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The CEO of the company Sundar Pichai and other executives of Google will conduct the annual conference of 2019 from May 7th to May 9th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre which is located in Mountain View of California. The conference is held to discuss and announce the various updates and features of the existing products of the company.

It is heard that Google will announce the launch of the two new smartphones of Pixel during the conference.

As per the mobile development solutions, a lot of improvements are made with the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the applications made by Google. Many assumptions are made on the gadgets and the applications that might take some time on stage and brief discussion sessions.

According to the mobile app development company, even though, there are various gadgets and applications introduced by Google each year, only a few are predicted to bring up discussions with new updates in the conference.

The people can buy tickets to visit the conference in California or they can wait for the video to be released later. Although there is no word out about the topic of discussion, some of the assumptions are made on the topics.


Android Q

Things to expect in the Google I/O 2019

1. Android Q

Android Q is the new version of the Google operating system. Google is likely to introduce the next version of Android Q. the first and second developer previews of the operating system are already released.

The public betas are now released for the public during the Google I/O conferences. The first betas that were released early by Google have already given the public an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the new version.

As per the iPhone app development company, some of the features that Android Q is likely to support are smoothness off sharing tools, supporting different color accents, adjustment of notification clearing, share Wi-Fi through QR codes, adds a secret mode in desktop, a native recorder of the screen, increase in the features of microphone and volume functions, and many more. The other features will be released and known on Tuesday.


Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL


2. Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL

Companies hire app developers that say that the word has been spread that Google is likely to release two Pixel smartphones at the Google I/O 2019. These were leaked weeks before and now it is confirmed that the Pixel smartphones are arriving with a cost-effective measure.

A prediction is been made on Pixel 3A with its price range to start with $399. The Pixel 3A XL with a six-inch screen is likely to be $479.

At a very low range, the Pixel phones offer amazing camera performance at a very low cost. Google has made various other cost cuttings like the use of low power processors, the glass build has been transformed to a plastic one, and removing the wireless charging features.

However, the good news is that even with the cost cuttings, the headphone jack is back again. This can be a massive hit in the midyear with huge cost-cutting.


google nest hub max

3. Nest Hub Max

Google’s Home Hub smart display is taking a huge take on the Nest brand. This was revealed by Google some time ago.

The two main features of Nest Hub Max are a ten-inch screen and stereo speakers. The platform that is used for its function is the same as that of Google Assistant. The platform provides a visual interface to the device that can be operated from anywhere in the home.

The cost of the home hub is unknown and is not pretty predictable. As per the hire app developers since it’s a Nest product, the hub max is likely to adopt security features, unlike the other versions that have no camera facility. Therefore, people can benefit from both the smart display and camera in one.


Google stadia

4. Google Stadia

The gaming service of Google, stadia is the new topic of the town. The subscription costs and other factors are about to be discussed in Google I/O 2019.

According to the mobile development solutions, Google stadia are basically real-time play game streaming live on a phone, computer, or other gadgets. The official announcement of launch of Google Stadia was announced in March at the GDC gaming conference.

Google I/O schedule shows the mention of Stadia and therefore it is predicted to be an office of interest. Stadia are both for the novice and the professional gamers.

The best feature about Stadia is that it can jump from one device to another in no time. This feature is highly beneficial for the players as they can literally carry their game anywhere. It has its own gaming console.


Google Assistance

5. New lens tricks and Google assistant

Every year, Google makes innovations in the best feature of Artificial intelligence, Google assistants. It gives the public all the new reasons to consider it smarter than Amazon’s Alexa. The Google lens is improvising every day by transforming into a powerful visualization tool.


Google photos improvements

6. Improvements in Google photos

The picture is a great deal for anyone with a smartphone today. Other than the RAM and ROM of a device, the camera is the third important thing that a person looks at in a device before buying it. The new features will be released this year to make it the best de facto photo application better than the iPhone app development company.

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7. Other product updates

Chrome, Chrome OS, Duplex are expected to be among the topic of discussion at the Google I/O 2019. Google usually uses these conferences to announce new features and updates of the products. One of the powerful features is the restaurant reservation feature that is recently added by Google in its Google assistants. The Linux apps and the Chrome OS are expected to be updated in the conference and develop security options.

CTA Strip


The Google I/O 2019 is a conference that is held every year in different parts of the world. The CEO Sundar Pichai and the other board members of Google, gather to discuss the future agendas of the company.

This platform is also used by the company to announce and discuss important upgrades and projects that the company might launch.

This year, the conference will be conducted in the city of Mountain View in California on May 7th. According to the mobile app development company, there is no certainty of the topics that might be discussed at the conference. However, some predictions are being made on the basis of the rumors and the released schedule.