Flower App Development

The flower delivery solutions are witnessing enormous growth as soon as they enter the market. The on-demand flower delivery solutions provided by our platform are powered with supreme quality and highly crafted features and other advanced amenities through which the business platforms and other service providers can scale up instantly.

The never-ending etiquette enables the customers to get the best services provided by us where the florist dashboard enables service providers to showcase their services to everyone. Our flower-delivery solutions are specially designed to maintain and organize the service providers as well as customers’ requirements in priority. Also, we have inculcated the unique and imaginative designs for our flower delivery services.


The on-demand flower delivery solutions offered by us are highly integrated and designed specially to satisfy customers. Along with managing the delivery of flowers and bouquets, we are capable of handling various other instances associated with the same segment and our exclusive solutions include.

Flower vendor engagement

The app solutions offered by Dev Technosys in the segment of flower delivery app are dynamic and assist the marketplace owners to engage better with the customers. We are capable of providing better vendor engagement that can scale the business prerequisites easily and efficiently.

Store owner solutions

Our app solutions have integrated systematic dashboards where the flower store owners can easily take care of their services. This includes the inventory management, delivery of flowers and bouquets, multiple payment modes and other such instances to offer complete flexibility.

Multi-store bouquet chain

Our platforms can easily connect multiple stores dealing with the same service and we manage a centralized operation among them. through our smart application features and dashboard management, we provide critical insights to the customers as well as service providers for efficient decision making and provide sequences.

Delivery customization

We offer liberty to the customers so that they can customize their orders at any time. This solution gives enough to the time sequence where the midnight delivery option is also considered. Customers can easily add the notes or gifts if they require along with the flowers.


The service providers and customers can venture into our incredible on-demand flower delivery services and scale up their requirements or business as per their desire. At Dev Technosys we build and create custom-tailored applications that are suitable for every flower delivery service.

  • App for the customer

    In this segment, we have included some helpful features for our customers. Here they can easily and with advanced search options they can book for the flower delivery schedules can access our best services easily

  • App for flower shop

    We have custom solutions for florists where they are allowed to access our platform and manage their information regarding the client data. The shop owners can manage their flower lists and accept or reject the requests.

  • App for a delivery agent

    At Dev Technosys, the delivery agents are also facilitated with easy to register and popup notification features. the integrated in-app solutions and other navigation facilities enable them to deliver the services on time without making any sort of compromises.

  • Admin dashboard

    With our On-demand flower delivery app clone solutions we have enough to offer to the admins. This involves managing the flower service providers, delivery persons, management of the payments, review, and ratings, notifications and many others.

  • Analytics and reporting

    This is one of the most remarkable segments of a flower delivery service in which we provide enough customization options to the admins so that they can download the business performance status. Through the analytics and reports, they also remain informed with the latest features.

  • Accurate descriptions

    We have enabled smart technology features table platform through which the customers, service providers, delivery agents, and the third party can view the accurate description of our services. They can also access the best products and services available on our platform.

How Does it Works?

Our flower delivery services are reliable and the users do not get confused. We understand that the elegance and beauty of flowers are always trendy and others could not replace its prerequisites. Leveraging the same, our flower app delivery services work as-

  • 1

    Login or registration

    This panel is mandatory for service providers as well as customers in which they have to register themselves at our platform. Once they have successfully registered their identity we offer complete access to our services to them and for the registration process, they have to follow up through a quick fillup.

  • 2

    Browsing the services

    Now the customers can easily view our on-demand flower delivery services and customize the order as per their requirements. On the contrary, the service provider will check the status and based upon their findings they will accept or reject the order in order to avoid the consequences.

  • 3

    Making a selection

    As soon as the user decides to make their order they can add it to the cart and place the order. When the request is generated a quick notification will be sent to the customer as well as the service provider of knowledge in the payment and flower delivery details.

  • 4

    Make payment

    At this stage, a request is generated for the customer to pay for their order and once it is done the delivery is taken into consideration for the immediate cause. Our experienced service providers direct the delivery agents to reach the flowers or plants at our customer's doorstep.

  • 5

    Track the order

    When the delivery agent is on its way the customers are notified with a popup notification and they can track for the delivery. This is a quick process in real-time and both the parties can remain updated with it.

Now you can surprise your loved ones with our instant on-demand flower delivery services.


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  • Customization with flowers and bouquets

  • Various social media links

  • Midnight delivery is also given preference

  • Users can create a wish list

  • Flexible platform providing easy-to-go service

  • Consistent support to user values

Are you looking for dynamic flower Courier Services applications solution?

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom Courier Services app development services.


As a recognized Flower Delivery Application development platform, we are laced with some absolute features.

In-app notifications

Our flower delivery services can instantly send alerts and real-time notifications to the customers and other service providers. This also involves the delivery agents who are engaged with the cancellation, delivery or other instances while accepting the order. The built-in app notifications make it easy for users to access our services.


We have included some of the proficient newsroom sections in our services through which the customers and service providers can get an insight regarding the immediate delivery of flowers or bouquets. We have also created this dynamic index so that the customers and service providers can learn about our latest updates.


This incredible feature is included in the advanced context in order to facilitate on-demand flower delivery services. Our platform supports multiple currencies which enables the users to pay either through e-wallet or net banking. We do undertake credit or debit cards hence eliminating the requirement to carry cash.

24*7 support

Even the on-demand flower delivery app solutions require constant support and access to the customer help forum. We have special consideration for help and support so that we can efficiently manage customers as well as service provider's queries and resolve them within some time.


The on-demand and in-app integration solution is highly required for every platform and we have provided it to get connected with our potential users with convenience. This feature enables the customers to easily access our services and the service providers can get detailed reports of the order as well as payment through this.

Customize flowers

Nothing could change you more as fast as fresh and refreshing flowers and at Dev Technosys you will get that with absolute convenience. We have deployed hi-tech Solutions so that you can easily customize your order and the users can also add gifts or handwritten notes on cards that will be sent along with the flowers.


We have multiple referral systems on our platform along with various integrated solutions to provide absolute ease to the customers.


We offer user-friendly a platform to our customers and service providers so that each and everyone can easily access it. Also, it is quite convenient for everyone to register themselves on our platform and make the orders without worrying much about the follow-up.


This is one of the significant advantages offered at Dev Technosys where people from every intellect can easily access our services. We have a multilingual and multi-currency platform because we do not intend the language barrier of the currency to stand between us and the customers.

Instant booking

Customers do not have to wait for long hours to receive the confirmation as we provide them instant booking platform. It is easy to schedule the comfortable time to get those fragrant flowers at your doorsteps and you can proceed with the payment as per your desire.

Attractive design

In this specific segment offered by our on-demand services we have included the most simple yet attractive designs so that people of every age group can easily make their orders through our platform. We have included multiple creative and reliable designs in the on-demand flower delivery collection.

Real-time tracking

Just like other on-demand app services our Flower Delivery Application development app services are also laced with real-time tracking. The moment after the delivery agent has picked your order, a popup will be sent to the customer so that they can track the order while it reaches their doorstep.

Maximum customization

The ability to customize is the most essential advantage that we offer through our flower and Plant Delivery App Development services. Our platform is extremely easy to customize as per the specific requirements of customers as well as service providers so that either one doesn't face the inconvenience while accessing the service.

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