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The progressive web app has brought a new wave in the website and application industry. It is one of the most buzzing words currently. Technology is an ever-changing field.

As per the need of the user, innovations are introduced in the market. Increasing the use of the internet has raised the bars high. Websites and applications have evolved a lot over the years.

Now, we gave native apps, hybrid apps, progressive web apps, and many more. In this article, we will see a progressive web app.

PWA development is high in-demand, enterprises are quickly embracing this technology. First thing first, let us start with an introduction:

What Is A Progressive Web App?

Progressive web app or PWA is considered as the revolutionary technology that will reshape the industry. Progressive web apps are websites that resemble native apps.

Despite being a website, it has all features that native apps have.  It was proposed by Google five years back in 2015. It offers a rich web experience to users.

PWA development uses the latest technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. Since it’s a website, so you do not need to download PWA. But, since it resembles the app, it is equipped with all the necessary features available in apps.

Top Features Of Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web app uses plugins to maintain the website. Here, is top features of progressive web apps that are helpful to upscale businesses:

  1. Easy To Maintain: Progressive web apps built on node.js run on an event-based model. In this model whenever any changes are done on the server-side, the client-side automatic updates. If any error pops up, developers can easily fix it and maintain PWA.
  2. Highly Responsive: Progressive web apps are highly responsive and ultra-fast. If you are looking forward to using this technology in your business, you can contact a progressive web app development
  3. App-Like Features: PWA has all the features that a native application offers. The icon of PWA resembles a native application. With just a few clicks PWA can be present on users’ home screen. A progressive web app is an app cum website. Applications are considered to represent the brand of the business. In this hectic era, the user wants a better and quicker experience. Users do not want to wait till the application download and install on the device. PWA offers instant and easy installation.
  4. Safe And Secure:  Progressive web app is built using the HTTP protocol. This protocol ensures safe and secure usage of PWA.  With the help of HTTP protocol data transmitted is encrypted. It is difficult to tamper with encrypted data.
  5. Offline Work Capability: User cans use PWA even when they are offline. Sometimes users due to poor connectivity miss the connection, they can still get access to content. If you are wondering, PWA stores the data offline as cache. Whenever the network is slow, it manages and feeds data from caches.
  6. Quick Installation:  Your user does not need to go to the app store, download, and wait till the app gets installed on the device.  Web application development uses technologies that allow quick and easy installation. You just need to do a few clicks and the app will be present on your home screen instantly.
  7. Can Work In Remote Areas:  Companies like Twitter have launched its version Twitter Lite that is based on PWA. Twitter felt it has users located in remote areas and is not able to smoothly use the app. The Twitter lie works efficiently even in remote areas with weak internet connectivity.
  8. Push Notifications: If you are building an app for business, push notification is the most-needed Push notifications help you to bring users back to open the app. You can notify users about your upcoming offers and launches. PWA allows you to send push notifications just like a native application.
  9. Better Mobile Experience: It is one of the topmost features of PWA. Progressive web apps enrich the user experience and boost companies’ conversion. Users love faster loading and less data usage. Progressive web apps reduce the loading speed at a considerable rate. The web application development process requires skilled developers. At DevTechnosys developers are well experienced and up to date with the trend.
  10. Low Development Cost: Progressive web apps make the entire process of development cheaper. It allows availing all the features that are embedded in native apps at less cost. The development cost of progressive web apps is three to four times less than a native application. Unlike a native application, you do not need to develop different PWA for different operating systems. A single PWA can run on any platform in the browser.

Why Should You Use Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps mark important changes in businesses. It increases the conversion rate, reduces loading time, improves performance, reduces data usage, and overall enriches the user experience.

Many companies have adopted this technology and have seen significant growth in their business. Let us see how PWA impacted giant companies.

Impact Of Using PWA On Renowned Companies

  1. Flipkart:  Flipkart is India’s top e-commerce site with millions of users. Flipkart has adopted Progressive web apps to increase customer engagement rate. It is called Flipkart Lite. Flipkart lite brought some profitable responses like, it increased the conversion rate by 70 percent, reduced the data usage to three to four times, and re-engagement increased by 40 percent. Users started spending three times more time on site. Are you facing difficulties in your own project? You can get in touch with a mobile application development company.
  2. AliExpress: AliExpress owned by AliGroup adopted PWA to engage users. AliExprees saw amazing results after getting converted to PWA. The PWA version led to a 104 percent increase in conversions of new users, two times more pages visited per session, and a 74 percent increase in time spent per session.
  3. BookMyShow: BookMyShow, the largest ticketing site in India launched its PWA app in 2017. This led to a great push to its conversion. People used to have issues with the BookMyShow app due to its longer loading time, high bounce rate, and a lot of data and memory usage. These issues adversely affected their business. But, with the introduction of PWA, BookMyShow saw some incredible results. It witnessed over 80 percent acceleration in conversion, 54 times smaller size than an android app and 180 times smaller than Ios app. Progressive web app development is making a significant boost in conversion and engagement rate.
  4. Forbes: Forbes is one of the topmost US-based business magazines that post articles on topics like marketing, investment, finance, and many more. The app launched its PWA version to enrich the mobile user experience. The push notification increased the engagement to twice. It led to a 43 percent acceleration in sessions per user, a 20 percent increase in impression per page, and a huge 100 percent increase in engagement rates. PWA version of Forbes led to a 6 times increase in the number of readers completing articles. Mobile application development company have been helping businesses to embrace this highly responsive technology.
  5. Twitter Lite: Twitter lite was launched in 2017 to expand its reach to users located in remote areas with less connectivity. Having 80percent mobile users Twitter wished to enrich the mobile experience. Twitter Lite usages fewer data and loads pages faster. It does it by changing the quality of images. Twitter Lite encourages users to get back to the app again and again via push notifications. Twitter saw a 75 percent increase in Tweets sent, 20 percent less bounce rate, and 65 percent boost in pages per session.
  6. OLX: OLX is spread in more than 40 countries where it connects buyers and sellers.  Having 90 percent of mobile users, OLX focused on increasing the mobile user experience. Mobile web users had to face slow loading pages. OLX progressive web app led to a 250 percent increase in re-engagement, 80 percent decline in bounce rates, 146 percent boost in CTR on Ads, and a 23 percent decline in page loading time.
  7. Pure Formulas: This company is a leading health and supplement company in the USA. Pure Formula opted for PWA to increase conversion. The PWA version of this leading US health and supplement company was developed by Dev Technosys. This strongly says why Dev Technosys is the best fit PWA development company. The PWA version led to a 14 percent increase in conversion. 9 percent increase in average order value and a 23 percent increase in revenue per visit.  

Technologies Used In Developing Progressive Web Apps

Many Technologies are used to build Progressive Web Apps. But, mainly it is built on JavaScript. Developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as programming languages to develop Progressive web apps.

Using these technology stacks the app offers high functionality and a rich user experience. Are you thinking to invest in a progressive web app? You need to select the apt mobile app development company.

Why Dev Technosys Is Better Than Other Progressive Web App Development Companies

Dev Technosys is a web and mobile app development company started a decade ago. It is an  ISO 9001:2008 certified company that works on the notions of “Bringing IT to life”.

The company has skilled developers who work smartly and diligently on the project as per the clients’ requirements. Dev Technosys truly understands the potential of PWA and consider it as one of the latest revolutionary technologies in the web and app development field. This helps the company to excel in the development of PWA.

  1. Uses Advanced Technologies: DevTechnosys is faster than other companies in adopting advanced technologies. The company makes use of the latest trends and stays a step ahead of competitors. You should consider contacting a mobile app development company to develop a web app for your next project.
  2. In-Depth Industry Knowledge: The company has been serving the industry for over a decade now. Integration of experience and highly skilled professionals help the company to acquire in-depth industry knowledge.
  3. Relevant Expertise In The Field: Dev Technosys has completed lots of PWA projects. It takes care of clients; requirements and adds the best-fit features to the site.
  4. Highly Qualified And Experienced PWA Developer: Dev Technosys has a team of active, highly qualified PWA developers. These developers ensure the quality-rich development of the project. Developers are open to new ideas and quick to adapt it.  Developers ensure web-based applications are highly efficient and interactive. Developers focus on satisfying industry-specific needs as well. As per Statista, ‘ 24 percent of e-commerce companies are planning to invest in PWA’ If you are also interested in integrating this technology, you can hire dedicated developers.
  5. A varied range Of Services:  Developers at DevTechnosys offers several web app development services like:
    1. Custom-built progressive web app development solutions
    2. Delivering high-quality responsive website design
    3. Progressive web designing and development
    4. Application shell architecture
    5. Top-end Quality Assurance and testing services
    6. Secure data migration services
  6. Developers Develop High Functionality Application With Rich Features: The team exclusively takes care of the clients’ needs. This is why it is one of the most trusted web and app development companies.
  7. Carefully Curated Services: The company understand the need of clients and offers curated end result. Every industry has its own specific requirement. Dev Technosys truly recognize it. Some of its top projects are Pure Formulas, Flower Delivery Web app, etc.

Wrapping Up

The Progressive Web App market is expanding with each passing day. The highly proficient team, advanced technology usage, client-focused service makes Dev Technosys better than other Progressive web app development companies.

PWA  impacts businesses and helps to enrich user experience. It is high time to understand the importance of this dynamic technology and integrate it into the enterprise.

If you need any help you can hire dedicated developers. Here, we have mentioned features of PWA, examples of top-notch companies taking advantage of the technology.

We got a smart insight into dev Technosys and why it is the best fit for your upcoming PWA project. Hope this article fed you with all the necessary information.