The competition is stiff these days, you need to have a platform with which you can have yourself connected to a bigger audience and enhance the chances of more sale. This can be done with the use of a mobile application! Yes, the number of people using mobile phones is in billions and this, if done correctly, can certainly be a big boost to your bank balance. All you need to do is to hire experts who can help you with your needs for mobile app development services as per the latest trends and your business needs.

Almost every industry is getting benefited with the use of a mobile application development service. From retail, education to healthcare and real estate, every sector is getting shifted to this platform which can earn them bigger recognition and profits. But when it comes to the real estate sector, there are a number of things which one needs to assess while having their application developed. Real estate industry is not an easy business to go about as there are a number of issues which comes in the way to get connected with the right clients and customers.

But, the answer to all problems in this industry is a mobile application. It makes it easier for customers to get connected to your service with ease. It is much more feasible for your audience to have their needs covered with the help of mobile applications. So, you must get android and iPhone app developers on board to launch your business in the world of Smartphones.

What Features You Will Be Benefited With

With the help of android and iPhone development service provider, you will have your application build and the customers will save a lot of time and money to get connected to your service. There will be a number of features which will not only entertain your business but customers too, take a look:

  • Logins

Having a mobile application will help you have a personal account for all your customers. Yes, all they need to do is register themselves through their social media account or via the email verification process. After this, the customers will have to submit all the personal details like email ID, contact number and more. This will make it easier for them to take the communication ahead. You need to make sure that dealers and customers are getting assisted with different interfaces. So, the users can be assured that the application is safe and good to use!

  • Lists

This feature is a must in a real estate application. Yes, you can let the real estate app development company know about this feature and they will get it covered accordingly. They will get the list designed in such a way that users are able to understand the different services according to the budget. They can select the services they would like to have and fill in the details to take it ahead with ease.


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  • Images

Having images of the respective properties will certainly help your users to have a better understanding of it. There are many android and iPhone app development companies who suggest that most of the customers and users are interested in the pictorial representation of the properties they are dealing with. All they need to do is to click on the given properties and they will be able to check with the videos and images with ease.

  • Map and Location

Maps and location are also considered to be one of the most important attributes one must-have in the application. This helps their dealers to assist their customers with the property’s exact location. The customer can go to the location and check the property which will enhance the chances of its successful deal a lot more than anything else. So, you need to hire real estate application developer who can you cover with this feature and get your ROI higher.

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  • Favorite Markers

when the users look for real estate properties in an application, they often forget to find the same property again. To avoid such situations, a property must have the favorite’s column for the users. This helps them to keep their selected liked properties in one column other than losing them.

  • Search Attribute

If users have a specific property in mind to purchase then they would love to go to that section directly. This can be done with the help of a search option with which they will be able to look for the property they have an interest in and reach it directly. They can filter their search needs according to their location, type, budget, and various other features. This option will certainly help your customers get their needs in the best possible way.

Cost of Real Estate App Development

With so many features to infuse in the application by a mobile application development company, it becomes a very time-consuming process. When it comes to the costing of real estate application development, it is divided into three categories, take a look:

  • UI-UX Design

User design and User experience are very important aspects of real estate application and hiring professional mobile app developers can prove to be costly as they will help you with high-end services.


  • Fees

The application can charge you a small amount for the seller’s needs. The dealers need the payment for advertisement, so this can be monthly, annual or one-time charges.

  • Backend Services

There is no backing away from backend development. There will be a charge to get your content management system organized and help customers big time as per their needs.

Final Verdict

So, this shows how good it is to have Real estate applications for their business needs. This will certainly get their sales better and also will make it easier to communicate with their audience. So, hire real estate developer  and get your application needs covered!