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When it comes to web development, choosing the right technology stack can be difficult. It is possible to find a programming language or framework that was perfect for your projects in the past, but the final choice should be based on the current requirements. Companies must do extensive research before making a final decision due to the large number of technologies that are available.

Web development with several popular programming languages has the main purpose of providing web applications that are more user-friendly, flexible, and scalable. A growing trend is to develop advanced web applications that enhance user experience, and engagement, and speed up app development.

Market requirements are changing rapidly, so the right technology stack can make a huge difference in enterprise application development. Datanyze’s research shows that PHP and ASP.NET account for more than 60% of the market, making them the most preferred programming languages among web developers.

Both are used in a variety of projects. It raises the question PHP Vs ASP.NET – which technology is best for your next web development project? Here’s a comparison guide that will help you choose the right technology for your next app development project. Before we get into the comparison, let’s first learn about the ASP.NET framework and PHP frameworks.

What is ASP.NET?


What is ASP.NET


ASP.NET development does not use PHP programming language. It’s a C#-based framework that opens up great possibilities for web development. ASP.NET’s development services include many libraries and tools that make it ideal for creating mobile apps. This includes dynamic web pages and microservices as well as REST APIs.

ASP.NET, however, is a paid platform that Microsoft provides for web development. This is in contrast to PHP development, which is open-source and free. The way code is executed is one of the major differences between PHP Vs ASP.NET. the PHP interprets code, which must be executed on the computer. ASP.NET code is compiled to make it faster and easier.

ASP.NET supports all authentication protocols and provides complete system security. Microsoft’s technology continues to improve, and its community is growing each year, even though they have not yet reached the size of PHP.

Pros of ASP.NET

  1. It’s easy to use: This is the main reason ASP.NET has become so popular. Even those with little programming knowledge can design and create web applications. Developers save a tonne of time by using it because it is simple to use.
  2. NET Framework is robust and scalable. This is why a web app development company is using ASP.NET to develop their applications. Your business application will be able to grow with the company.
  3. NET delivers great performance. This advanced tool optimizes the code for better performance.

Cons of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is not without its flaws. There are a few issues with ASP.NET, such as a lack in documentation and basic features, as well as a lack of support tools. It’s time to learn basic information about PHP before we move on to the last section and compare PHP Vs ASP.NET.


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What is PHP?


What is PHP


PHP was originally designed for web development. Therefore, it is obvious that PHP is the first language people think of when they plan to work on a web project. PHP development services include many open-source extensions, libraries, and tools that make it easy to build web products.

PHP is used to create many popular websites such as YouTube, WordPress, and Facebook. It is compatible with many servers and can be used for many web applications. Customers are drawn to the low cost and quicker development process, as there are many ready-made tools available in the community.

A sizable group of PHP developers from all over the globe are continuously improving and expanding PHP. PHP’s open-source nature has allowed it to gain significant market share. Many web developers begin their careers using PHP. This technology is not always the best choice, especially if the web development project must be scalable.

Pros of PHP

  1. There is a large selection of developers. The popularity of PHP development services has led to a huge developer community. A large developer pool results in lower salaries and lower development costs. The language is easy to understand and implement.
  2. Amazing documentation: Another reason PHP development services are so popular is their availability of manuals, tutorials and other reference materials that make learning simple. This makes learning a lot easier, which further increases its popularity.
  3. Excellent compatibility to HTML: PHP is a great technology that can be used with HTML. This allows for a strong synergy between both technologies. PHP script doesn’t interfere with HTML code, but rather completes it.
  4. Rapid development: The quick growth of PHP is one of its greatest benefits. Because of PHP, any Full Stack Development Company that completes multiple outputs in a single day can meet the market demand for a quicker app development process. The architecture guarantees the application’s security in addition to being quick.

PHP’s cons

  1. There are some drawbacks to PHP development services that we can’t ignore. PHP’s disadvantages include slower execution, slow mastery, and inability to solve particular problems.
  2. Hopefully, now you are familiar with all the pros and cons associated with ASP.NET and PHP. Now it is time for information about the comparison of PHP Vs ASP.NET

What is the Difference Between PHP and ASP.NET?

Both ASP.NET and PHP-Framework can be used well, with very few drawbacks. These questions were based on our experience with both frameworks in professional learning.

This review will help anyone learn how to create software for Windows 10. PHP is an open-source platform that has many benefits and few drawbacks.

For the best results, we’ll compare both. What is the difference between PHP Vs ASP.NET?

ASP.net products are derived from Microsoft’s Active Server Page. They are supported by dot Net-based software that aids in Web-based application development.

Rasmus Lordarf wrote PHP, a server scripting language. It can be expanded by the Hypertext Preprocessor name and used in a web application development project.

The software can be purchased as licensed software by small to large enterprises. PHP is open-source and freeware. It can be used only for small and medium-sized web applications.

Difference Between PHP and ASP.NET

1. PHP Vs ASP.NET: Speed and Performance

People have many misconceptions about speed and performance websites. The language in which site code is written determines how fast it runs. The difference in performance between ASP.NET websites and PHP websites is very small.

You can use web applications to access database servers, send data to the web server, and finally to the browser. The software code language communicates only with web servers and databases to produce the desired results in the above scenario.


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  • Speed

PHP’s performance and operation capabilities are unmatched by any other program. PHP doesn’t consume too much system resources to make PHP work faster. Hosting PHP is easy.

Hosting PHP is simple and there are many hosting options. PHP will not slow down other programs, so you can use it with PHP. PHP will not slow down other programs and keep them running at their desired speed.


  • Performance

What is the performance of web applications? This is usually dependent on the interaction level between the script and the server. The LAMP format is used to implement PHP web applications. It uses Linux, Apache MySQL, PHP, and MySQL.

LAMP stack provides greater performance and everything you need to create a successful web design project. ASP.NET uses Microsoft SQL Server databases. This has a significant impact on server performance.

2. PHP Vs ASP.NET:Scalability

ASPNET is capable of handling many web applications, primarily PHP. It’s one of the flexible programming languages that allows for great flexibility. It is not just the language you choose, but also the developer’s talent.

You need to assess your business situation. PHP is more user-friendly and reliable than ASP.NET. However, you can hire dedicated PHP developers if you want to build a robust website.

PHP, the most flexible web framework for ASP vs PHP. The language you choose will matter more than the development language.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in developing with Drupal, PHP is a better choice than ASP.NET. You must choose the best developer for your website or mobile app. ASP.NET’s incredibly scalable UI makes it easy to find the right developer. PHP is very scalable.

3. PHP Vs ASP.NET: Flexibility and freedom

Developers want flexibility when working on ASP.Net core development. It is not as flexible as PHP.

PHP is open-source, which means that you can easily code with text editors such as emacs and notepad++. You will need to have more options if PHP is used with other operating systems. You can run PHP in this mode.

4. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Tools and editors

While PHP developers enjoy using text editors like Vim and Notepad++, there are many excellent free tools like Eclipse. ASP.NET offers a wide range of software programs. However, they can be expensive. It supports Microsoft Visual Studio.

ASP.NET’s flexibility allows for easy development and provides features that are useful to the user. C# is more difficult to learn than PHP.

5. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Market share

The two main differences between ASP.NET & PHP are their usage and market sizes. Here are some examples that PHP has a larger user base than ASP.NET. The PHP website was ranked among the Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites and Top 1M Websites.

PHP has received more praise than ASP.NET. W3Techs found that PHP drives 78.1% of websites, while ASP.NET drives 7.9%. A recent survey found that ASP.NET supports around 1.113,095 websites, while ASP.NET supports 5.83,841.

When we talk about the web, 833% have PHP sites, while 2733% use ASP.NET. ASP.NET as a whole has struggled, primarily when we see this result. It is then possible to use PHP.

6. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Security

Another difference between ASP.NET & PHP is the security option. Both platforms offer security functions for developers, but the software offers specialized security features such as SQL injection.

This means you’ll have to do the work so PHP can provide the tool. ASP.NET security was a great choice if I were to choose ASP.NET. PHP developers are able to secure their apps. Consequently, vulnerable apps are created by most PHP developers.

7. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Community Support

Are PHP users free? This is not a small community. ASP.net is a community of highly motivated developers who support their local community, even though it has fewer members than PHP.

The PHP community is often able to offer solutions to PHP web app problems. In terms of developer support, ASP.NET is preferred over PHP. What is Node.js and how can it work on the server/python side?

PHP is open-source and has a much larger developer pool than Windows ASP.NET. Both are active communities that regularly post in forums. If someone needs a quick solution, they can both be reached out to.

ASP.net, an open-source programming platform, is only supported by ASP.NET.com. It is still in its infancy and does not have a large user base. PHP is a widely-used programming language that can be used on many platforms. Some developers are able to work quickly and offer assistance when required.


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8. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Database Support

PHP, as discussed in many areas of this blog, supports all platforms and processes. It can be integer-able and scalable and it supports MySQL databases. WordPress is an example. PHP coding and MySQL are quick solutions for enhancing the CMS. This is how many of our favorite bloggers manage thousands upon thousands of websites each day.

Wikipedia is another example of PHP. PHP is a free/free coding platform whose developer base has been much larger than Microsoft ASP.NET (Windows based). Both languages have strong communities that post regularly on the internet to ensure you always find an answer. ASP.NET is a community of dedicated developers but it has a lot less members.

9. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Popularity

Built With reports that PHP is becoming more popular as a programming language. Statistics showed that PHP had 67% of the market share, while ASP.NET had less than half, with a share at 30%.

This figure is slightly higher than 40%. ASP.NET holds 8.3% and PHP has a dominating market share of 79%. ASP.NET is ahead of PHP in terms of claims. PHP is still very popular with developers, but it has lost its popularity.

10. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Fixing Problems

We discussed PHP’s ability to provide support for users earlier. This is why so many users prefer PHP vs ASP.NET. PHP is able to fix many problems, which is a great property. You will face problems every time you create a website.

Can a project be solved if it’s not done properly? You have a lot of choices to check out what is wrong with PHP.

11. PHP Vs ASP.NET : Cost comparison

PHP Vs ASP.NET has a unique cost aspect. It is a free and open-source project. ASP.NET is owned by Microsoft and offers free hosting.

These costs should not be so high that you cannot outsource PHP web development services if your project has been implemented. The NET development service is only compatible with Windows systems. Mono is required to access ASP.NET if you are using Linux.

Advantages of Using ASP.NET Instead of PHP

All of the above comparisons point to PHP being superior to ASP.NET. This may be unfair for those looking to find reasons to choose ASP.NET instead of PHP. What is the purpose of ASP.NET?

  • NET allows you to choose from many languages, such as C# and Visual Basic.NET. C++ is also available.
  • NET offers SQL security features that automatically apply to applications. It also has unlimited data storage. See: MongoDB or MySQL: Which Database Is Better for Your Business?
  • NET allows you to access multiple.NET libraries, which is not possible with PHP development.
  • NET allows threading, which allows multiple codes running at once.
  • Because there are fewer ASP.NET developers in the market, ASP.NET developers get paid more than other PHP developers.


It’s time for us to make a decision about which of the two PHP Vs ASP.NET frameworks is best. Both frameworks do a great job and developers can choose which one suits their needs.

PHP has been a strong framework in many cases, but it also has some weaknesses that can impact the development process. A separate section was created to highlight the benefits of ASP.NET development. It included strong points for developers.

PHP is an open-source framework that has a large community. ASP.NET, on the other hand, has the backing of Microsoft so it will likely have greater scope. If you are still unable to decide, an ASP.Net development company can assist you.


What is the cost of building a website with PHP vs ASP.NET?

The cost to build a website using PHP vs ASP.NET will vary depending on many factors, such as website complexity, design, features and hourly rates of the developer. A website built with PHP will cost around $15000-25000, while a website made with ASP.NET will run you between $25000 and $50000.

What is the average time it takes to create a website using PHP?

It depends on the complexity of your website, developer’s experience and available resources. A simple website may take only a few days or a week to build, while a complex one could take up to 6 months. However, it would be better to consult a software development company who can develop a website with PHP in minimum time.

Is PHP more better than C#?

As they are both designed for different purposes, it is not fair to claim that PHP is superior to C#. PHP is a popular web-development language that uses server-side scripting languages, while C# is primarily used to build Windows desktop applications and games.

When is it appropriate to choose ASP.NET or PHP?

If you develop on Windows and need integration with Microsoft technologies, ASP.NET is the right choice. If you require a language that is widely supported and has cross-platform compatibility, PHP is the best choice. When choosing a framework, consider your project requirements and the expertise of your development team.