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Google is the one that developed the Android operating system. They made the lives of people easy and smartphones affordable for all types of people in the world. Android has captured more than 60% of the world’s smartphone companies. There have been various operating systems like Symbian, Windows, Blackberry OS, and the biggest competitor of Android, iOS.

Symbian is already out of the market because it didn’t keep up with the changing technology and the same thing happened with Blackberry OS. Still, there are Windows and iOS smartphones that are sharing the smartphone market with Android. Widows are used by very few people but iOS has a decent number of uses in the world. People often compare iOS and Android on various bases. There are many things in which iOS is better than Android.

Features Clones From Apple’s iOS By Google

Most operating system experts say that android has taken a lot of its features from iOS. In fact, in the last update to Android 10, there were some features that looked like clones of some iOS features. This is nothing new, it has happened a lot and sometimes Android made better use of the same features. The iOS app development team at Apple might develop a feature that has never been seen before but Android will always make a better and more efficient version of it. This is an article that will take people through all the features that Google’s Android has cloned/copied from Apple’s iOS:


Location Access Only When The App Is Running

This is something that was available in iPhones before Android and now Google has launched this feature with Android 10 – this is something that will improve the privacy of the users. Earlier android users had to either keep sharing their location to the apps all the time even when they were running it in the background or turn it off altogether. Turning it off meant that there will be some applications that they would not be able to run and hence they took inspiration from iOS.

Android mobile app development teams decided to let the applications use the location only when they were in use and when they are in the background the users can choose not to share their location. There will now be three options for the users and they will be able to decide if they want to share their locations always or they want to share their location only when the application is in use or they don’t want to share their location at all. This will prevent the applications from tracking the location even when the users are not using them. This will also save the battery in a way and provide the user with better options to control how the applications can access their location. This can be customized for all applications differently. This is one of the biggest feature updates that Android has cloned from iOS.

Navigation Through Gestures

This is one feature that Google tried to launch with Android Pie but that attempt was a big failure. The feature was not properly developed and was just a desperate attempt to stay in the trend just because Apple did it. Now, with Android 10 they have again launched it, and this time it is just like how the people using iPhones know it, it is nearly perfect. Users can navigate through applications with their gestures. This feature is cool and also makes android devices more efficient in terms of navigation. This will make it easy for people and it will soon become popular. There are many android devices that have tried doing this on their own but they were not as good as the original feature so finally Google took the job in its own hands and did what they do best. They have always taken inspiration from iOS features and made their own ones better than them but this time it is more on a similar level and looks like they just wanted to have that feature.

There is nothing wrong with that because they just want to provide quality to their consumers and they do it, no matter if they have to clone because they do it well; there is nothing that their users have a problem with. Apple might pay attention to features in iPhone app development but it looks like Android just does that in a better way than them. Even though Apple provides great security and always releases the features earlier than Android their market share is still not getting as strong as it should be.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing

This is one feature that is not actually cloned but inspired by iOS. There is a feature in iOS that allows people to share their Wi-Fi connection without sharing the password to the people they trust. This maintains the security and also makes it more efficient and fast. Android has done something similar, though this doesn’t work in the same way.

The users can use a QR code to share their password and this is something that will save them from the hassle of telling their password to their friends again and again. This is a great feature that can help people whenever they have many people gather at their place. This is good for parties or family online gaming and many other things. The main benefit of this is again the security that this feature provides by not actually sharing the password in readable forms. It just shares the password in a way so that the other device can read it and can connect to the device and access the internet connection; this is a fast and very innovative way of sharing the Wi-Fi connection and its password.


This is one of those features that mostly all people can understand that it was cloned from iOS. Earlier android emojis were totally different from those of iOS and they looked somewhat like the android logo. Everything has changed now, most of the smileys and other emojis in android are just like the iPhone emojis. Though there are some emojis that are still exclusively with iOS no one knows when they will also be under the android emoji section. This is one of the biggest feature clones but here again, there are some emojis that android made better and also they look inspired to create other similar emojis that are frequently used by their users worldwide.




Google did this because their old set of emojis was not as popular with their users and that is why they gave them what they wanted, the round emojis that look better and that emote better. There are various emojis on Android that look exactly like iOS emojis but now no one cares and they are being used without any problem. Apple wants to hire iOS developers so that they can develop great new features. Looks like Google hires people who can keep an eye so that they can take all the best features that are created by any company in the market and make the best version of it. Though, iOS emojis are better than Android emojis.

Do Not Disturb

This is one feature that was again, we can say, inspired by clones from iOS. It has been some time since Google took these features and now it is being used just like any normal feature on their smartphones but when it was launched there were a lot of artists who raised a concern that Google has cloned a feature from iOS. Actually, this is a feature that improves privacy and helps them to control their device as per their choice. This mode helps people to avoid all communication-related things on their smartphones without switching them off or switching on the airplane mode. They can still use the internet and the phone can be easily switched off in this mode.

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This is something that was sensible, even if Google cloned this it was a step that their users will appreciate. They have more than 60% worldwide market share, there are many companies that manufacture smartphones based on their operating system and that is why it is not acceptable that they do not have a feature that can help people use their phone without any disturbance. This is one of the most important features for the people who have to attend a meeting or have to do things that require a lot of attention and focus. A mobile app development company that produces applications for android also keeps this feature in mind now while developing an application for these smartphones so that they can run even when this mode is on, giving the users the ease of accessibility.

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition feature that is used in many smartphones to enhance the security was also developed firstly by Apple which then Google took it in their operating system as well. There is no trend that they have left out. They might not be the ones to start most of the trends but they have never been behind in following trends. They have been better than all others even though they started late. The reason is the quality of developers that they have. It is not easy to develop features for the Android operating system. Android mobile application development and feature development are tough because of the number of devices on which the software and the feature have to run.

Also, they have to be optimized for all so that no user faces any type of problem. Because of this reason they have to hire developers that are highly skilled and qualified. There is a great team at Apple too. Apple does want to hire iOS developers who are also highly skilled and they are also doing that, but they do not have to optimize their software for multiple devices and hence the work of their developers becomes a bit easier. Because of this, the pay scale is low and there are some employees who are not as good as the others.


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Fast Sharing

Apple has AirDrop, so how in the world can android stay behind and not have a fast file-sharing system? Android is developing a feature as an answer to AirDrop and it is expected that it will be named “Fast Share” and they will launch it with Android 11. This is something that people had been waiting a long time for. Google never wants to be behind in the race with Apple and that is why they might take some time to launch their rival feature or software but they do it in the best possible way and this time too it is expected that they are going to do the same yet again with ‘Fast Share’.

iOS app development and Android app development are two things that will always stay in competition no matter what. Even though iOS has a small share, they still have the consumers that have the power of money. All products having iOS are expensive and hence they have maintained their status that way. This is something that will keep them alive in the market and they always take care of their customers and that is what is needed.

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App Store Features

Android users know that they were not asked if a user wants to use some application for a purpose “Just once” or “Always”. This is something that was not available in the Android operating system earlier but now it is. This is something that has again been taken from iOS and that is one of the features that have improved the ease of control on the applications.

The users had to go all the way to the security to remove or change default apps for various tasks. The iPhone app development and Android app development both have the same types of features now and that is in favor of their customers. Even though most people say that android copied iOS this is part of the game that they are playing.



The market of Android is huge and hence it never misses an opportunity to make their operating system weak. They are the leaders and they don’t care even if there are so many people calling them out for cloning Apple iOS features. After all, they are making the existing features available in a better way possible.