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Parenting is the most joyous and delightful journey in a human’s life. The moment you hold your newborn baby in your arms, a protective feeling toward that baby washes over you.

You don’t want a single thing that could hurt the tiny human in your arms anywhere nearby. It’s like planting a little flower in your garden, which you nurture and care for every day and make sure no weeds grow around it and it is well fertilized and watered.

One fine morning you wake up to the flower in full blossom and your heart jumps with joy. That’s parenting with a thousand times more joy. The tiny human conquers your heart with just a smile and the innocence in their eyes makes you want to give them the best of everything.

Though parenting is delightful, you need to take care of the baby every second. That can be challenging. Most parents go through indescribable stress to raise a healthy and well-mannered child.

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Back in the good old days, working parents suffered a lot when it came to raising a child. They had to find responsible babysitters and rely on day-cares and relatives to look after their children which can be tiring.

As a new parent, you will be juggling the baby’s care, family time, and office chores, and then squeeze a little ‘me time which you probably would end up sacrificing because 24 hours a day isn’t enough! Nobody can manage all these alone.

Thanks to today’s baby app development company services, you don’t have to go through most of these tiring activities. Even though it doesn’t fully reduce your stress, parenting apps help you to keep peace of mind and save some time to relax.

All that is required is a smartphone to help you with your parenting duties. Software development companies invest a lot to hire dedicated developers who can help them build innovative app solutions for new parents.


Best Parenting Apps To Help With Newborn Babies


1. Baby Connect

This baby development app is available both on Android and iOS with a 4.7 rating. Baby Connect allows you to track, log, and share your baby’s needs and activities.

With Baby Connect, you can easily track the feeding, sleep, and milestones of the baby. It has more than a hundred built-in activities and allows you to set timers to track naps, feeding sessions, nursing duration, etc.


baby connect apps


It also allows parents to upload the allergies, and blood type of the baby, and share photos of the child. The app also permits you to set up as many caregivers as you like.

It is very simple to use, and you can log entries about the baby without hassle. Moreover, the app displays graphical charts of the baby’s activities based on the logs.

2. Baby Sparks Development App

The Baby Sparks app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Designed primarily to offer personalized programs and activities for newborns and toddlers, the app has smart adaptive technology that learns and adapts to your child’s specific needs.


Baby Sparks Development App


The brain is highly active during the first few years. The baby has to imbibe positive learnings during these crucial times as they will have an impact on the future activities of the child.

The education app development company experts have created customized and user-friendly daily programs that help your child to develop positive experiences.

3. Baby Tracker

This app is available on Android devices and has a rating of 4.9 stars. Being a new parent can be very stressful and tiring. Doing all the baby chores for your newborn takes up all the time of the day.


baby tracker app


Thus, to make the lives of new parents a little stress-free, the owners of the web development company designed this app. Baby Tracker allows you to track the baby’s feeding, sleep, and diaper change.

It also gives statistical data on the tracked information and permits you to make notes and mark reminders on the built-in calendar.

4. Baby+

This app is available on iOS and Android devices. Baby+ has many features like providing information on baby care, tracking baby growth and activities, capturing memorable moments, and sleep-assisting sounds.


Baby+ app


The app uploads daily blog articles, weekly development articles, parenting guides, breastfeeding guides, and after-birth recovery tips. Also, for the tracking part, the app tracks the baby’s growth, feeding, pumping, health, milestones, nap, and sleep. Moreover, the app enables parents to maintain a baby diary and consolidates it all into a yearbook.


5. Babygogo

The Babygogo parenting app supports parents from pregnancy till the baby reaches preschool. The app is the perfect assistant to keep track of the baby’s medical record, vaccination schedules, and growth.

It also uploads thousands of parenting articles with useful videos and graphics. With the Babygogo app, you can interact with parent communities and talk to experts about the baby’s health anytime.


babygogo app


The app makes use of e-learning app solutions and offers weekly sessions that are highly beneficial for both parents and the child. The app is only available on Android devices. The app provides baby care, mother care, growth and development tracker, pregnancy care, etc.

6. Cloud Baby Monitor

The cloud baby monitor is a priced baby development app that is available on Android as well as iOS devices. It has a unique two-way video and audio feature that allows parents and the baby to see and hear each other.

It also has high-quality video monitoring over your baby with no distance limitation. It has a super-sensitive audio recording that makes you hear even your baby’s breathing.




It provides soothing scenes like the moon and stars so that the baby is calm during the night. Also, it notifies the parents with alerts when the baby wakes up or is in need of attention. It also has lullabies and white noise sounds to soothe your baby into sleep.

7. Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer app is a surprisingly easy way to organize the family with shared calendars, lists, etc. When you are a new mom, it becomes difficult to manage both the baby and the family simultaneously.

The Cozi features include a family calendar – wherein you and your family can make plans and appointments or mark important events; shopping lists – a shared grocery lists the whole family can access; a shared to-do list and a family journal – wherein you can jot down a special moment and add photos of your family.




The Software development company which created the app allows the whole family to share a single account feature. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and has a 4.4 rating.

8. Kinedu

The app is available on Android as well as iOS. This app can be used for your child from infancy to toddlerhood. Kinedu has thousands of age-appropriate activities and video guides for each activity that allow both the parents and the child to understand each other better.

It is built around childhood development science and focuses on improving the skills of your child with or without formal training. Babies tend to learn from their parents.



These early experiences shape their mind and the way they think. Thus, the e-Learning app development company created Kinedu to empower parents by offering science-based, age-appropriate activities for the children.

9. Parent Cue

This parenting app is available on both Android and iOS devices with a rating of 4.8 stars. This baby development app makes you savor every moment of your child’s growth.


parent cue app


Nowadays since both parents are working, the baby has to be put in a day-care or with the nannies. By doing this, you miss most of the everyday moments of your baby. Parent Cue lets you invest your time in your children rationally and connects you to them.

10. Playfully Baby Development App

This is a personalized daily activity app for parents, babies, and toddlers and is also packed with advice from health experts. This app is a part of the eLearning industry solutions and enables your children to play and learn with fun.


Playfully Baby Development App


The app inspires the child with daily activities. It also provides tips to achieve weekly milestones and build healthy bonds between the parent and child.

Each activity focuses on improving the child’s verbal, physical, and mental abilities. Though a basic free plan allows personalized tasks, a premium membership has its own benefits.

11. Sound Sleeper White Noise

This app centers on one goal, which is to put the babies into a peaceful sleep. This app is designed for newborns and toddlers whom parents find difficult to put into bed.


Sound Sleeper uses different modes to help the baby in its sleeping process. It provides soothing sounds to put the babies to sleep within minutes with the Play mode, keeps them asleep with the Listen mode, and enables them to maintain a healthy sleep routine with the Tracking mode.  This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

12. Speech Blubs Language Therapy

This baby development app centers on speech therapy for kids who have difficulty in producing certain sounds. This app uses scientifically proven video modeling for effective speech development and has numerous exercises, fun activities, and mini-games.


Speech Blubs Language Therapy

It consists of voice-activated functionality that provides a fun interactive learning experience. The mobile app development company makes use of special effects and provides funny and educational content designed to trigger conversation.

13. Winnie

The Winnie parenting app is one of the must-have apps when you are looking for day-cares and preschool recommendations. The app entails education industry solutions.

It analyzes your locations and recommends the best day-care and preschools for your child. The app also connects you to other parents who are searching for preschools and day-cares so that you can discuss with them the pros and cons.


Moreover, the app also connects you to the day-care centers or preschools, which you are interested in, so that you can directly inquire about the facilities through the app.

14. Tinybeans

The Tinybeans is a parenting app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app is customized to edit and compose the photos of your baby and as well your family members into albums and yearbooks.

It allows you to compare photos of your baby to see its growth from day 1.  You can also share the albums and edited photos with your family through the app.


The app also mails you the development milestones achieved by the baby and the photo albums to your family members. It seems to be the perfect app for storing hundreds of your baby photos without clogging the phone’s memory, as the app itself has unlimited cloud storage.

15. Nutri-Baby Food

The app is available only on Android devices and is an extremely useful app for mothers to plan their child’s diet. This meal planner app provides customized and proper diet plans for babies that have just started eating solid food.

Nutri-Baby Food

The app plans healthy meal charts which have a balanced diet and maintains a graph for the baby’s nutrient intake. Since the first few years build the foundation for the baby’s mental and physical health, it is vital that the baby receives perfect care. This mobile application development company professional ensures that.


Parenting is not an easy job, it has its own challenges. Even with both the parents capable of dividing the chores among themselves, the job is indeed tiresome.

The good news is you don’t have to stress about going through all the hurdles of parenting alone. That’s why we have put the best parenting apps for you.

These apps will help you in every step of the miraculous journey. Be it learning or keeping track of the baby’s growth or their sleeping pattern, all is taken care of with these apps by your side. So, choose an app that best suits your needs and peacefully enjoy the journey of parenting with your tiny humans!