Why is there a huge demand for online shops? Why the industry is looking to capture the opportunities through the digital world. What used to be the local market-based industries are now spreading their wings all over the world. Every second person is busy is scrolling through the web world and the online stores which leverage the potential of the client purchasing power and inclination, are called ecommerce.

It is a matter of ease that people do realize while purchasing the product. The increased use of smartphones positively enriched the customer’s choice and placed a plethora of options from the worldwide market. No distance counts and this is the core reason why people are so badly inclined to ecommerce purchasing. The deal of enhancing the comfort is not stopped at ecommerce stores, instead of a lot of options as if trying your purchase item, has also augmented the comfort. Who gave this amazing concept? Who is the father of this amazing concept that unfortunately trimmed down the market of brick and mortar stores?


Michael Aldrich invented online shopping stores. He first invented online shopping store in 1979. The earliest online commerce system associates the customized TV to the real-time computer system connected to the telephone line at the end. website development services and platforms are growing at a huge rate. People from every age love to shop from online stores.

The reason behind so huge growth is the joyful experience. Online shopping gives more pleasure than physical shopping because of the number of websites available without making any effort. In the coming years, the online shopping market is going to become more challenging and e-commerce market growth is going to rise like never before. As per the current market data, the retail ecommerce market has taken a strong leap of 200 percent over the few years.

The web industry is heavily influenced by the ecommerce market trends and if the strong online reputation is the aim, it is a must to focus on mobile app development depending upon your industry. People tend to search everything over smartphones and therefore mobile apps work well than anything else. The ecommerce industry is gearing up more to its all directions and 2020 is going to be a new boom for all six types of ecommerce.

  • B2A: Business to Administration
  • B2B: Business to Business
  • B2C: Business to Customer
  • C2A: Customer to Administration
  • C2B: Customer to Business
  • C2C: Customer to Customer


Let’s take an insight into all possible trends, that are impacting the industry in 2020.

Real-time statistics: Somewhat already implemented, Real-time statistics can be used for making the future strategy. It also helps in developing the required modification and innovative marketing strategy. You get to know about the likes, dislikes of the user, and accordingly, can season the offers. With real-time devices, it becomes easy to track user behavior and read the analytics available on the ecommerce website. These are amazingly utilized by on demand mobile services. The perfect strategy can pierce the market and the perfect strategy comes after extensive research and analyzed data. The data-driven approach is the 100 percent entry in 2020, and stats will take charge of leading the business sales and grow the business to new directions.

Flexible shopping strategy

With the use of mobile phones, ecommerce development services have become super flexible. Almost every customer uses a cell phone, and 80 percent of the time, he prefers to order things online instead of reaching up to the stores. The mobile payments have further ignited the trends and therefore, it has become important to match user requirements. Whether you are a small business or a large entrepreneur, a strong online presence is more necessary than your physical location. There are many huge companies, which are significantly influencing the market, grabbing the customer through online presence only, and closing the deals successfully. The ecommerce platforms like Walmart and Amazon have decimated the need for setting up the brick and mortar stores. The reason for their huge popularity is the features and easiness they deliver to users and the win-win situation for both customers and vendors. Alongside this, online payment options are also a powerful factor for success.

Web and App development


Interactive shopping

The huge popularity of Google Material Design pushed the interactive elements into ecommerce development. In the coming year, many websites are looking to embed the animation and innovative interactions to help users navigate swiftly. The business owners are also looking for Magento Development Company for the interacting shopping site. Ecommerce stores will have interactive buttons, icons and animated progress bars for grabbing user attention.

Further, to catch user attention, cinemagraphs have started to take place over the home pages. These are the most common and effective method to show discounts and offer upfront. These cinemagraphs are embedded as the homepage banner and bring the excitement to somewhat boring sites. The trend started in 2016, has now fully grown up and expects to rise dramatically in 2020.


The personalized shopping experience is the demand of time. The work is more perfectly done by powerful chatbots. Chatbots serve a more interactive way to assist the valued customer. Earlier, the chatbots were built to answer customer queries, but now with some advancement, the customers are rendering a better shopping experience with discount codes and purchase decisions. Many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Big-commerce are introducing the chatbots for the ecommerce developers.

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Better Supply chain management



When the physical stores were famous, supply chain management was weaker. Now the e-commerce industry has pushed the supply chain management to a more organized way. The year 2020 is coming with the better innovative devices for tracking of goods and carriers. An efficient supply chain management is necessary for e-commerce operations. IoT devices ensured the delivery of goods from one place to another. RFID Global positions system tracks the item in transit and provides the complete information of location, temperature, and many other things. Also, today the customer gives the preference to timely delivery. It wants the time estimation for the delivery of a certain product.

For fulfilling the demand for early delivery, the IoT devices can manage the speed and route of the shipped products as per the estimated arrival time. Apart from this, shipment deliveries are accurately delivered. This can be checked through real-time monitoring devices, and it decreases the loss of goods and wrong delivery.

Shopping with Virtual Reality



VR is the innovative technology, which assists the customer in viewing the 3D world using the VR headset. Today, millennials are going crazy with VR, because it gives them an amazing power to take a realistic view of the things. In the technology-based world, it is quite essential to walk with updated devices and tools. Such are the steps of the e-commerce industry; therefore, Magento development companies are also adopting newer practices. It is wooing the customers with the 3D based e-stores. The trends started in 2018 and now showing no sign to leave the e-stores blank.





We all know that E-commerce is growing at a too fast pace across the world. Powered by the emerging technologies, the businesses are widening their customer base like never before in the minimal time available. Alongside this, it is highly needed to fulfill the customer’s requirement. The customer always prefers to look for the current thing and therefore it is always imperative to keep the business up to date.

On the other hand, the on-demand mobile services are pushing M-commerce to the foreground and the exchange of goods and money has become flexible for every category of customers. The powerful third-party payment apps are easing transactions, which show more demand for the coming year.