Are you looking for the mobile app development cost in Manchester?

If yes, then you have reached the place. Manchester, known for its vibrant tech scene and entrepreneurial spirit, stands at the forefront of this revolution, with businesses and startups alike harnessing the power of mobile apps to engage customers and drive growth.

However, for many aspiring businesses, a crucial question strikes: What does mobile app development cost in Manchester? To know its answer, read this blog till the end which covers costs, maintenance costs and so on.


What is Mobile App Development Cost In Manchester?

The mobile app development cost in Manchester may be affected by some crucial factors. For example, app complexity, features & functionality, backend development, testing, platform type, development team and so on.

On average, the mobile app development cost in Manchester may range between £6294-£11015 or more depending on the complexity of your project. It is just a rough estimation, actual cost may be determined when you share your requirements with a mobile app development company.

Apart from this, you should check out the estimation of mobile app development cost in Manchester to build a mobile app in Manchester.    


Mobile app development components    Estimated Cost(£)
Simple app £6294-£11015
Medium app £11802-£14163
Complex app £14163-£17310
Cross-platform development £17310-£19671
UI/UX design £3934-£6294

1. Platform Type

Creating a mobile app for multiple platforms can affect the mobile app development cost in Manchester. For example, if you choose the iOS platform, then it may cost you more than the android platform.


2. Size of Development Team

Team size may also play a major role in affecting the mobile app development cost in Manchester. Larger teams may raise cost but can expedite development, while smaller teams might offer cost savings but slower progress.


3. App Complexity

Creating a basic app would necessitate less effort and costs than creating a complex application from scratch that incorporates product images.   


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App?

Now that you know the mobile app development cost in Manchester, let’s now cech the app maintenance cost. The mobile app maintenance cost in Manchester can be between 15-20% of the overall development cost. It is crucial to note that the maintenance cost can be affected by some factors like hosting, security, new feature integration, app complexity, platform and so on.

Basically, a simple app might need between £786 and £2360 a year in maintenance, while more complicated apps with lots of features need £3934 annually. A regular servicing makes sure that speed, security, and customer happiness are at their best.

Moreover, neglecting maintenance may result in increased long-term expenses as a consequence of potential complications and obsolete technology. So, it is good to consult a mobile app maintenance and support services provider who may update your mobile app within your budget.


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1. How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App In Manchester?

The development time of a mobile app in Manchester is affected by the crucial factors and project complexity. Generally, a basic mobile app can take 2-3 months while a complex mobile app can increase the time up to 5-7 months or more.


2. How Can I Build A Mobile App Without Extending My Budget?

To build a full-featured mobile app in Manchester, it is suggested to contact an experienced mobile app development services provider in Manchester. When you hire mobile app developers in Manchester, drop your project needs and budget with them. They will create a robust app within your budget.


3. How Much Does It Cost To Create a Website In Manchester?

The cost to create a website in Manchester may be between £6294-£11015. However, it may be affected by a lot of factors like website completely, functionality, user interface and so on. It is just an estimate, the final cost can be measured when you share your project requirements with our experts.


4. What is the Cost to Hire Dedicated Developers in Manchester?

The cost to hire dedicated developers in Manchester changes with the location and skills, which generally range between £11.80-£19.67 per hour.


5. What is the Mobile App Development Cost in UK?

A simple mobile app development cost in UK may be between £7868-£19671. It is crucial to know that the cost can be influenced by the factors mentioned above like app complexity, features, user interface etc. So, you should first determine your project budget and then  move ahead.