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Have you used any healthcare apps? Or have you seen anybody using healthcare apps?

If you ask this question from the others, then in the majority, you will get the answer- Yes. You will be more surprised to know that 53,054 healthcare apps are available, and it has been recorded till the first quarter of the year 2021. It is a fast progressing trend and the picture will be big in the current year.

Now healthcare businesses are focusing on finding the best way to hire healthcare app developers in 2022 to meet the objectives that they have set to cater to the worldwide demand for innovative healthcare app solutions. Following this trend, the major technology players are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Hybrid App Development.

The healthcare sector is transformed now; there is the full involvement of technology, yet many changes are upcoming. Due to the evolution of technology, devices, and network connectivity, healthcare management appeared as one of the emerging sectors. From hospitals to the local clinic, all are leveraging the technology. Healthcare application development is trending and has lots of hidden potentials.

healthcare app developer statistics

If you are looking to develop your next healthcare app, this blog can work as a great help to get insight into how you can Top healthcare developers to have a professional and distinct healthcare app. Before deep-diving into this blog, check out some significant vital stats.

  • The projected global mobile health market is $189 billion by 2025.
  • 84% of apps are free and come without in-app purchase functionality among total applications.
  • Especially wearable technology is trending within the healthcare sector.
  • Till 2026 global wearable healthcare market is expected to touch $30.1 billion
  • More than 80% of doctors are using mobile healthcare devices.

You can also find more statistics about it as several sources exist. When you closely look at it, all commonly admit that the healthcare sector is booming, and businesses are leveraging this trend. You can also grow your business, and the best way is to hire healthcare app developers to launch fantastic mobile healthcare applications.

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Need of Hiring Healthcare App Developers

Modern healthcare solutions are improving the life & health quality of the major population. Still, there is a need for innovative healthcare solutions that can cater to the requirements of the significant population.

Now, in place of waiting for a long hour in the queue for an appointment within fractions of seconds, you can get a medical consultation from the experts. You can order the medicines within seconds by uploading the prescription on the online medicine delivery app.

Technology is also responsible related to the growth of this sector. Now there is a huge involvement of the technologies like AI-ML, Blockchain, Big Data, IoT, and surgical robotics.

From the business point of view, it holds the hidden potential that can be unlocked; the only thing an individual needs to do is find the solutions via accessing the right path, such as healthcare mobile app development by hiring talented healthcare app developers.

Some of the key advantages are –

  • Minimized human errors
  • Improved medical treatment
  • Minimal operational cost
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Fine healthcare data management
  • Flawless maintenance of medical equipment

The Solutions You Can Focus On For Healthcare App Development

The healthcare sector is most demanding, and there are several solutions that you can focus on for business and cater to the demand of global users. These solutions cover the demand of the hospital chain to the individual clinic. You should note that these solutions must remain compatible according to HIPPA Compliance. So, let’s go through the demanding healthcare software development solutions you can consider for development.

1. Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine stands for having consultation from medical professionals or doctors via audio and video call. During Covid-19, most users moved to the telemedicine solutions as it was tough to go outside with the fear of infection and unavailability of healthcare professionals.

So, by following the trend, you can also develop a unique telemedicine app via hiring healthcare app developers. Here you can leverage technology such as AI-based Chatbot.

2. Healthcare Management Information System(HMIS)

Globally there is a huge data flow between the systems at hospitals and clinics. For managing the data- HMIS is the most promising option. It is such a great tool that facilitates collecting, categorizing, and analyzing the data for the strategic purpose and deciding to improve the operations going on.

Healthcare Management Information System

It helps the healthcare service providers to track the workflow and service standards whether they work fine or not. If you also own a healthcare service business, you should consider it the most favored option for your business.

3. Doctor On-Demand App

The doctor appointment mobile app is one of the hottest trends now. A person in need can request immediate assistance from the doctors, such as routine health check-ups, online prescriptions, and booking an appointment online.

Hire Healthcare App Developers

During the pandemic, the doctor on-demand app appeared as a great helpful app for all. Instead of waiting for the turn, users directly connected with the doctors for their issues. Now, this trend continues in practice and has become a new normal. You can also contribute from your side by launching the online doctor appointment app.

4. Medical Equipment Maintenance

There is a rapid change in medical equipment technology. Most of the hospitals and clinical professionals are focusing on incorporating the use of smart equipment in their use. But on the other hand, handling and managing this equipment is also a challenge.

Medical equipment maintenance

You can take the challenge and provide the solution in the form of an app that can assist professionals in tracking the operational efficiency of medical app development and equipment.

5. Pharmacy App

It is also one of the top-demanding solutions you can focus on to generate good revenue. Now, most users like to order and buy medicines from their respective locations via their smartphones.

Cost and Features to Develop Medicine Delivery App like 1mg

Some key players in the market, such as 1MG, MED PLUS, and NETMEDS, are delivering medicines online based on the prescription uploaded by the users. You can also go with this trend for having great business via pharmacy app development. For the same, you can hire healthcare app developers with experience.

6. Patient Monitoring System

It is a new age method to do medical care for patients. Here is the solid involvement of wearable devices and sensors that track, generate, and send the data of patients to the system. Via it, doctors can track the improvements in patients remotely.

Its primary functions you can understand as monitoring the blood pressure, glucose, and oxygen level. It can also be done via a smart app that can be developed via hiring a dedicated app developer.

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Key Features of Healthcare App Development You Can Include in Your App

Developing a fantastic app feature implementation is a must. It becomes more crucial when considering it as a potential option for meeting the business objective.

So, if you are a healthcare professional or a healthcare organization seeking modern-age solutions, then it would be better to include the following features in your application. The better approach to implement these solutions is to hire a mobile app developer having in-depth knowledge of healthcare apps.

1. Registration and Login

The registration process will be the first interaction of users with your app. So, it must be easy as possible instead of including the complex and lengthy process, it would be better to simplify it. Without violating the authentication rules, only specific security questions can be included.

Registration and Login

2. Authentication


The next is the authentication process to avoid any cyber threat and patient information stealing. You can do it by implementing multifactor authentication. While hiring healthcare app developers, you should check whether they know of it or not.

3. Doctor’s Profile

For consulting the preferred specialists, a user must have the option to look up the profile of doctors, including their name, experience, history, and ratings given by the users. It will facilitate the users to choose the best option on the healthcare app.

4. Appointment Booking 

It is one of the most required features that a patient looks into every on-demand healthcare app. The appointment booking should be easy, so a patient can reach the doctor in case of immediate assistance. With the help of healthcare app developers, you can implement a smart algorithm that prevents clashes and allows users to book an appointment on the go.

Appointment Booking 

5. Online Prescription

Again it is one of the most desired features of an on-demand doctor app. It is such an advantageous feature for patients and doctors. The users can leverage it to order the medicine online, and doctors can leverage it to save their time. It facilitates the doctors to share the prescription with all necessary details that can’t happen with pen & paper.

6. Audio & Video Communication

Audio & video communication works like the soul of online healthcare apps. It directly refers to telemedicine. Now doctors from most hospitals and clinics can be approached via audio and video calls. In addition, it helps the doctors to analyze the real condition of the patient. While video calling, the experts can also check the patients’ past medical history. The experienced healthcare app developers for hire can help you to implement it in the best way.

7. Chatbot 

AI-based Chatbot app development is such a fantastic technology, and it is also best for healthcare apps. It works as a great time-saving option for hospitals and doctors. The Chatbots can help the healthcare professionals to gather basic information about the patients, and they can also help to primary diagnose the symptoms.

Everything You Should Know About Chatbots In Healthcare

8. Online Medical Records

This feature helps healthcare professionals, doctors, hospitals, and clinics maintain patients’ records online. So, the records can be accessed immediately in need of any emergency. It is the responsibility of healthcare app developers to make it secure and safe to avoid any sensitive data breaches.

9. UI/UX

Although most needy users will use or use mobile healthcare applications, it does not mean that they can have the only ordinary design. The UI/UX components of the medical care app must be simple but attractive. So, the users can have the best experience of engagement with healthcare apps.

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Some Key Steps You Can Follow To Hire Healthcare App Developers

A Healthcare app development company requires the right approach applied at the right time, including constant efforts. Hiring healthcare app developers have several advantages, but reaching experienced app developers is challenging. Here are some key steps that can help you to find the best developers.

1. Developers Having in-depth Knowledge of The Healthcare Sector

Every developer has coding skills, but in-depth knowledge of the domain separates the developers from the crowd. So, by applying this principle first, you need to check whether the developers you are going to hire for healthcare app developers have in-depth knowledge of the domain or not.

If they have knowledge of the industry and experience working with multiple clients, they will also develop a fine app for you and add worth to your money. The best idea is to hire React Native app developer for having cost-effective solution in the form of a cross-platform app development.

2. Client’s Review and Working History

For developing professional, feature-rich, and fully functional mobile healthcare applications client’s review and working history works fine. It gives insight that the shortlisted developers have experience or done the similar to your project earlier or not.

Here you need to check out the apps developed by them. It will give you an idea about the proficiency of healthcare app developers for hire that you have chosen and what kind of mobile app development services they can provide.

3. Developing Cross-Platform Apps Ability

Launching a cross-platform healthcare app is a fantastic idea in terms of cost-effectiveness and targeting a wider audience. So, before hiring mobile app developers for your next on-demand healthcare app, it would be better to develop a cross-platform app or not.

4. The Process of App Development

Only a unique process of app development can help you to stay out of the crowd of ordinary apps. So, it would be best to enquire about the mobile app development process and outcomes achieved so far with it from the app developers you have shortlisted.

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5. Third-Party Integration Expertise

Usually, the healthcare or medical care apps have ample space for third-party integration, such as payment APIs, in-app chat, in-app calls, and others. If integration is not done properly, it can spoil the user experience, so you also need to check that developers must be experts in third-party integration.

6. Awareness About The Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a must for any healthcare app. Its full form is – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, regulated since 1996. All healthcare mobile app developers follow the standards mentioned in this act. So, your hired developers must also have an awareness of it.

The Final Thoughts

Healthcare app solutions have multiple hidden possibilities, and a variety of solutions has been developed and executed in the market. In 2021, the mobile healthcare market value was $38.2 billion, whereas US mobile healthcare market’s contribution is $13.4 billion. As per experts, the expected growth rate is 11.8% (CAGR 2022-2030). Due to the latest trend of adoption of fitness and health-oriented apps, the demand for ultra-modern solutions for the world is more.

If you are looking to develop a healthcare app for business purposes, then a worthy decision is to hire healthcare app developers who have developed various apps for this domain. You can refer to this blog to find some exciting information about how to hire healthcare app developers in 2023.