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If the popularity of Tinder is attracting you to create a similar app and earn millions of dollars through it, make sure you are informed and updated about each and every aspect of Tinder-like dating app development. Read this blog to know more about things to consider when creating a tinder like app.

But even before we discuss how to make a dating app like Tinder, let’s quickly take a look at the current statistics about dating apps.

Modern technologies have made dating so easy and classy these days. No longer people find it taboo, thanks to the amazing online social media platforms and apps like Tinder.

According to online resources, roughly 26% of people entered into a fully committed relationship through the internet, whereas about 40m people use Tinder like dating apps and sites across the globe.

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Furthermore, the annual app revenue is estimated to cross $2bn soon.  Tinder alone counts approx. 50m users worldwide and its total worth is estimated somewhere around $1.6bn or more.

The market for dating apps like Tinder is growing with the growing demand from customers for such apps. Hence, if you are also interested in Tinder clone app development, now is just the best time to do so, especially as more and more people prefer interacting with others (including their potential companions) online rather than face-to-face in the wake of the pandemic that still hasn’t gone.

How To Make a Tinder Like App?

To begin with, you’ll need to know about the main features of Tinder. How does the app work? What are the key functionalities? Tinder is amongst the most popular and highly sought-after dating apps worldwide and its swiping feature and gaming spirit add to its growing popularity.

All you need to do is swipe right to show your liking for a profile and swipe left to ignore. Here’s a quick overview of some of the key features of Tinder for your reference.

  • Easy login through social media – Tinder lets you log in with your Facebook or Instagram profiles. Users can link their Instagram and/or Facebook profiles with it. This way the user is authenticated and other users can be sure that the other person is also as genuine and trustworthy as they themselves are.
  • Geolocation – Using location, Tinder sees the social sports, such as coffee shops, bars, etc. they frequent. Other users visiting the same places also get a notification and alert after the app user exits the place. Other than this, Tinder makes use of geolocation in order to find like-minded, interest-based profiles. This way, Tinder is able to provide improved services. For example, the app (Tinder) will remove bars from the list of social spots if many users have been deleting them (bars) from their lists.
  • New Profiles – The app’s algorithm compares and matches the profile of the new user with other users’ profiles (who are already in the database) and recommends relevant matches.

How Does The Algorithm Work?

  • The app (Tinder) uses scores to provide ranking to the users by their attractiveness. The app calculates the number of swipes per profile. Each swipe means one like and the more likes a user gets the greater his/her score becomes.
  • Users with similar/same number of likes are matched. Tinder’s Swipe Surge helps increase the matchmaking potential of each user by 100% and more.
  • Find matches: Tinder users can set their age, interests, gender, etc. as their search criteria and the app matches people who swipe right each other’s profiles.
  • Profile setting in Tinder lets users set their social profiles in a manner that adds more attractiveness and trustworthiness to their profiles.
  • Push notification. The user gets push notifications when the Tinder algorithm finds a match suitable as per his/her profile settings.
  • Private chat. This is a very useful feature for those who are actively looking for a companion. The built-in messenger allows users to chat with other users.

Hire Dedicated Developers to Build Your Own Dating App Like Tinder

Your idea to create a Tinder-like app can be turned into a pleasant reality, if you know the process right and if you have the right mobile application development company at work for you. Here are the steps to creating a mobile app like Tinder.

1. Research the market and find your niche

Before you hire mobile app developers for developing your Tinder-like dating app, make sure you have researched the market and discovered a niche for your product therein.

While there is no dearth of dating apps today, it doesn’t mean that your app’s scope is less in any way. There is still an opportunity to stand out from the rest.

All you need to do is make sure you choose the right niche. Some of the most searchable and popular dating niches you can think about include:

  • Foodies – Many people tend to have a specific menu choice, including vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free diets. They find it really difficult to find a soulmate who shares the same food choices and preferences. You can provide these people with a platform that allows people with similar food choices to meet. You can add preferences and profile settings under categories, such as vegans, gluten-free singles, sweet-toothed, and so on.
  • Lifestyle preferences – We all are different and live life distinctively. Some of us may come from small towns and others may belong to the countryside or big cities. An app that brings people with shared lifestyle preferences can be a great idea to make your dating app a huge success among those who might be looking for a companion with similar lifestyle preferences.
  • Pet lovers – Not all of us like pets around and some of us are so fond of pets that we take them along even during travels. So, you may think of a dating app that provides pet lovers with a dating platform.
  • Sports connoisseurs – This is also a category you may consider for creating a dating app before you start looking out for the mobile app developers for hire.

Do some brainstorming and carry out a fair amount of homework to find your niche and launch an app. Hire the best iPhone and Android app development company to make your dating app vision a reality.

2. Select a Business Model That Works for you

Of course, you want your dating app to make money and not just serve as a dating platform for the seekers. You may go ahead with a premium business model with some advanced features like boosting profile (wherein users can pay a fixed fee to make their profile visible on top of search results), which is similar to Tinder profile boost.

Other feature you can think of is advanced swipe. This feature changes the appearance of pictures to users and the algorithm behind this feature adjusts the pictures of the users on the basis of other users’ interests.

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This way, the premium account user receives more opportunities to find a match. The other feature you may add to your Tinder-like dating app is that of unlimited likes. While free app users don’t have this option, paid users have the privilege of liking as many times as they feel like.

You can think of your dating app monetization methods by in-app purchases, wherein app users can receive and give gifts from/to each other. For this, you will have to empower your dating app with paid gifts, including flowers, greetings, etc. To monetize the app, you may even accept ads from other apps or businesses as part of a cost per mile or cost per click model.

3. Choose The Right Stack

You may require the help of a mobile app development company that has a team of competent and skilled developers with expertise and hands on experience in working for full stack development services.

Choose the right technologies for powering up your dating app and the most important thing is to keep scalability in mind. Wondering why does it matter at all? Let me explain.

To understand this, you must refer to the gradual improvements in Tinder itself. Since its first launch few years ago, the app has scaled up rapidly to accommodate more users and to make match making and people searching easier for all.

So, if you have access to full-stack development services, you may be sure that scaling your Tinder-like dating app is feasible and possible as and when desired and required.

4. Hire The Best Mobile Application Development Company for The Job

When you have decided about the features and functionalities that you want in your mobile app, you will need the help of a reliable and expert on demand app development company.

While the market is full of options when it comes to finding the best mobile app developers, decision-making isn’t easy. Hire an Android/iPhone app development company after considering the following parameters to ensure that you hire the best:

  • Hourly rate of developers – Mobile app developers charge differently across the globe even if they have similar skill sets and experiences. So, weigh your options carefully before entering a contract with the developer you choose. Outsourcing the task of app development to other countries that charge significantly less can be a great idea for you to ensure bigger savings while receiving the same quality of work.
  • Company/app developer portfolio – This is another important parameter you need to judge your potential app developer. See what they have done so far and get an insight of their expertise in the domain. While it is fine if you hire someone with prior experience of developing great mobile apps, those who have already worked on dating apps should be considered for the project.
  • Client testimonials – Check the mobile app development company’s client testimonials to see what their existing or past clients say about them.
  • Skills and team size – Team size and the technical competency of the developers is very important before you decide to hire mobile app developers for your Tinder-like dating app. Even if the company doesn’t fall in the list of the top mobile app development companies, the skill sets and team size can make a big impact on the overall app result.
  • Start with a MVP – Once you have chosen a team of Android/iPhone app developers for creating your Tinder-like app,they will begin the inception phase. In this phase, they understand project requirements and specifications, your business objectives, prototyping, etc.
  • Allow social sign in like Tinder does – Just like Tinder, you should also allow users to login in to your dating app through social networks including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This not only ensures a seamless experience for them, but also adds to the credibility of the users by making their profiles transparent and more trustworthy (as we discussed above).
  • Enable geolocation – so that the users can choose the region/area where they are looking for their soulmate.
  • Matching and chatting is important – While your dating app will help people in finding their soulmates and make matches, chatting feature will make the process easier, faster, and better for them. When users find a suitable match (according to their preferences and settings, they can begin chatting and know more about one another. During chatting, they can add GIFs and stickers to add vividness to their messages.
  • Push notifications are a great way to ensure the user is always informed and updated about the new matches for them.


Dating app development can turn out to be a profitable and lucrative investment for you provided that you follow the right process and hire the right team of mobile app developers for the job.

However, making matches isn’t easy and the procedure tends to be quite complex requiring your team of mobile app developers to be highly competent and capable in the domain.

So, hiring mobile app developers with prior experience in creating dating apps can help you get the right product. You may talk to your mobile app development company about your detailed app development needs and expectations to ensure your requirements are clear and you get the product you are actually looking for.