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With the increasing demand for mobile app development services, AI chatbot development is also raised. There is always a doubt that what a chatbot is and the answer is very simple, a chatbot is an AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) program that can do conversations or what we term a chat with any user in a very natural and understandable manner and language via messaging applications, websites, mobile applications or even via phone.

Artificial Intelligence is impacting every sector and is working towards the betterment of sectors. The health sector is equally impacted by AI and especially by Chatbots. Many organizations are gaining profits because of these AL-enabled virtual representatives and agents. These AI-enabled helpers provide 24×7 attention to the clients and help the organization out in areas of marketing, client services, and also payments.

AI did not make an impact on the healthcare industry until the year 2021. Since last year the health care sector noticed a compound annual growth rate of around forty percent. Unlike any other application, these chatbots do not need any kind of downloading and thus they do not take up much space on phones.

In the general world, Chatbots are often described as one of the most advanced ways to do an interaction that is not human-to-human interaction. A chatbot is software that is specially designed to do automated tasks that are already specified.

It is a conversational user interface, and the information provided by the chatbot is well researched as it is connected to the data sources. Many Industries were using AI chatbots unlike health care but now AI has come as a savior in the industry as well. These Chatbots can detect any disease, can tell the user how to operate a life-saving machine, etc. AI chatbots are useful in the industry. On-demand app development companies are getting profits because of the sudden use of chatbots.

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Types Of Chatbots

According to the case of usage, chatbots are divided into two types, open and closed. Open chatbots are the ones that use AI for processing the language and also learn from the interaction being done with the previous users.

A closed chatbot is one that executes a conversation in a particular flow, that is they already have a script. They do not use artificial intelligence every time while evaluating the answers by the users. An experienced Chatbot development company will always let its customers choose which one they want.

Types Of Chatbots

Artificial Chatbots In Healthcare Industry

In the medical industry, with the help of On-demand app development services, Artificial chatbots help in prioritizing patients and help them in getting the assistance they want. Chatbots are considered more trustworthy and reliable substitutes for the online search. These online searches are done when the patient finds some uncomfortable symptoms of any disease.

As we all are aware, online research will give a list of diseases we might be having even if we type that we have a sore throat and that is why it is believed that chatbots will assist patients who are unsure of what they are suffering from and if they should contact a doctor or not.

This is needed because not every discomfort is a sign to visit a doctor but then people have no idea when they should visit the doctor, and many lose their lives because of this confusion.

Common people do not understand the severity of their situations timely, which leads to various issues in the future. These chatbots will help them in keeping a check if they need to visit a doctor or not. These chatbots will be helpful as they collect data from patients and depending on the inputs of patients, these chatbots will recommend to them the things they should do next.

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Types Of Healthcare Chatbots

It will be very foolish to say that healthcare chatbots are of the same kind where there is a whole list of different chatbots that can be developed by any healthcare CMS development company used in the Healthcare industry. Building unique chatbots is also required for the healthcare industry. Health app developers have to keep in mind the purpose of these chatbots and what purpose a particular chatbot will serve. For now, primarily, there are three kinds of healthcare chatbots:

  1. Prescriptive Chatbots
  2. Conversational Chatbots
  3. Informative Chatbots

We will discuss them one by one.

1. Prescriptive Chatbots:

Prescriptive Chatbots are designed to do conversations with the user. These chatbots are developed to provide direction, answers, and awareness based on the input done by the user. These chatbots are also known for their therapeutic solutions whenever needed.

2. Conversational Chatbots:

These chatbots are developed for being contextual tools. These chatbots offer responses that depend on the user’s input and purpose. The Intensity of the conversation varies according to the maturity levels a conversational chatbot has.

Conversational chatbots that are on a higher level of intelligence are successful in offering a pre-built answer on the inputs and also have the capability to understand the context in a better manner. This is because these chatbots do conversations as a whole rather than processing the sentences in privacy. More personal responses are there when the intelligence of a chat box is higher.

The level can get so high that these chatbots start mimicking normal human interactions. Conversational chatbots have natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Processing, and applications of Artificial Intelligence, these all boost the understanding of human interactions in these chatbots.

3. Informative Chatbots:

Informative Chatbots, just like their name, offer informative outputs to users. These are done in the form of notifications, stories, and pop-ups. These Chatbots have automated client support. Mental Health Websites and new sites related to healthcare use these chatbots to help them in accessing more details about a particular topic.

Use of Chatbots In The Healthcare Industry

Use of Chatbots In The Healthcare Industry

Chatbots in the health care industry are a new addition and thus cannot be given all the responsibilities, especially when it comes to patient engagement that has to be done by a specialist only. But even after this, these chatbots are very useful and are a real help to the industry.  Contacting a chatbot development company will be beneficial in seeing what the usage of Chatbots precisely is. Here is some usage of Chatbots in the industry:

  • Administration and Client Services

We all have seen those chatbot icons on the websites we visit just for taking out some information. These chatbots help in solving all the minor issues and also help in the navigation to the healthcare services.

  • Health Tracking

Many patients need health care support regularly and these patients will have the benefit of chatbots. How? Medical providers can simply utilize these bots to make connections and conversations between the patient and the doctor, in this way both will have a detailed health record that can be analyzed daily.

  • Mental Health

This might not seem real but many bots can provide humanized conversations that help humans to be sure that they are talking with a human only. These chatbots are useful for people who struggle in expressing themselves for a number of reasons and are also useful for people who have anxiety and depression issues. These chatbots can create an environment for people where they can expand themselves and get positivity.

  • Involvement of Patients

Some people are fond of technology and in a tech-savvy world, it is easier to attract patients to attend their calls and queries if it is done on an interesting AI software. This will also make a bond between patient and doctor even stronger and that is needed for patients to follow the instructions given by the health provider. Many healthcare businesses hire a professional Healthcare app development company to get their hands on these chatbots.

  • Helps in answering frequently asked questions

The FAQs people have regarding the system, disease, symptoms, and other medical-related things can be solved by conversing with these chatbots. These chatbots successfully will provide information about a particular organization and can also answer the queries related to insurance covers as well. All in all, these chatbots are useful in giving the right answers to the FAQs.


Benefits of Healthcare Application Development: Usage of AI Chatbots

With no doubt in mind, we can say that AI Chatbots support clinical groups by shedding some load from their shoulders. These AI chatbots analyze the data of patients and are also capable of suggesting solutions and these chatbots also refer patients to contact the doctor via chat rather than visiting them personally. This is relevant for the situation that the world is facing since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world.

From an experiment or a fun thing, these AI Chatbots are more like a need for the healthcare industry. The chatbots that are developed by custom mobile app development services providing companies offer many benefits to the healthcare industry like:

  • These chatbots are capable to give better patient pathways they should follow
  • They also help well in emergencies like guiding the user on how to do the dressing properly
  • They also help well in medical management
  • If the medical issue is as simple as flu then these chatbots can give a solution that will be assisted by the doctors as well.
  • Chatbots also help in billing and insurance claims
  • They help in doing automated data developing
  • Chatbots are also scalable
  • Chatbots remind patients about their appointments

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Risks Involved in Chatbots

There are always two sides to everything then and using chatbots can be filled with all the good things. These chatbots also have drawbacks such as:

  • Wrong Medical Data

Imagine getting diagnosed wrongly just because the software had the wrong information and now one patient decides not to visit a doctor because the chatbot suggested that it will go away. These wrong provisions and data are harmful to everyone involved. Financial loss will be there and patients can also sue because of the small mistakes.

  • No Face to Face interactions

We talked about the good it is for people who are not able to express themselves but we forgot how some people do need to see the human realm in real to interact properly. This emotional compatibility can not be provided by a chatbot in any manner. The requirements of a patient might not even meet in such cases.

  • Privacy concerns

Users can be afraid of sharing their health information. Even after doing everything to secure these chatbots, there is always a risk that someone can easily peek and manipulate the patients easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are top healthcare Chatbots?

There are many well-known healthcare chatbots in the healthcare industry. Some names are mentioned below:

  1. Babylon Health
  2. Ada Health
  3. YourMd
  4. Buoy Health CancerChatbot
  5. Safedrugbot
  6. Safedrugbot

2. How chatbots can help in the Covid-19 pandemic?

Chatbots will be very useful in Covid-19 because many patients panic because they do not get one correct diagnosis or even better information about their symptoms.

In such cases, these chatbots will be very useful and they will provide the most accurate and balanced information. Chatbots will also help in making the screening process very efficient and fast.

3. How much does it cost to build a healthcare chatbot?

The cost of the app development will depend on various factors like:

  1. Platform
  2. Complexity of chatbot
  3. Complexity of design
  4. Structure complexity
  5. Features required
  6. Use of technology



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Few Final Words

The demand for healthcare CMS development companies results in an increasing demand for Healthcare Chatbots. These Chatbots are useful for the industry because they will help in solving minor discomforts a person might have regarding their health.

These chatbots are better than search engines that are preferred by patients when they feel something unusual going on in their bodies, these chatbots will give the most accurate solutions to the problems. These AI-regulated chatbots are reliable because they learn from every interaction and increase their efficiency if designed in that manner.

These chatbots are also useful in times of emergency when many people panic because they are not under the supervision of a doctor. Usage of Chatbots can also be done to provide some general information regarding an organization in the healthcare industry and they are also useful in different platforms like billing and accounting. These chatbots can also be used as a way to contact doctors more efficiently in times of emergency.