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What Should You Know About Laravel 5.8

The open source PHP framework was first launched somewhere in 2015 and since then it has been the first choice of developers with its tweaks every 6 months. Taylor Otwell, intended for the web application development using Model-View-Controller pattern, developed the framework.

After September 2018, the recent release of Laravel 5.8 brings a new set of modification, and few new additions, that are certain to influence the project development whether you are creating from scratch or updating the existing one. In this article, we will explore the progress of Laravel with few -past releases and 5.x versions. 

Laravel Versions Releases

Since 2015, Laravel has been sending minor and major tweaks every six months, which enhances the level of web development services. Some are very small while few make a nice shift to the development patterns.

Firstly launched as an attempt to offer the alternative for Codeigniter, which did not cater the features such as built-in user authentication and authorization. The beta release of June 2011 was superseded by the Laravel 1 release later in the same month. Here, is the timeline of Laravel:

1. Laravel 1

Laravel 1 included the built-in support for the authentication, models, views, and sessions, Localization, routing, and other mechanisms but still, it was not to the mark to be called as True MVC framework because of no support for controllers.

2. Laravel2 

Released in September2011, Laravel 2 was the true MVC compliant framework, with the built-in support for controllers, Inversion of Control principle and the templating system called Blade. With the noticeable tweak, it removed the support for2?" ~ Third party packages. 

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3. Laravel3

Released in Sep 2012, third releases such as Command Line Interface and built-in support for the database management system, database migration for database layouts, event-handling support, and bundle packaging system. This release revved up the popularity of Laravel for web development services.

4. Laravel 4

Also known as "Illuminate", it was the complete makeover of the Laravel framework, which impressed the Laravel development companies. It migrated its layout into the set of separate packages, where composer serves as an application level package manager. Other new features include database-seeding, support for message queues, support for all email types and support for soft deletion.

5. Laravel 5

The new features in Laravel 5 included the support for scheduling the tasks, through the package called Scheduler, Abstraction layer Flysystem, which allow remote storage to be used as the local file system, improved package handling, and externally handled authentication. It also introduced the new internal directory tree structure for application development.

6. Laravel 5.8

With few protected methods added to Laravel Framework classes, Laravel team released the Laravel 5.8.3. While a few days back, Laravel 5.8 was released and made available to everyone. This release includes few new features with the latest bug fixes and improvements. 


Laravel 5.8


Key Features of Laravel 5.8 has Brought for Custom Development Services

1. Php Dotenv

  • What it offers was the interesting integration of Laravel 5.8 with PHP Dotenv 3.0 which also offered the new features such as:
  • More flexibility for the environment to read and modify.
  • Multi-line variable got the first class support.

2. No trimming of values

  • Acceptance for a list of paths for Dotenv files, rather than a single path.
  • Stronger validation criteria for the variable to avoid the errors.

3. Carbon v2

Laravel 5.8 can use either Carbon V1 or Carbon V2. It can also use and make Carbon Immutable default. Carbon V2 offers better localization than Carbon V1.

4. Cache TTL changes

The moderate influential is the Cache TTL changes for Laravel 5.8. The migration process of passing integers to cache represents second in place of minutes

5. Deprecated Strings

The alarming news was that the array helpers and strings were deprecated from Laravel 5.8. Granting the relief, Laravel released the array helpers as an optional package, if still, you want to use them.

6. Automatic Policy Resolutions

If the policies and models are in conventional location, the developers of Laravel development company need not register them in AuthServiceProviderClass. Otherwise, you can register a callback to register policies or configure them manually.

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What latest Laravel 5.8.3 offers for Laravel Development Company?

The latest release of Laravel 5.8.3 on 5 March added a countBy () collection and few protected methods.

  • The Collection::countBy() function counts the number of items in the collection by a predicate. The method counts are each appearance of value.

Collect ([1, 2, 2, 2, 3)] -> countBy ();

//==collect ([1 => 1, 2 => 3, 3 => 1])

The county () method also accepts the predicate argument.

  • The EloquentUserProvider user provider class is now given the newly protected modelQuery () function.
  • The protected saveSession () was also added to StartSession middleware, which facilitates the extension of middleware logic without overriding handle() function. saveSession() function also accepts the $requestParameter, if you need access to the request.
  • Model: belongsToMany accepts a non-hardcoded pivot table using the pivot class name as the second parameter.


  • Environment variable parsing
  • Guessed policy name  for Gate:: forUser
  • StartSession middleware
  • Stack Channel bug
  • Email validation


The official documentation is available on Laravel's documentation available over the website. You can check the elaboration of features added, modified and removed with the latest features at Above are the excerpts from the latest release that could influence the custom development services and this article pretty much covered the latest changes. Stay tuned to know the latest from Laravel.


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