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Do you sometimes wonder if you could give your fitness app users something extra? With the integration of AI in fitness industry, businesses can provide personalized training programs. However, do you want your product or service to be the best available within the market? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Applying AI in fitness industry is a rising trend. With a projected value of USD 7.80 billion in 2022, the global artificial intelligence in fitness and wellness market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.5% throughout the forecast period, culminating in a valuation of USD 30.56 billion by 2030.

As a result of this statistical data, businesses have started showing interest in investing in AI-powered fitness apps to be the first choice of the fitness concerned people.

If you want to invest in the best AI workout app development, read this blog to learn more about the success of your investment idea. This blog will give you an overview of how AI is revolutionizing the industry and how it can benefit you to invest in AI for your fitness business.


What is AI In Fitness Industry?

AI in the health and fitness industry integrates different AI technologies into various fitness, exercise, and wellness aspects. The main purpose of AI integration is to enhance the overall experience, personalization, and effectiveness of fitness routines and health management.

Furthermore, AI in fitness industry facilitates the development of virtual fitness communities that enable users to connect, compete, and collaborate with others across the world. It fosters motivation and accountability in their fitness journey.

If anyone wants to invest in an AI for gym and fitness app, consult an AI development solutions provider. The professionals will help you attain your business goals while providing a seamless experience to users.


Market Stats of the Fitness Industry Worldwide 

The following market stats will help you know how much the fitness industry is growing. With this data, you can estimate what revolution AI in fitness industry can bring.

  • It was predicted that the US health and fitness club market would grow at a rate of 7.81% per year from 2018 to 2024. It was thought that by 2024, the business would be worth more than 147 billion dollars.
  • In the next few years, the physical exercise market is expected to grow around the world. It is thought that this market will be worth nearly 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025.
  • Over the past ten years, the number of exercise businesses in the U.S. has grown every year.


AI in Fitness


  • It brought in about $30.6 billion in 2022 for the exercise, health, and gym club business in the United States. It was thought that the industry’s income would go up a little, to 30.8 billion U.S. dollars.




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Top 5 AI-powered Fitness App

The stats mentioned above make you understand how much the AI in fitness industry is growing and how it can benefit you to invest in it. But it’s quite challenging to make your developed app different.

So, here is a list of some popular apps equipped with AI for fitness. Considering their features, you can develop the best fitness or workout app to stand out.

Look at some popular apps equipped with AI in fitness industry:


  • Zing Coach 

It’s an AI fitness trainer that users can use at their home or gym. This app may adjust users as they get better at working out and offer difficult choices as users advance. With the help of mobile app development services providers, you can develop the best workout app.


  • Freeletics 

With the help of artificial intelligence and sports scientists, the Freeletcis application can create a customized training schedule for its users. As a business, you can also develop your own AI and wellness app by integrating these features.


  • Fitbod 

It’s one of the best workout apps that creates an ideal workout for users using AI and training algorithms. Here, users need to enter details of their usual workout and can enjoy this simple and intuitive AI-powered fitness app.


  • Fitbit 

This app offers a tailored experience that helps users attain their objectives by giving them better knowledge about their progress and analytics. Based on these details, you can also create a fitness app like Fitbit to enhance your online presence.


  • Hevy 

It’s an intuitive workout planner and tracker worldwide, offering services without ads. Users can use the app to log their workouts and track their exercise process for free. Considering these exemplary features, you can also develop an app like Hevy and enjoy the benefits of AI in your business.


How AI Is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry: 5 Game-Changing Applications?

Recently, artificial intelligence has transformed the fitness industry to a great extent. From personalized training plans to wearable fitness technology and gamification, AI has revolutionized how people approach fitness and wellness.

Top fitness app development companies have stated that AI has revolutionized the industry with some critical applications. Take a look at some of the significant  applications equipped with AI in fitness industry.


How AI Is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry


  • Personalized Workout And Training Routine 

Compared to the traditional fitness app, AI algorithms help analyze user data- fitness levels, goals, and preferences- to create customized workout and training plans.

AI-based machine learning helps in personalized training programming by creating customized diet programming, workout load periodization, rest and sleep periodization, and more, utilizing user data input.


  • All-in-one Coaching Bots 

Coaching bots can help athletes improve their workout technique, posture correction, activity selection, diet suggestions, and more. Chatbots in the healthcare & fitness industry help athletes to improve their workout techniques.

The cutting edge of fitness technology combined with the ease of an all-in-one app experience is brought together by a comprehensive coaching bot that uses AI.


  • Gamification 

AI in fitness industry has introduced many gamification components to fitness apps that transform the workout into an enjoyable experience. In fitness applications, AI incorporates many challenges, rewards, and virtual competition that motivate users to stay consistent and push their limits.

Businesses can create an AI app to facilitate online social interaction within fitness communities and foster healthy competition to increase brand awareness.


  • Virtual Personal Trainers And Coaching 

AI in fitness industry has also opened the door for virtual trainers and fitness instructors, increasing the accessibility and affordability of expert advice.

AI for personal trainers has become a preference for most users. It helps users obtain professional fitness advice and support without requiring in-person meetings with AI-driven coaching platforms and applications.

For this, businesses can seek assistance from an artificial intelligence development company for a fitness platform that takes their business to the next level.


  • Enhanced Wearable Fitness Technology 

AI in fitness industry has also introduced wearable fitness technology. The popularity of this innovation is increasing rapidly, and AI contributes significantly to enhancing the capabilities of such devices. AI-powered fitness trackers and smartwatches can deliver users insightful data about their fitness and overall health.

If you want to develop a health check app in the fitness industry that can track heart rate, sleep habits, and activity levels, they empower users to make well-informed lifestyle choices. Hence, it will help you enhance your user base and make the business profitable.


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Why Should Businesses Invest In Developing AI Integrated Fitness Platforms?

Now that you have learned how AI in fitness industry has revolutionized the way people do it to a great extent. Now, it’s time to understand why it can be beneficial for your business to invest.

  • Increased Engagement and Retention
  • Enhanced Customer Insights
  • Revenue Generation
  • Scalability
  • Differentiate


Developing AI Integrated Fitness Platforms


1. Increased Engagement And Retention 

AI-integrated fitness features such as personalized recommendation, gamification, and virtual coaching enhance user motivation and engagement. It keeps users actively engaged in their fitness journey, which helps businesses to improve their customer retention.


2. Enhanced Customer Insights

With AI algorithms, businesses can quickly analyze user data that help them to get  valuable insights into user preferences, behavior, and trends. Companies can use these insights to refine their product or service offerings, customer targeting, and marketing strategies and improve their business performance.


3. Revenue Generation 

Businesses can monetize their AI-powered fitness platform via in-app purchases, subscription models, premium content, and more. These revenue streams help companies to generate significant income for businesses while providing added value to users.

For this, businesses can hire a fitness app development company to build an AI-powered fitness app to generate revenue via different monetization techniques.


4. Scalability 

With AI technologies, companies can scale their fitness platforms efficiently. It accommodates a growing user base without sacrificing personalization or quality. Moreover, automated processes such as content curtain and data analysis help businesses streamline their operations and support growth without any significant additional resources.


5. Differentiate 

As the fitness industry market becomes more competitive daily, businesses can differentiate themselves from other market players by offering AI-powered features.

By providing a personalized workout palace, real-time feedback, and advanced analytics, fitness companies can attract and retain customers looking for effective and innovative fitness solutions.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AI-integrated Fitness App

You may be wondering about the cost to develop a fitness app equipped with AI technologies. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to estimate the exact cost of the fitness app.

There are many factors based on which the app development cost varies. Usually the cost to build a mobile app in the fitness industry falls between $8000 to $25000.


Fitness App Types and Complexity

Based On Complexity

Estimated Cost

Simple Fitness App $8000 – $15000
Moderately to Complex App $15000 – $20000
High-end (highly) Complex App $25000+


With the general estimation of the fitness app development cost (as mentioned in the table) you can develop your fitness app. However, if you want to know the exact cost to build artificial intelligence project for your fitness platform, you are advised to hire dedicated mobile app developers so that the development process can be completed successfully.


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Future of AI In Fitness Industry 

The future of AI development in the fitness industry is bright. Artificial intelligence technologies are set to enhance the accessibility and efficacy of fitness programs. This blog section examines the possible advancements and business prospects that could arise in the constantly changing field of AI-powered fitness apps.

  • Predictive Analytics For Health and Performance
  • Integration With Smart Home Devices
  • Health Monitoring and Disease Prevention


Future of AI In Fitness Industry 

1. Predictive Analytics For Health and Performance 

In the future, predictive analytics in healthcare and fitness will be used by AI algorithms to anticipate user’s health risks and probable injuries based on their past data and trends. Users can make favorable decisions regarding their training and diet using this proactive approach to maximize long-term performance and health.


2. Integration With Smart Home Devices 

To facilitate a comprehensive wellness ecosystem, fitness platforms equipped with AI technologies will interface with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and smart home devices.

With automated routines and voice commands, users can monitor their progress, regulate their workouts, and modify their surroundings to improve their fitness experience in the future.


3. Health Monitoring And Disease Prevention 

AI in healthcare industry will help to identify potential health issues early and offer proactive advice for prevention and treatment to users by using AI-powered systems.

In the future, AI health filters will help users take proactive measures to preserve their health and prevent chronic diseases by assessing their lifestyle factors and physiological data.


Invest In AI In Fitness Industry With Dev Technosys!

Undoubtedly, AI-powered fitness apps, with their AI fitness coach, are revolutionizing the fitness industry, offering data-driven and personalized fitness solutions. Fitness centers and gyms benefit from fitness trainer apps, taking the businesses to the next level.

Furthermore, the impact of AI in fitness industry is evident through effective time management, enhanced user engagement, and the promise of innovation.

If you are interested in investing in artificial intelligence gyms, consider an AI consulting and developing service company. We at Dev Technosys understand that different fitness is unique in other terms. So, we take pride in tailoring our app development services to meet our client’s requirements.

Share your requirements with us, and let us assist you in making a lasting impact across the fitness industry.

Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fitness Tracking App?

The fitness tracking app development cost can fall between $8000 – $25000 as per the app’s special requirements.

2. How Much Time Does It Take To Develop An AI-Powered Fitness App?

The approx time to develop an AI-powered fitness app ranges from 3 to 7 months. If you want to develop an advanced fitness app with rich-features, then it takes up to 8 months.

3. Which Platform Should You Target For Your Fitness App?

Initially, you can focus on Android or iOS for the MVP (minimal viable product), but consider expanding to web or wearbale applications to reach a big audience.

4. How Can AI-Powered Fitness Apps Be Beneficial For Your Business?

AI powered workouts and fitness apps enhance personalization exercise, optimizing exercise routines,and providing data driven insights for users, leading to improved outcome and motivation.