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The online market is providing many benefits to its users. Nowadays you can buy anything or sell anything in the market. No matter the product is old or new you can get value for money product depending on the condition.

If your thinking of selling your old mobile, laptops, Air conditioner or any kind of electrical or nonelectrical goods or any kind of service. On the other hand, if you want to buy a product ungently at a lower cost. These buy-sell applications like OLX, Quikr and Craigslist, etc, connect these two people so that they can fulfill their respective needs. This helps the seller receive the correct value for their product as well as the buyer to get a product at a reasonable cost. All is possible with these classified apps for android


What are buy sell classified mobile apps?

Recently apps like Quikr, OLX, and Craigslist are spreading their roots all over the online market by gaining more customers. These types of applications are helping advertisers, online marketers,s or freelancers to spread their services in efficient and cost-effective ways.



So, if you own a start-up or small business and searching for ways to promote your services, then this application can be the best solution for you. The best-classified apps for buy or sell can bring you better services and products at a reasonable cost.

How does this buy-sell application work?

The working of apps created by android app development companies Is very simple. Here are step so that you can understand how these classifies application works and earns revenue from the market,

  • First, you have to log in to the application by verifying your phone number or email address and create a password from your account.
  • If you want to sell a product or service, you can just take detailed photos of the product along with its authenticity for the buyer.
  • They have to write a brief description of the product along with setting a price range. You can also opt for the negotiable option if you are open to negotiation.
  • And you are good to go. You can post your ad on the application feed. You will be able to observe how many buyers are interested in your product. Plus, you can also converse with them with the in-app chat and voice call option.

As an application owner, you can earn revenue from the seller, by post their ad as hot deals or top priority. Moreover, after every successful transaction, you can earn a commission from it.

The benefits of mobile apps like OLX

Like every other application, these OLX like application also provides benefits for both buys or sellers and app owner. The solutions and the services provide by the application are very robust and easy to access, that is why it is one of the fastest-growing markets in our times. Here are some of the benefits of app classification, such as

Benefits for app owners

  1. Dynamic Business models – developing these kinds of classified businesses does not need that much investment. Plus, the inventory requirements are also very less. Hiring a web development company and owning these types of business can be less risky. As an owner, you can further implement the latest features and upgrade the application by investing a very little amount of capital than that of an e-commerce website.
  2. Static revenue channel – There is an ample number of opportunities for earning in buy-sell classified applications. Usually, the traditional method follows the commission-based models. But owning these applications you can earn capital by prioritizing the ads of the users, or on a subscription basis along with commission on each successful sale.

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Benefits for buyers or sellers

  1. Convenience – These on-demand solutions can fulfil your buying or selling experience on the go. You can just take various pictures of the product and some descriptions about it, set a price limit and you are good to post an ad for that product. You don’t need to travel anywhere you can just post your selling adjust by sitting at your home.
  2. Efficient – these applications are cable to make transactions more efficient. The sellers can post an ad for a product just by clicking some images and adding a proper description and price range of it. Even they can also mention that the prices are negotiable or not. Whereas as buy can just search the product, by applying a price filter for it. The application will show all the available products at that price. Moreover, the buyer gets the contact details of the sellers along with the ad or can continue to chat via the application.
  3. The attraction of customer interest – These applications can provide a variety of products or services from different individuals. Plus, offering attractive deals and offers will attract more customers to your application. To avail, these do not limit the choice of the customers to specific sellers. Rather giving them freedom will attract a better customer base.

In order to implement all these functionalities in your application, hiring the best full-stack development company available in the market is the only way to ensure it.


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Required team structure

In order to develop a high-performing feature-packed application for your business, you will need the help of classified app development services. As they can ensure the success of your application by providing you with a better developer team. A developer team usually consists of different developers specializing in various aspects of the development process. Here are some of the specialists you should have in your development team,

  • An experienced project manager so that he could lead and manage the development process. Also, maintaining proper coordination between the other developers of the project.
  • Hiring an iOS developer and Android developer is mandatory to make your application available on both the application market. This will help you to increase your customer base along with the total revenue.
  • The development team also consists of UX or UI (User Interface) designers, who will handle the various graphical implementation of your application. Sometimes developer uses high-end graphical content to attract more customers but ends up with lag in the application while compromising its performance. So, implementing simple graphical designs or images along with the basic functionalities will not affect the processing speed of the application.
  • Last but not least, you will need an application tester or Q/A analyst for the quality assurance of your app before launching. Also, mobile app developers for hire will ensure that your application is free from any kind of bugs and glitches.

Required tech-stack for OLX like application

Every business owner wants their application to be robust and dynamic in nature. So that they can perform in a stable manner along with maximum efficiency after the deployment. For this reason, you be clear about your aim and requirement of the business and hire dedicated developers.


As they can develop your application with the help of desirable tools and framework according to the requirements of your business. Here are some of the tech stacks you may need while developing your application,

  • App analyst (real-time)- Hadoop, Apple flink, IBM, Spark, and Big Data.
  • Push Notification- Push.io and Twilio
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and google
  • Database – MongoDB and Hbase
  • SMS, Voice and verification process- Nexmo and Twilio
  • Web – PHP, .NET, and JavaScript
  • Mobile platform – Android and iOS
  • Payment gateway- PayPal, e-Wallets, Stripe and Braintree

Cost of Developing mobile apps like OLX

The cost of developing feature-packed, robust, and dynamic classified apps always depends on various factors.  Here are some of the important factors that govern the cost of developing buy/sell applications.

  1. Platform – There are two platforms where an application can be launch i.e., Android and iOS. Usually developing an application for Android cost less that than iOS. This is because the iOS maintain a single network channel where all the application can be done only through verified sources. But in the case of Android applications, the application can be created through various frameworks. But nowadays hybrid frameworks are there which can create applications for both the operating system simultaneously.
  2. Design – During the classified app development process if you want to implement high-end graphical content and design. You will need more cost to develop your applications. As to process those high-end graphical content you will need an app with better processing speed. Otherwise, your application can end up a lagging, which is not good for your company’s reputation. Basically, a user prefers a smooth and easily understandable UI with a better user experience.
  3. Size of application – If you implement too many features in your app, complexity will increase. More the complexity of the application more will be the development cost for it.
  4. Rate of the developers on various locations – It also one of the important aspect that governs the development cost of your application. Usually, the developer will charge you on an hourly basis, and the amount is from 70 dollars to 250 dollars per hour.

Developing an application can cost more in countries like the USA and UK as the developer’s charge is more. So hiring a mobile app development company for developing your application can cost you 50,000 to 65,000 US dollars depending upon the complexity of your application,

Whereas, if are can minimalize the features to basic needs and outsource your app deployment works to experienced developers from countries like India. You will be able to develop a working application within 10,000 to 25,000 dollars. So choose your development team while doing proper research on the various available development companies of the market.


This buy/sell classified application market is one of the fastest grown industry. Owning this kind of application can cost you less than any other e-commerce apps and the risk is extremely low. Which makes it the perfect business opportunity for new start-ups in the market.