stack influences the cost of automotive app development.

The Final Words

The automotive industry is one of the huge industries, and it is advancing rapidly. The vehicle owners demand innovative solutions, and manufacturers need to implement these. For this objective mobile app works as a great tool. If you are an automotive business owner, then launching an automotive app is the best idea to serve the customers best.

This blog can help you to estimate the cost of an automotive mobile app development that you can consult with the automobile app development company for your next project.