The want for patient portal development has accelerated dramatically in the continuously changing healthcare environment. At a compound annual increase charge (CAGR) of 13.2%, the global patient portal development market is projected to attain $3.5 billion by 2028.

Businesses are beginning to see how precious those virtual platforms are in allowing patients to take a lively role in their healthcare.

Patient portal development supplies sufferers with a single factor of contact to make appointments, get admission to their scientific facts, get recommendations from healthcare specialists, or even get personalised health suggestions.

Entrepreneurs may benefit from this hastily expanding area, improve patient engagement, and convey higher healthcare consequences by investing in patient patient portal development solutions.

So, without further ado, let's dive into our guide on patient portal development with some incredible sections to know about.

What is a Patient Portal?

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Stop wondering what is a patient portal in healthcare. The answer is here! Imagine having direct admission to your doctor's office through a website or app.

You may also continually get admission to your lab results, prescriptions, and scientific history via this healthcare solution known as patient portal software.

Do you need to get a crowded appointment? Use the patient portal solutions to effectively complete it while not having to attend to keep it. You can get test results from your medical doctor and ask non-pressing queries via steady chat.

If you develop a patient portal, you can perform an energetrolehinre function in a non-public, steady online setting.

Is Investing in Patient Portal Development a Good Idea?

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Patients seek more excellent solution to access their fitness information because the healthcare industry is transforming. At the forefront of this shift are secure best appointment scheduling apps referred to as patient portals, which link patients and physicians.

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Source: Statista

Did you know that in 71 % of US healthcare establishments as of 2021, sufferers might access test outcomes via their patient portals & Moreover, less than 70% of them featured an appointment-making feature through a patient portal. No right?

Here are a few reasons and some incredible market stats that will help you build a patient portal immediately!

  • Increasing Demand for Patient Engagement

    • Market Stat

      According to a HIMSS Analytics survey performed in 2023, 72% of people now choose online to get entry to their medical information.

    • Why It Matters

      Patients with access to their health statistics are more likely to take an energetic role in their treatment regimens. One of the leading advantages of telemedicine apps is that they provide better treatment results and higher patient satisfaction.

      A properly designed patient portal encourages this interaction by offering features like lab results access, appointment scheduling, and stable doctor-patient contact.

  • Improved Healthcare Efficiency

    • Market Stat

      According to research in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017, patient portals can keep administrative costs as much as $3.50 consistent with members in keeping with the month.

    • Why it Matters

      It's a great idea to develop a patient portal for healthcare agencies, reduce administrative burden, and streamline operations to bring about price financial savings.

      Refilling prescriptions and scheduling appointments are just the chores that patient portals automate, freeing up user time for more complicated patient interactions.

  • Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

    • Market Stat

      According to a recent Black Book Research poll, 77% of healthcare establishments saw patient portals as feasible resources of profits.

    • Why it Matters

      Patient portals provide access to clean assets of profits. Secure messaging structures constructed into portals can help with virtual consultations that may deliver extra cash.

      Patient mobile app development can also be used as a platform for custom-designed medication adherence initiatives or health education substances, which can result in collaborations with pharmaceutical firms.

  • Competitive Advantage in a Crowded Market

    • Market Stat

      Due to sturdy increase and contention, the worldwide patient portal market is projected to attain an amazing USD $ 2 billion by 2027.

    • Why it Matters

      It is practical to build a patient portal app with a function-wealthy that can set your clinical office or exercise apart. By providing an intuitive and feature-rich platform, you can draw in and keep sufferers looking for an extra convenient and incorporated healthcare experience.

  • Government Incentives and Regulations

    • Market Stat

      Healthcare dealers are encouraged to apply patient interplay technology and portals via the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) underneath the Meaningful Use program.

    • Why it Matters

      Incentive schemes and authorities' legislation are pushing patient portals for healthcare adoption. Investing in this technology allows your business to take advantage of these tasks and guarantee regulatory compliance in the future.

    If you develop a patient portal, you must know it offers healthcare enterprises worthwhile insights. Patient portals are a wise funding source due to the building need for patient interaction and the capacity for value savings and profits. You may additionally get an aggressive part and meet a pressing need inside the converting healthcare industry by presenting a secure and easy-to-use platform.

6 Steps of Patient Portal Development

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Now, the time has come for you to learn how to build a patient portal. In this segment, we have covered it all to help you, so without further ado, get started on patient portal development.

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis

    Step one is understanding the healthcare organization's and its sufferers' requirements and expectancies in top-notch detail. It consists of defining the general scope of the patient portal development, identifying essential features and functionalities, and accumulating comprehensive requirements.

    This step to create the patient portal includes comparing the current systems, procedures, and data to ensure the new portal connects perfectly.

  • User Experience (UX) Design

    In this stage, you must contact the best mental healthcare app development company for further development. After the conditions are established, the user experience should be of principal importance.

    It includes developing an interface that is simple to apply and intuitive and assembling each healthcare system and patient's requirements. You must contact the best patient portal app development company to assess the layout with wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

  • Technical Architecture and Development

    Hire a healthcare developers team to plan the patient portal's technical architecture primarily based on the specifications and UX layout. Hiring patient portal development company that entails designing the information techniques, APIs, and security protocols and selecting the proper technology, frameworks, and structures.

    The patient portal development company then moves directly to the development system, creating the front and back end and integrating distinct parts.

  • Integration and Data Synchronization

    Your patient portal app development company will ensure an easy interface with the healthcare organization's current structures, including EHRs, billing structures, and appointment scheduling platforms. It is critical to the patient portal.

    This step to create pateinet portal required APIs and facts synchronization tactics to facilitate the seamless trade of facts between the portal and other vital structures.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    The chatbot app development company will exert considerable effort throughout the development section to ensure the patient portal satisfies the desired desires and plays as deliberately as possible. The portal's usability, protection, and performance are proven using unit, integration, and assurance in many situations.

  • Deployment and Maintenance

    Your API development company will perform the last stage of patient portal development by setting up the patient portal in production surroundings after it has been designed and tested. It includes installing the desired processes, putting the infrastructure in place, and ensuring customers easily transition.

Connect with patient portal development services that will assist the patient. The portal must be updated, safeguarded, and optimized regularly to fulfil the converting necessities of the healthcare institution and its clients.

Key Features of Patient Portal

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Now that you know how to develop a medical website, let's dive into the segment to know its features. Patient portal features are incredibly designed to provide ease to users, which you must learn.

  • Access & Manage Medical Records

    View your immunization records, allergies, prescriptions, and medical history at your convenience. Say goodbye to rummaging through files!

  • Secure Messaging

    Contact your doctor's office directly for non-urgent inquiries, test results, or appointment follow-ups. Get rid of phone tags and save time.

  • Appointment Scheduling & Management

    From the convenience of your home, plan appointments, check the dates of impending visits, and even cancel or reschedule as necessary.

  • Bill Pay & Statements

    Check your medical bills online and safely make payments with the help of payment gateway integration. Manage your healthcare spending with ease.

  • Refill Requests

    This feature is enabled in patient portals in healthcare to ensure a seamless transition between prescriptions and submit electronic refill requests for medications.

  • Form Completion

    To build successful B2B apps, you must add this feature that saves time, expedites the check-in procedure, and completes the pre-appointment forms online.

  • Educational Resources

    Gain knowledge about particular medical issues, prescription drugs, and healthy lifestyle advice to enable you to take control of your health.

  • Track Your Health

    Using specific patient portal software, you may monitor health information such as blood pressure, weight, and glucose levels. It can give you and your doctor important information.

  • Manage Family Health

    Using specific hospital management software development, caregivers with authorized access can oversee their dependents' health data.

  • Secure & Private

    Patient portals follow strict security guidelines to guarantee the privacy of your medical records.

Know the Cost of Patient Portal Development.

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The cost to develop a web portal ranges from $8,000 to $28,000, but it is also crucial to remember that patient portal development cost varies depending on multiple factors. Here's a breakdown of the factors influencing the patient portal development cost:

  • Factors Affecting Cost

    • Features and Complexity

      A simple patient portal development cost is less than five as it has simple features like appointment scheduling and medical report viewing, steady messaging, appointment reminders, or telemedicine integration. Complexity in functions immediately translates to development time and fee.

    • Development Team

      The experience and vicinity of your custom healthcare app development company notably impact patient portal development costs. Hiring in-house developers inside the US is costly compared to outsourcing to areas with decreased developer costs.

    • Development Approach

      Building a custom integrated patient portal from scratch is pricier than using pre-built templates or open-supply answers. While customization offers extra control, pre-constructed alternatives can be a cost-effective start line.

    • Security and Compliance

      Healthcare statistics call for strong security measures. The cost of safety protocols applied, which include encryption and HIPAA compliance, will affect the cost to develop a healthcare app.

    • Maintenance and Updates

      Patient portals require ongoing maintenance to ensure capability, safety patches, and feature updates. It will effectively increase the cost of patient portal development.

Cost Estimation Table

Feature Set Development Time (months) Estimated Cost (USD)
Basic Portal (Appointment Scheduling, Medical Records) 2-3 $8,000 - $15000
Moderate Portal (Secure Messaging, Appointment Reminders) 4-6 $15,000 - $25,000
Advanced Portal (Telemedicine Integration, Health Data Tracking) 6+ $25,000+

It is crucial to know that these are just estimates. The actual cost can vary depending on your specific needs. Getting quotes from a healthcare app development company is essential to find a solution that fits your budget and requirements.

How Can Dev Technosys Help You With Patient Portal Development?

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Dev Technosys is a a leading web portal development company that can build a stable patient portal that improves communication among patients and healthcare providers. Understanding patient portal benefits allows them to design a user-friendly interface for both events.

We are aware of patient portal benefits and challenges that empower sufferers, which include appointment scheduling, lab consequences entry, and steady messaging with docs. By working with web portal development services providers, you could create a patient portal that complements your healthcare exercise.

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