Are you ready for the adventure of creating your own hotel booking site? The hospitality industry is thriving in the digital age. A user-friendly platform that's efficient and effective can make a huge difference for hotel owners as well as travelers.

Hotels businesses are expected to generate US$106.10 billion in revenue by 2023. Also, it is anticipated that there will be 160.60 million users in the hotels sector by 2027. By looking at these stats, it is crystal clear that investing in hotel booking website development will be beneficial for business.

Hotel booking websites can be lucrative, as they offer travelers the convenience of making reservations online. However, one question that comes to every startup's mind: How much does hotel booking website development cost. So, to know its answer, you must read this guide which covers everything from development to cost & features.

So let's begin.

What is Hotel Booking Website Development?

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Hotel booking website development is the creation of an online platform that allows users to search for, compare, and book accommodations at hotels and other lodging facilities. It involves designing a user-friendly website where travelers can enter their destination, check-in and check-out dates, and browse available hotels.

The website integrates with databases to display real-time pricing, availability, and detailed information about each hotel. Users can make reservations and payments securely through the platform.

The small hotel website development also includes incorporating features like user reviews, maps, and filters for a seamless booking experience with the assistance of a hotel booking app development company. The goal is to provide a convenient and efficient way for travelers to plan and book their stays.

Market Statistics of Hotel Booking Industry

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Even though we understand what online hotel booking websites are, and how they work, how can you be so sure that it's the right move for your business? Let’s confirm that from the below stats:

  • Hotel Reservation The market is expected to expand considerably between 2023 and 2030, as it has been rising at a quicker rate with notable growth rates in recent years.

  • March 2020 saw a precipitous drop to -57 percent in comparison to the previous monthly change in hotel reservations in the United States.

  • The online travel agency market is estimated to be worth $432.14 billion by Statista.

  • The online travel booking industry is expected to reach $2000 million at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% by 2028, according to a GlobeNewswire market research analysis.

  • In 2022, the online hotel booking market saw a 10.4% growth in size.

  • By 2022, the worldwide hospitality market will be valued at more than $4.548 trillion.

  • About 1.6 million people work in the lodging sector in the United States.

  • The travel and tourism sector worldwide had a market value of $4.671 trillion in 2020, compared to $9.17 trillion in 2019.

Factors Affecting Hotel Booking Website Development Cost

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Developing a hotel booking website can be a great way to expand your business and reach the growing market of tech savvy travelers. However, it is crucial to understand the factors that can affect the hotel booking website development cost, as it can vary based on the project's complexity and scale. So, let’s explore the major factors one by one which is approved by a hotel website development agency:

  • Number and Complexity of Features

    Developers need to spend time implementing the features into code, like creating the online hotel booking system or client profile. Because the travel website development cost is based on multiplying the time spent per hour by the total amount, a website with many features requires more time and money.

    As every website differs, we recommend you contact the best website design company to discuss your specific requirements and receive a precise quote.

  • Complexity of Design

    The price of the hospitality website design can be affected, for example, by the number screens that are needed. The number of views can extend the design process and affect the hotel booking website development cost. The use of bespoke parts is more difficult to implement than pre-built components.

    The time spent on different phases in the design process can affect the final expenses. The expenses may increase if, for instance, more time is invested in high-fidelity designs rather than using low-fidelity designs to prove the design principle.

  • Team Location and Hourly Rates

    Some countries have lower costs for hiring web developers or companies than others. This is the reason for their reduced living costs which results in a lower rate per hour. As an example, hiring a travel website development company can be less costly than hiring a single freelancer with intermediate skills in the US.

  • Tech-stack and Integrated Services

    The development cost may be affected by the tech stack required and the number services connected. Integration of multiple APIs for two-way communications takes longer than normal, especially when it comes to custom online booking websites.

    Some integrations will require payment for services such as CDN, hosting or storage. While creating the MVP, it's best to integrate only one service. Later on, you can add additional features based on the progress of the website.

  • Required Website Development Team

    The cost of creating a website to allow online hotel bookings may be determined by the team structure that develops custom software. The hotel website design company may not require the help of a business analyst if, for example, the owner has already done research on the market and developed a formal strategy.

    The travel website development services team composition can also be cheaper if the members are willing to assume the role of project manager. Calculating the final hotel booking website development cost is based on how much time each member of the team spends on the project.

  • Website Maintenance & Updates

    The cost of website maintenance is an important factor when developing a hotel booking site. This includes activities such as software updates, security improvements, content management and bug fixes.

    These tasks are ongoing and ensure that your website is secure, functional, and up-to-date, resulting in a positive experience for users.

How Much Does Hotel Booking Website Development Cost?

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“How much does hotel booking website development cost?” Almost every entrepreneur has this question before investing in website development because of the limited budget. The hotel booking app development cost relies on various factors that we have already discussed in the above section.

However, it is quite challenging to say the exact cost estimation of hotel booking website development. We can provide a rough estimation cost to develop a website for hotel booking.

It can start from $8,000 and can go beyond $25,000 depending on the website complexity. To give you a more clear picture, let’s check out the table of cost estimation as per website complexity:

Website Complexity Cost Estimation Time Duration
Simple website $8,000-$14,000 2-3 months
Moderate website $15,000-$20,000 5-6 months
Complex website $25,000 8 months or more

By looking at the above table, it is clear that website complexity affects the development cost. For an exact cost estimation, you must consult with an experienced website development services provider.

Key Features of Hotel Booking Website Development

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The success of hotel booking website development relies on its essential features. It will assist in standing out from competitors. Thus, it is essential to integrate high-quality features in your website.

But you must remember that integrating such features can affect the hotel booking website development cost.With that in mind, we have listed down the major features that every website must-have:

  • Comparison

    A person checks online the hotels to find the best offer within their required budget. It is therefore better to implement a comparison tool so that users can compare properties easily and select the best one for their needs.

  • Search

    Every hotel booking website must have a search feature. It enables the user to find a property within a certain area in a faster way. Search box reduces the need to scroll up and down in order to find a property. By including this feature in your website, it will increase the hotel website development cost.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    Most travelers prefer to pay for their hotel reservations online, as it is quick and convenient. It is therefore important to provide a secure payment gateway integration portal through which customers can pay easily and securely for their booking. Integrating a secure payment gateway feature into a website can increase hotel booking website development costs significantly.

  • Cancellation and Refunds

    Sometimes a traveler has to cancel their reservations due to unexpected futures or medical issues. They should be able cancel their bookings in such cases and receive a partial refund. It also demands legal and financial compliance, which can increase the hotel booking website development cost due to added complexity and testing.

  • Push Notifications

    It has been observed that travelers enjoy constant notifications regarding the latest deals, offers, and booking details. You must hire web developers who can integrate this feature in your website as it helps to build a positive brand image for the user.

  • Users Account

    Each user who books a hotel through your website should have a personal account. It would be nice to have a dashboard where users can see their past, present, and future reservations, along with the payment status.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Hire dedicated web developers who can incorporate multi-language features in your hotel booking website. It is a known fact that each country has its own native language. It is essential to launch your website with multiple languages support to ensure that everyone can access it.

Hotel Booking Website Development: Crucial Steps

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You must be wondering “how to build a hotel booking website”. Well, creating a hotel booking website can be challenging but with the assistance of a reputed mobile app development company, the development can be easier. So let’s have a look at the below steps:

  • Do Market Research

    You must carry out adequate market research before creating and launching your website for booking hotels. Typical topics to look into are as follows:-

    • To comprehend market trends, rival income, and consumer traffic, conduct competition research.

    • User behavior, pain spots, and consumer preferences are all covered by user research.

    • captivating elements seen on other websites.

    Additionally, you can also create a mobile app for your hotel booking business as it boosts engagement and increases conversion rate.

  • Web Hosting

    The next step of hotel booking website development cost is to purchase the web hosting. It is not possible to complete the following steps on how to create an online hotel booking website without renting a hosting service. So, it is advisable that you check the pricing plans and choose a package from companies offering web hosting. You must also choose the best hotel website builder like Wordpress or Wix.

  • Choose a Domain Name

    Once you purchase the web hosting, the next step is choosing a catchy and appropriate domain name. Your domain name should reflect your hotel web design agency's brand to help customers remember you. So, register your domain and choose domain privacy protection before you begin the website development process.

  • Design UI/UX for Website

    It's important to understand the backbone and structure of your website once you've chosen the domain for your hotel booking website. You need to hire a UI/UX designer with many years of experience for better planning your website.

  • Start Hotel Booking Website Development

    As soon as your hotel booking system design is done, you need to hire hotel website developers from a website development company who can start on development. It is important to hire a hotel booking website development company that has experience customizing websites. This will allow you to concentrate on your main business.

    Additionally, you can also outsource web development as they are less expensive and provide better quality in less time. They will focus on developing a MVP to expedite the launch of your product and start earning revenues today.

  • Website Testing

    After the developers have finished building a hotel booking website, it is then sent to be tested. It passes through several stages, such as performance testing and platform testing. This stage allows for the detection of all flaws or bugs and their correction.

    You must thoroughly test your website before you launch the final product. It is important that you have testers with experience to identify bugs quickly and solve them. After a successful test, the website is more stable, secure and smooth.

  • Final Launch

    The last step of hotel booking website development is to launch it to the public. You're now ready to launch your website for hotel bookings and start getting more bookings. Also, you must update your website regularly to reflect changing market trends.

Tech Stack Required For Hotel Booking Website Development

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To create a successful booking website, it is important to choose the correct technology stack. For your convenience, we've jotted down some of the best tech stacks for you to choose from.

Category Technology
Programming Languages Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Perl, Kotlin
HTTP and Proxy Servere HAProxy, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Varnish, Caddy, Lighttpd.
Primary Platform Structure Google Cloud Platforms or Dataproc
Real-time Analytics Hadoop, BigData, IBM, Cisco, Apache Flink, Spark
Payment Integrations PayPal, eWallets, Stripe, Braintree
SMS, Phone Verification, Voice Nexmo, Twilio
Push Notifications, Twilio
Maps Google maps API, LocationIQ, BatchGeo, Mapbox, Openlayers
Aggregator APIs Expedia Affiliate Network API and MakCorps Hotel Price API

How Dev Technosys Can Assist in Hotel Booking Websites Development?

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Dev Technosys, a prominent social media marketing services provider, has the expertise to develop a user friendly and highly functional hotel booking website. Our areas of competence include software development, on-demand app development, website development, mobile app development, and more.

Our team is proficient in designing a website that is both attractive and responsive. We also create a web application with secure integration of features that offers peace of mind for both you and users. Dev Technosys has the ability to incorporate advanced features. These include real-time hotel availability, user feedback, and customized recommendations.

Whether you run an established company or are just starting out, the solutions we provide are customized to meet your needs. So, if you are looking to invest in hotel booking website development for your hotel venture, then Dev Technosys is the best choice.

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