Google, the world’s best-renowned search engine has displayed its different colors with different platforms. Yes, right from your single ‘search’ to the ‘en-route map’ you can have it all by a single click. As in the world of social media, there are numbers of mobile application development company which offers applications for almost every sector of connectivity.

Google has a vast reach in the worldwide parameters and from the beginning, it had presented wonderful products to the floor of social networking. Google here is once again all set with his peculiar project to put his feet in this ‘shoe’ of social media. Google has introduced his ever best application called ‘shoelace’ in the arena of social networking to set his pioneer in the community.

‘Shoelace’ Application

Google ‘s incubator project Area-120 has worked on this application which is aimed at organizing local events and activities as per the choice of the user. It can be the best-launched application in 2019 which was built under Google in the social media world. In this app, by listing your interests you can have a series of recommendations in front of you that is called ‘loops’.

Shoelace is in an invite-only testing phase and available in New York City in its initial launch with hoping to get expand soon. Android and iPhone app developers integrated settings and synchronized various sets to deliver better output for the app.

This app has its unique feature which probably comes out like wonder in the worldwide-

1) you can organize your event by inviting other loops of your interest and also it has a map interface to get information regarding RSVP to the users.

2) Folks who are looking for people to connect in an unknown place can easily connect with people nearby.

3) The mission of this new technology is to facilitate a real-world connection in the world of ‘Skype’. It has its unique features that help to tie ‘laces’ to run towards the people.

4) With this new attempt, Google now wants to connect people not from the screen but with the meet-ups. The premise of the shoelace is like two laces on the shoe which do activities by tying each other.

5) It is going to encourage people to get out of their phones and have social gathering face to face. It is concerning the minimal use of smartphones which come as a negative effect on the mental as well as physical health.

Better Version

1) Google launched his ‘Shoelace’ just after a month of his shut down from Google+.

2) Google has also closed his doors from his almost failed attempts in social networking app like Orkut, Google Buzz, Google wave, Allo by their deceiving performance.

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3) If you have an idea of the app ‘Schemer’ which was launched in 2011 by Google itself was also an event organizing app. Schemer had some basic features that didn’t satisfy users and unable to reach people’s hearts. That was also a good attempt to overlook events nearby but unfortunately, that was shut down just after three years in 2014 by Google .

4) Now, you can see that ‘shoelace’ can be the best version of ‘Schemer’ with new experiments and the addition of new features into it which makes shoelace a better application for the current requirement.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are always a very serious concern in any application or a product. If there is any risk in this sector no app or product will survive in the market. Such concerns are:

  • In ‘shoelace’ after installing is done you can just join a community which you are interested in. This requires verification code to your mobile number or from your active Gmail account.
  • You will have to attend ‘loops’ to ensure your interest in people you might want to know.
  • Everything you see in Shoelace is aligned with house rules and community standards you belong to.
  • If something is still missing, you can report to a loop or profile which will work hard to fix the situation.

App Development

The on-demand applications have seen tremendous growth in terms of users and service providers. App developers like iOS and Android both have put their efforts to make it possible out there and it contains newly launched versions to run smoothly. It just needs your active Google account to sign in and it supports both Android devices (v.8.0 or newer) and iOS(v11.0) or newer.

1) Most of the mobile application development companies always look to hire app developers to enhance the best version of the applications. By hiring these developers companies quite easily can get gems in those developers which takes them to the new heights.

2) App developers design such commendable applications with which you can have it all at your hand with ease. With this application of Google is trying to have a test on how addicted you are with your phones and social media. It is taking as a healthy step taken by Google to aware people of what they are losing by active on social media 24×7.

Hire dedicated developer

3) App developers have different approaches towards apps, so it becomes important for one to manage them proactively which can help them with higher productivity and efficiency. Your events and connections around you will always be intuitive to check with the recommendations so that you can get assured and enjoyable gathering to some extent.

Wrapping Up

After shut down of Google+, Shoelace app seems to be another social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this app, now people can create their activities and also they can invite friends, collogues, and kin to join the activity loop. However, this application is helpful to the people who recently have moved to a new town but Shoelace is a real friend that makes easy to connect with new people in a new city. In this term Both iOS and android app development services have given their best version to make it worthy and wonderful. Consequently, this app is wonderful and hopes you will come with a great experience soon with ‘Shoelace’.