In the modern age, how often do we hear the phrase “Content is King”? These words are gold, because they speak of a truth businesses must embrace if they want to be successful in the current competitive environment. Content is everywhere, and it is the driving force behind almost all of the key decisions that managers and executives make.

The management of content is therefore crucial to the smooth running of the day-to-day activities of any enterprise. We need tools to help manage digital content intuitively, as businesses are encouraged to embrace a rapidly digitizing world.

Enterprise content management software offers a wide range of features and options for businesses. Good ECM software allows users to create and edit content, while also managing documents.

This is a list of 20 ECM platforms that you should consider when making a purchase decision. They were selected based on their reputation and the vendor’s position in the marketplace for content services.


20 Best ECM Software in 2023

1. Alfresco

Alfresco, a cloud-based system for document management, helps streamline content management processes. It has clients in industries such as publishing, government, and healthcare.

Insurance and financial services are also included. Users can access and manage files anywhere and anytime. Version control is maintained based on business and compliance needs. It is a full-service ECM that promotes collaboration between multiple parties.

Hyland, a provider of content services, has acquired Alfresco. Hyland’s global footprint is further expanded by this acquisition as it adds additional customers, partners, and employees with extensive experience in the industry. Alfresco Solutions offer new collaboration opportunities with open-source communities on product development.

They increase Hyland’s content service options as well. Customers will be able to use Hyland solutions like the Hyland Experience Platform and Hyland Experience Capture with ease in future versions of Alfresco.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor No Yes Yes 3.0 Yes

2. Laserfiche

Laserfiche’s ECM is the best tool for converting unstructured content into digitally organized, streamlined data. Intelligent Content Capture and automation workflows allow you to quickly digitize documents and extract important information. You can also follow up on tasks, approvals, and other activities with lightning-fast speed.

Laserfiche also provides tools that are essential for the integration of enterprise content with efficient processes. You can save time by not having to switch between different applications.

If you’re looking for content or templates that can be used as guides, the company offers a marketplace of solutions where you can access a wide range of content.

Last but not least, you may design unique content experiences catered to the requirements of your clients or staff utilizing its AI and machine-learning capabilities.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
500 One Time No Yes Yes 4.5 Yes

3. DocuWare

DocuWare is a solution that helps businesses manage data in an environment where remote workers are the norm. DocuWare is a workflow automation tool and cloud-based document management system for enterprises of all sizes. It allows you to quickly create digital workflows tailored to your processes, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

DocuWare excels at handling sensitive and important documents such as invoices, records of sales, and personal data. Document archiving is a big part of their work. It helps you keep your documents organized and secure while allowing you to quickly access the information that you need.

This ECM system also provides powerful analytics and search capabilities that give you insight into the efficiency of your team. This ECM system is also compatible with popular business apps like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle.

You can also take advantage of unlimited cloud storage, which allows you to access your files at any time and anywhere, without worrying about space limitations.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
£129.00/Month No Yes Yes 4.6 Yes

4. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, a cloud-based ECM system, allows businesses to manage content across multiple channels. Office 365 includes SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Office, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint are still the most popular and widely used software for content creation worldwide. They are widely used by many users because they can work on any device.

Microsoft 365 allows users of Microsoft Office Suite to store content in the cloud, share it with others, and collaborate. Microsoft 365 also includes security scanning and compliance monitoring. These features protect sensitive data from malicious attacks. Users can access and securely store their documents on OneDrive from any device.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$6.99/Month No Yes Yes 4.6 Yes


5. Box

The Box is an all-cloud SaaS platform. It’s ideal for companies who need a collaboration tool that they can quickly implement. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and is linked with Microsoft 365 G-Suite and Slack.

Box is a revolutionary ECM system, which was the first to use APIs. It allows businesses to streamline their management and sharing of information. It offers a safe platform for collaboration, with its built-in analytics and automation workflows, including those for security, support, and retention.

Box has evolved a lot since its humble beginnings in 2005 as a tool for document collaboration. It offers today collaboration, workflow management, and security in a single solution.

Box has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. A number of technologies, including cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox, are integrated with Box. Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 plays nicely with it.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$20.00/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.4 yes

6. IBM

IBM’s enterprise content management tool is popular among companies that want to make the most of their customer data. IBM is a powerful ECM that allows you to capture, archive and distribute content.

IBM provides a complete suite of ECM tools, including IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Collector. These solutions offer robust scaling for your content-management needs. These technologies also offer complete access control and safe data storage.

IBM has an AI engine that helps to analyze content and provide new information for companies that can improve the way they interact with their customers. IBM helps to automate business processes and improve collaboration between team members. The IBM Cloud Pak for Automation, which offers potent automation capabilities for content management across different platforms, is a component of IBM’s ECM system.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$1000 One Time No Yes Yes 4.5 yes

7. Onbase

Onbase is an enterprise content management (ECM) software developed by Hyland, a company specializing in information management solutions. onBase is designed to help organizations organize, manage, and access their documents and data efficiently.

Onbase allows you to store, organize, and manage all types of documents, such as contracts, invoices, HR records, and more. It provides version control, document check-in/check-out, and full-text search capabilities.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor No No Yes 4.3 Yes

8. PaperSave

PaperSave is a tool that helps manage digital files for organizations. It provides a convenient method to capture documents and store them securely in a digital repository. Then, it integrates them seamlessly into workflows. The software indexes the information captured for easy retrieval.

Thousands of third-party products, including CRM, ERP, and productivity applications, are integrated with PaperSave. Thousands of third-party programs, including ERP, CRM, and productivity solutions, are integrated with PaperSave.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$995.00/Year No No Yes 3.9 Yes

9. OpenText

OpenText, another ECM leader that can handle large data volumes, is OpenText. It’s the bridge that connects data to teams for optimal productivity. Gartner has recognized OpenText as the global leader in ECM, as evidenced by thousands of clients who rely on it for their digital transformation.

Businesses in a variety of sectors, including banking, insurance, and healthcare, use OpenText. OpenText has many features that help you manage your content more efficiently, including analytics and content management system functionality.

OpenText, which is easy to use and integrates with other business applications like Microsoft and SAP, and Microsoft Office, is an indispensable tool for any business.

It has powerful search features, is scalable and customizable, and offers a wide range of features that make it easier to manage your content. It provides robust solutions to those who require an on-premises solution for content management and those who want to migrate to the cloud for a remote experience.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor
No No Yes 4.8 Yes

10. Oracle

Oracle has been in the content management and digital marketing industry since the 1970s. It is one of the most often used methods for keeping digital assets safe and well-organized.

The software can be used to manage papers, web content, digital assets, records retention, and other functions. Examples include Oracle Universal Content Management and Oracle Universal Records Management.

With its user-friendly design, users can find and access material with ease. Additionally, the dashboard offers information on use trends to enhance communication and decision-making. Oracle’s ECM Suite is integrated with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure and apps. This product is a powerful tool for businesses looking to maximize their productivity and unify content.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor Yes Yes Yes 4.4 Yes

11. M-Files

M-Files simplifies enterprise content management. You can use the ECM system of the company to intelligently connect your business data, regardless of where it is stored, because the tool can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or a mixture of both. Your team and you can always rely on a version system that is up-to-date, safe, and secure.

M-Files provides several automation options to assist you improve the efficiency of your business processes. It can also be used to quickly extract data from documents, thereby improving the efficiency of your workflow.

This software solution also has powerful search capabilities, with AI technology integrated for fast access to information. M-Files is a great tool for the modern office, where real-time collaboration and content management are essential.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$0.01.Month No No Yes 4.2 Yes

12. Wrike

Wrike, a project-management tool, helps you create workflows to perform various tasks including content management. Use the offered templates to get started; they are simple to adapt to your needs.

It is best to use the editorial calendar template for managing your content. You can use it to plan your content, and then define the steps in the creation process. This will allow you to share with your team where each post is. This data can be viewed in many different ways. A calendar view is a great way to ensure that you deliver your content on time.

Wrike is integrated with many other tools to provide advanced content management capabilities. You can easily attach Google Docs to Wrike tasks, allowing all collaborators easy access to the content.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$9.80/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.3 Yes

13. IManage Work

IManage offers ECM services to accounting firms, law firms, and other professional service organizations. iManage, the company’s ECM solution, combines email and document management to provide a repository for all content that flows through individual firms.

This product can be deployed either on-premises or remotely via hosted servers and includes native Windows applications. In 2021, the company launched a native SaaS-based version of its software running on Microsoft Azure.

IManage Work allows lawyers, accountants, and consultants to securely share client correspondence and work products. IManage Work manages the folder hierarchies, filing plans, and controlled vocabulary for tagging documents, messages, and other content types within the repository.

IManage Work provides granular controls on access and can create auditable firewalls to control content flow within an organization. It can organize messages and documents in formal collections to manage records and preserve archival materials.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor
No No Yes 4.1 Yes

14. Nuxeo Content Services

Nuxeo’s ECM platform is optimized for text-oriented assets as well as digital assets. Nuxeo Content Services Platform controls the flow of content related to products, including images, schematics, and data sheets, as well as 3D renderings. A platform is a great tool for companies in the consumer packaged goods, retail, media/entertainment, and retail industries.

Nuxeo’s platform can store a wide variety of content types in a scalable enterprise repository that runs on-premises or in the cloud. Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite are integrated for personal productivity, content lifecycle management, and collaboration.

The technology not only facilitates information exchange but also improves cooperation through quick application development. Citizen developers, as well as other non-technical users, can customize processes to work-related tasks. They can also create collaborative environments which overcome manual information transfer and stovepipes.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$200000.00/Year No Yes Yes 4.2 Yes

15. Monday

Monday is a platform that allows you to build tools for a variety of use cases including content management. The tool comes with several customizable templates that teams can use. Each template has different features.

Content planning templates allow you to create entries for every piece of content, adding crucial information like the word count, the author, and the category. You may control the publishing of the material using the content calendar.

These templates are simple to modify. You can add or delete features to aid with planning. You can view the content as a Gantt Chart, a Gantt Chart, a Gantt Calendar, or a spreadsheet.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
 $8.00 Yes yes Yes 4.6 Yes

16. Contentful

Contentful is an open-source platform for managing unstructured content. It allows you to publish content across multiple channels. Connect your website, mobile application, or other platforms that display content to the Contentful API. Then, you upload, create and edit the content that you wish to publish in Contentful. When your material is ready, you may push it to the platforms you choose to use.

Content creation is only necessary once. Creating fewer pieces of material or adapting existing ones for various media is far more efficient than this. Once the information is published, any modifications you make will be replicated across all platforms.

Contentful offers several tools to make this possible. The editor is simple to use, and several people can work together on the same piece of content.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$300/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.4 Yes

17. Sanity

Sanity is an easily customizable content management system. It allows you to manage multimedia and text within an editing environment, which your software developers will set up according to your needs. The content can be published on other platforms.

Developers have a variety of alternatives for building the procedures they require to advance content development. Even non-technical content makers may operate the platform with ease.

Three users can use Sanity’s offering for free. Each additional user will incur a $10 monthly fee. The other packages start at $99 per project per month.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$99/Month Yes Yes Yes 4.7 Yes

18. Brightspot

Brightspot manages digital content for companies. It’s an enterprise content system that gives users a complete set of tools for creating and editing content, as well as storing it and then distributing it. The software enables companies to quickly develop and deploy engaging digital customer experiences.

Brightspot offers an intuitive dashboard to make it easy for you to manage, track and publish your content. You can customize the look of your blogs and websites, and create custom landing pages or other marketing materials using the platform.

Brightspot’s detailed analytics and reporting tools allow users to track key performance metrics over time, such as unique visitors and page views. The analytics dashboard lets you filter by date or location to see reports that are more specific.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
Not provided by the vendor No No Yes 3.5 yes

19. Veeva Vault 

Veeva Vault offers a cloud-based content management system with integrated collaboration tools designed for the Life Sciences industry. It is composed of several modules that perform different functions independently.

Vault eTMF assists life science companies in managing clinical trial operations. Vault Submissions allow regulatory documents to be gathered from partners, contributors, and affiliates in one place. Veeva RIM offers users a single authoritative source to submit documents, publish dossiers, manage authority interactions, and register products. Vault RIM enables users to plan, track, and manage product registrations.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$1/Month No No Yes 4.1 Yes

20. DocStar

DocStar Enterprise Content Management provides tools for uploading, storing, and sharing documents in different formats. There are both cloud-based versions and on-premises versions. The software can be used to capture and upload content from desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, as well as multifunction printers. The supported file formats include standard document types such as PDF and.doc as well as.wav..jpg..html. DocStar helps users adhere to document retention policies and records management.

Starting Price Free version Free trial Support Customer Ratings Training
$47/Month No No Yes 4.0 Yes


All of the tools mentioned above are capable of performing their function with great finesse. These tools are among the best in the business and can be used to manage content regardless of its size or volume.

PaperSave, our recommendation, is a powerful ECM software that can also perform a number of important managerial functions. Alfresco, on the other hand, is a software that offers AI-enabled support. So if you also want to invest in ECMS software development, it would be best to hire a software development company.