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American healthcare provider GoodRx Holdings, Inc. provides a free telemedicine platform, a website, and a mobile application that monitors prescription medication pricing across the country. In order to save money on prescriptions, it also offers drug coupons. Over 75,000 pharmacies in the US are investigated by GoodRx. It was founded in 2011, Santa Monica, CA by Doug Hirsch, Trevor Bezdek, Scott Marlette.

More than 70,000 pharmacies in the US are partners with GoodRx. The company has saved consumers over $30 billion on prescription drug costs since its launch in 2011.

For six years running, GoodRx has been named by Inc. 5000 as one of the top private firms in America for rapid growth. In 2020, GoodRx went public and had an initial public offering (IPO) that raised $1.4 billion. By looking at these amazing facts, various businesses want to grab this profitable opportunity. Are you also among them who want to put money in coupon app development like GoodRx, then you are at the right place. This App of the Week will provide you interesting facts and other aspects about prescription coupon apps.

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What is GoodRx?

Finding the most affordable prescription medicine price at nearby pharmacies is made easier with the aid of the mobile app and website GoodRx. Users of the app may look for prescription medications by name or by entering the NDC number. Following that, GoodRx gives the user a list of pharmacies nearby along with their drug prices.

The GoodRx app is available for free download from the different app stores for iOS and Android users. However, if you still not satisfied with this information, then you should look at the below stats:

  • GoodRx is the largest discount card provider. IQVIA estimates that GoodRx will account for 2.5% prescription claims by 2021. This is up from 0.5% in 2017. In turn, the market share of Good Rx has increased dramatically from 0.5% in 2017 to 2.5% in 2021.
  • Goodrx has more than 20 million visitors per month.
  • GoodRx's total revenue in 2022 will be $766.6 million.
  • The business is placed No. 6 on the CNBC Disruptor 50 list for 2019. On the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 List, the company is ranked No. 6.
  • The company says that consumers can save as much as 80% by using its GoodRx Pharmacy Discount Card, or coupons available on the site.
  • GoodRx says that since its launch in 2011, it has saved Americans $10 billion on prescription drugs.
  • The nine-year-old digital healthcare company, founded in 2011, went public in September last year with revenues of $388 million for 2019 and, even more surprising, an operating profit of $139 million.
  • GoodRx has over 1 million subscribers.
  • GoodRx has a partnership with 19 of the 20 largest U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers, and approximately 100 brands from the more than 500 manufacturers in the U.S.
  • As an entrepreneur, you might have been surprised by these stats. Now go ahead and develop a GoodRx app. Don't be afraid to lead the pack before others!

Screenshots of An App Like GoodRx

Would you want to view a sample of a GoodRx app? These pictures demonstrate the UX/UI and operation of the GoodRx app in action.

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Key Features of An App Like GoodRx

GoodRx facilitates various amazing attributes that makes the app more attractive to users.

These features are kept on updating with the time by seeing the user feedback and responsiveness. Therefore, you should integrate the features in pharmacy app development like GoodRx that are mentioned below:

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Prescription drug price comparisons

GoodRx allows users to compare the prices of prescription drugs at different pharmacies in their area. With this feature, users can enter the name of the medication they need and see the prices of that drug at various pharmacies near them. This allows users to choose the pharmacy that offers the best price for their prescription, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

Personalized Recommendations

Discounts and coupons

GoodRx offers coupons and discount codes that users can use at participating pharmacies to save money on their prescription drugs.Additionally, it provides a membership programme that offers further savings on prescription medications. This feature is especially useful for those who have high prescription drug costs or are uninsured and need to save money on their medications.

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Medication reminders

Users can set medication reminders in the GoodRx app to help them remember to take their prescription drugs on time. Users can input the name of their medication, dosage, and the time they need to take it. When the user's medicine is due, the app notifies them with a reminder notification.

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Pill identifier

GoodRx has a pill identifier feature that allows users to search for a medication by its appearance. To identify a pill, users can enter its color, shape, and imprint. This feature can be helpful when a user finds a pill and is not sure what it is or when they want to double-check that they have the correct medication. Users can enter the color, shape, and imprint of the pill into the app, and it will provide information about the medication, including its name, dosage, and manufacturer.

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Doctor reviews and ratings

Users may look up local physicians on GoodRx and read reviews and ratings from other users while doing so. This is useful for individuals who are looking for a new doctor or specialist and want to ensure that they find a doctor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has a good reputation. By reading reviews and ratings from other users, individuals can make informed decisions about their healthcare and find a doctor who is a good fit for their needs.

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Health information

GoodRx provides users with information about various health conditions, symptoms, and treatments. The app offers articles, news, and insights about the latest developments in healthcare, which can help users make informed decisions about their health. This feature can be particularly helpful for those who want to educate themselves about a medical condition or treatment option before discussing it with their healthcare provider.

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Prescription refill reminders

When it's time for consumers to refill their prescriptions, GoodRx may send reminders. This can be particularly helpful for those who take multiple medications or have a busy schedule that makes it easy to forget when to refill their prescriptions. By receiving timely reminders, users can ensure that they have enough medication on hand to avoid running out and experiencing interruptions in their treatment

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Price alerts

Users can set price alerts for their prescription drugs in the GoodRx app. The app will notify users when the price of their medication drops, allowing them to save money on their prescriptions. Users can set the desired price and receive notifications when the drug price falls below that level.

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How Does the GoodRx App Work?

GoodRx is available on the GoodRx site or the GoodRx App. You can then enter the name of your prescription drug in order to find nearby deals. After you've found the best deal in your area, you can choose it to get a coupon. The coupon must be presented at the pharmacy in order to get the discount.

GoodRx is available to anyone, regardless of whether they have Insurance. GoodRx can offer greater discounts than co-pays, negotiated rates and insurance. GoodRx coupons and insurance cannot be used together. Choose whichever offers the best price.

Jardiance is prescribed by your doctor if you have Medicare. Your plan does not cover this drug because there are no generic equivalents. Jardiance is usually sold for $700. GoodRx's discounts bring it down to just $578.

Cost to Develop An App like GoodRx

The cost of developing a prescription coupons app like GoodRx keeps on fluctuating and does not stay the same, it is influenced by several factors. However, if you go with the MVP version, the average GoodRx mobile app development cost will be around $25,000-$50,000.

It is only a rough estimate, though, as the actual cost varies based on a variety of variables, including the number of platforms and integrations the app will support. Below are the factors that affect the cost of GoodRx app:

  • Choice of Platform
  • Complexity of the app
  • Features and Functionalities
  • UI and UX
  • Choice of App Development Company
  • Location of development team
  • Backend of the app
  • Frontend of the app
  • Testing & Launch
  • App Maintenance
  • Marketing and promotion

The factors mentioned above can raise or lower the final cost to develop a mobile app like GoodRx. Therefore, choosing a reliable development company specializing in healthcare app development can help provide a more accurate estimate of the cost of developing an app like GoodRx.

How to Develop An App Like GoodRx?

GoodRx is among the popular prescription coupons app for your business venture as it offers alluring features and eye-catching user interface. However, to create a mobile app like GoodRx, you should know the procedure of developing this app which can help in making your app a successful one.

Conduct market research

Any app development process should begin with market research to determine the needs and preferences of your intended users. Find out about the competitors, their advantages and disadvantages, and try to come up with a differentiator for your app. To gain input and evaluate your proposal, speak with stakeholders such as chemists and future users.

Define the app's features

Based on your market research, define the features and functionalities that your app should have. Some essential features of an app like GoodRx may include a drug price comparison tool, prescription discount coupons, pharmacy search and location services, medication reminders, and the ability to refill prescriptions.

Choose a development platform

Determine which platform you want to develop your app for. GoodRx is available on both iOS and Android, so you may need to choose a cross-platform development framework to ensure your app works on both platforms. Some popular frameworks include React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin.

Design the user interface

Any app must have a functional user interface. It needs to be logical, simple to use, and visually beautiful. The target market and user experience should be considered while designing the app's user interface.

Develop the app

With a clear understanding of your app's features and design, it's time to start development. The design of the app's architecture, coding, testing, and debugging are some of the steps that are commonly included in the development process. You must hire a team of developers or work with a mobile app development company to bring your app to life.

Integrate with APIs

To develop an app like GoodRx, you'll need to integrate with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from various sources to access drug pricing and pharmacy information. APIs can provide a wealth of information to your app, including real-time pricing, drug availability, and pharmacy locations.

Test and Launch the app

After developing the app, it's essential to test it thoroughly to ensure it works as intended. Test the app on multiple devices, and get feedback from beta testers. Once you're satisfied with the app's performance, launch it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Market and Promote the app

Developing an app is just the first step. To make it successful, you'll need to market and promote it effectively. To connect with potential customers, use platforms like social media, email marketing, and others. You may also want to consider working with influencers or running targeted ads to reach a broader audience.

Top Alternatives of An App Like GoodRx

GoodRx is one of the best prescription coupon apps that is present in the market. However, if you are thinking this is the only app that is gaining attention of the customers, then you are highly mistaken. There are several other apps just like GoodRx that have a good market base and grab the user's attention. Here are Top-10 Coupon Apps like GoodRx:

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GoodRx App — Save on prescriptions with GoodRx: Your one-stop-shop for discounts and coupons available on Android, iOS and other platforms.
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GoodRx is making the consumer-first business model popular, and now would be a great time to develop the GoodRx replica. Every day that goes by, more businesses imitate the GoodRx marketplace concept. Thus, if you also want to make a remark in the pharmacy market, then you should invest in the GoodRx app.

At Dev Technosys, we have experienced and qualified developers who are well versed in mobile app development. You can hire dedicated developers who can build a robust prescription app like GoodRx for your business.

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