Things to know about Android Q Beta release


Things to know about Android Q Beta release

With every year, technology is taking a new step towards innovation. With the beginning of 2019, innovation is powerful than ever. With the introduction of 5G, edge to edge display screens and even foldable screens. With the help of the huge partner ecosystem, Android is the center of the innovation by pushing the boundaries of hardware and software that brings the capability to do new things and a new experience to the users.

Keeping the security and privacy of the user as the top priority, android wants its users to experience the latest innovations. Android Q has introduced various security and privacy features for its users along with the google play protect and runtime permissions. The android app development is excited with the new features of the Android beta version.

It also introduced the new API connectivity, camera capabilities and media codec’s, Vulcan 1.1 support, API extensions, and fast startup. The user interface of the android Q Beta and the Android Pie are almost the same. Android Q Beta brings new features instead of a change in the user interface and user research. The changes were made based on user feedback.


Android Q


Android Q Features are Way More Exciting than the Previous Android Releases

1. Privacy and security as the top priority

Android Q Beta has decided to keep the privacy and the security of the users as the top priority. According to the android app developera wide range of features has been adapted to protect the users. Some of the protecting features are file-based encryption. 

Before giving access to any sensible actions the OS controls need permissions, locking the mic background access, locking the camera access, encrypted backups, lockdown mode, Google play protect that scans all the applications and removes the ones with viruses or threats. There are many more features to protect the device and the user from threats and hackers.

2. Gaining control over locations

There are many applications that ask for permission of the location. With the new feature of android Q Beta, the user can decide when an app can gain access over locations. There are many applications that gain access to location even when the app is not in use. The location is thus functioning in the background. As per the mobile app development companies, android Q Beta has taken a huge leap in innovation.

The Android beta has given access to the users to decide when an app can access the location of the user, if it can never access it or if it can always access it. Android Q now gives access to greater control over applications. It notifies the user with new added features and changes.

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3. Foldable new screens

Another new feature that Android Q Beta introduced is the foldable screen. This innovation helps the user in various ways. The mobile applications benefit in multiple ways through the foldable screen, as they get a large screen to work on as said the Android app developer.

The feature also has an on the resume and on pause feature through which multiple applications can work at the same time and be notified on its function ability status. The user can also decide whether it wants to open the application in the large screen or the foldable screen. There might be a few more additions to help access the two screens at the same time with multiple keyboards.

4. Sharing Shortcuts

If a user wants to share any content like pictures or documents from one application or file to another, then the process must be quick and safe. As stated by the mobile app development company the Android Q has made it simple and easy by creating a shortcut to sharing.

In this feature, the user can jump from one application to the other direction to share any kind of content. The developers create a file of contents that is shown to the users to share user interface. The shared user interface can easily be uploaded as it’s developed before. There has been an addition of Shortcut info API to make an easy integration of the features.

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5. Settings panel

With the introduction of the settings panel API that takes advantage of the slice feature that was introduced by Android 9 Pie. The new key system can now be shown directly in the app's context. The internet connectivity, NFC, audio volume all are involved in a single panel that is system setting panel. In order to use the settings panel, it is not necessary to leave the app, it can be controlled by the settings panel.

6. Wi-Fi performance mode

The Wi-Fi is available now in high performance and low latency modes. Therefore, the user can fix the Wi-Fi mode according to their needs. Low latency mode is normally required while playing a game or voice or video calls.

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7. Camera and Graphics

Camera nowadays detects the focused object and blurs the background for discarding the depth of the data. The features of both depth and JEPG data helps to give the user access to the blur proportion of an image. Android Q Beta introduces the user to a better camera efficiency with 3D images and AR Photography.


The android app development suggests that there is a bag of new features to be excited about in the Android Q Beta. Not only had the above-mentioned ones but many others. Some of them are connectivity, compatibility through other APIs, security for applications, the introduction of Neural Networks API 1.2, Vulcan etc.


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