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What should you know about Laravel Latest Release 5.7.22

Choosing the right PHP framework for web application development is not an easy task as there are many options available. For years, Laravel has been the top most choice for Laravel developers. With the authenticated approval by competent developers and stars by few best web development company in the industry, Laravel has achieved the topmost rank in terms of web application development.

The recent news of Laravel is the release of all new Laravel 5.7.22, we will discuss it later. First, we need to know why Laravel is the best PHP framework. There are some core features of Laravel application development:


Laravel has the simplest authorization technique where it eases the things with extraordinary reconfigurability. Laravel also simplistically organizes the authorization logic and controls the resource access.

Rare OO Libraries

What makes Laravel the first choice of Laravel developer is the availability of Object Oriented Libraries along with many pre-installed ones, which are otherwise not available in other frameworks. Here, one of the most significant ones is the Authentication Library, which is easy to implement and contains many advanced features such as Bcrypt hashing, password reset, Cross-site request forge protection, and encryption.


For development, Laravel developer has to interact with the Laravel framework, using the command line, which creates the Laravel project environment. The built-in tool for the command line interaction with the framework is called Artisan. This tool allows Laravel development company to perform the majority of cumbersome, repetitive and tedious programming tasks, which generally developers avoid to perform manually.

Model-View-Controller Support

The clarity between presentation and logic behind the interface improves the performance and d allows the better documentation. A Laravel development company chooses Laravel because of the amazing functionality and best in class features, where MVC support is the core functionality that helps in software development.

MVC stands for Model, View, and Controller where the view submits the request, and the controller works as a medium between model and views for rendering the data. This way the application development becomes easier and easy for re-engineering.


The best web development company is the company, which provides a perfectly secure code. At the time of developing a web application, Security is a major concern. Every developer has to use some ways to make the application secure. Laravel development takes care of the security using salted and ahs password. This way, the password is stored in an encrypted format, which is harder to decode.

The Bcrypt hashing algorithm generates the encrypted representation of password. Laravel also make use of a prepared SQL statement, which saves from injection attacks. Alongside, it also offers the simple way to secure from the user injection.

In other words, Laravel security offers:

  • Configuration, Manually Logging in Users, Password Reminders and Reset
  • Password storing, Route Protection, Encryption, User authentication, Http basic authentication, authentication drivers.

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Database Migration

Keeping the database synchronized with development is crucial but an important task. With the database migration technique of Laravel, development becomes too easy. In a nice and long project, a rage of database updates happens, which are not suitable to be synced by any MySQL workbench. Laravel makes the cumbersome task easy with all of the database work in migration and seeds. This migrates all the changes being done into another development machine. The database migration makes Laravel the best choice for Laravel development company.


Every developer needs to learn more with the project needs. Unlike other development frameworks, Laravel offers the number of free and paid video tutorials. known as Laracasts, of how to use Laravel. The videos are made by an experienced instructor Jeffery Wary, who is competent and enough experienced to have his fingers on the pulses of Laravel essentials. The tutorial lessons are made well planned and nicely explained.

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Blade template engine

Laravel development company relies on Laravel because it is very intuitive language to work with typical HTML spaghetti. Chopping an "if" statement is too easy with Laravel development.
@if (Auth:: check ())
//HTML part
//HTML part

Responsible interface

This is the new feature in Laravel, which is a class used to implement the interface, to be returned by using the controller. The router checks for the Responsible interface, while preparing the instance.

Easy Package Installation

With the latest version of Laravel, Package installation becomes too easy with Automatic Package Discovery. It detects the packages automatically that user tends to install. Now the user will not have to set up any provider for installing any new package in Laravel.

Laravel 5.7.22 Release

The recent laravel update is 5.7.22 release, here are the fixes it offered:

  • A fix was added to Test Response::assertJsonValidationErrors(),while there are no errors. Earlier, this assertion used to throw an ErrorException in the absence of no error key in response.
  • In another tweak, TestResponse::assertJsonMissingValidationErrors().
  • Along with Vue frontend, preset stubs acquired Laravel Mix v4 comparability updates.
  • Another change is that database value can be resolved during the test with config.
  • React preset has updated with the use of @babel/preset-react package.


A best web development company chooses Laravel development because of its range of features. In addition, a Laravel development company gets huge support through the extensive community support. Every versioning makes the framework faster and smoother with the time. Today, Laravel has gained a huge reputation and huge companies are trusting on Laravel for their large projects.



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