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PWA wasn’t a thing until recently when it was introduced to us in the year 2015. The progressive web application isn’t an old player in the market by any means, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the largest ones. Since its introduction, PWA has helped many businesses, as well as companies, grow to the next level. Read this blog to know more about progressive web apps for ecommerce.

Through this tech, they are able to improve their user experience while expanding it at the same time. Some of the largest companies in the world use progressive web apps for Ecommerce. This includes Twitter, Trivago, Alibaba, and Walmart. These brands have doubted their conversion rates as well as income numbers.


There are more success stories that are powered by progressive web applications. And there is no reason smaller businesses cannot take advantage of this technology. In fact, PWA can provide great benefits to merchants with better conversion rates and reach out to larger audience groups.

So, before you go to looking for a progressive web app development company, there is something you should know. In this blog, we shall be discussing everything and anything related to PWA. Plus, the blog shall also be discussing if the progressive web application is for you.

PWA Vs Hybrid App Vs Native App

But before we get into all of that, let’s see what a progressive web application is exactly.

This is, as mentioned below:

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps are exactly what their name implies, they are web applications that take advantage of the best web capabilities. With this, it delivers a native app-like experience. Combining these two PWA ensures consistency in web and native applications while replacing them at the same time.

Progressive Web App

While it is seen that native application offered better results when compared to phone web and creating better engagement. However, it wasn’t until PWA visuals and functionality of a native application are brought to mobile phones. As a result, these apps are quite fast and even work offline.

This is the reason why today any given eCommerce website development company provides PWA e-commerce.

Progressive Web Apps are:

1. Reliability

Progressive web applications are incredibly reliable as their load time is quick regardless of internet speed. Plus, they also help decrease the dependence on internet connection. This in turn ensures an amazing user experience.

2. Better Speed

Have you ever wondered how many opportunities have businesses missed due to their sites not loading? Well, with PWA you won’t have to worry about that because these are incredibly fast and response time is just in a league of its own. Better speed also help improve conversion rate, retention rate, as well as UX.


3. Highly Engaging

When an app offers a truly native application experience, it is hard to not get engaged in it. These also include web capacities like the ability to push notifications and also appear on the home screen of the application.

Core Features of a Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce

Core Feature of a Progressive Web Apps

1. Discoverable

In differentiation to real native apps, a PWA is identifiable as an “application” and permits search engines to find and index it.

2. Re-engage

PWA gives marketers the likelihood to easily re-engage with guests through features, for example, message pop-ups, which before were just available for native apps.

3. Linkable

A PWA has a real URL structure, making it easy to share the application through URL, yet in addition makes the pages of the PWA available to be used for marketing like SEA.

4. Progressive

PWA should work for every user, regardless of browser choice because it’s worked with progressive enhancement as a core tenet.

5. Responsive

PWA should deal with any device, of any size: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.

6. Connectivity Independent

PWAs are not dependent on network accessibility.

7. App Like

The user will enjoy a truly native application experience, in terms of speed and user interaction.

8. Fresh

The PWA is consistently modern, no updates are required

9. Safe

Since it is served via HTTPS, it is always safe.

10. Installable

A PWA permits users to add apps they see as generally useful to their home screen without the hassle of going through an application store.

All of these attributes directly concern the user experience. And all of these combine to be help with better safety, speed, engagement ability, as well as sharing. So, with this in mind, you know what are the things you are looking for in full stack web development services for PWA.

Progressive Web App development: An overview

Do You Need a Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce?

So, the moment of truth, does your e-commerce store need a Progressive web application? Well, the answer in the case is yes. The reason is that no matter what kind of e-commerce store you run or what kind of business model you follow, you can benefit from PWA.

Because it is obvious that no one wants to lose their customer just because their mobile page load time is 5 seconds, which can increase bounce rate probability to as much as 90%. And this is when you are spending more money on maintenance. This doesn’t only result in lost business opportunities, reduced customer base, but also decreased sales. In simpler words, a nightmare for businesses.

Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce

However, you can eliminate all of this by simply migrating your web store to a progressive web application. By doing this you are reducing the load to less than 1 second, while also increasing response time and all of the other things. Not to mention its compatibility with SEO. In other words, progressive web apps are all an e-commerce store can want.

Why Progressive Web App Are The Best Option For Your Business?

It has been quite some time since mobile phone users have surpassed desktops. So, it isn’t a surprise when you learn that as much as 60% of total online traffic is directly coming from mobile phones. This number matters quite a lot when you consider that mobile phones and desktops are fundamentally different from each other in how their applications work.

Most of the time what works on desktops isn’t suitable for mobile phones with a much smaller form factor. This is where businesses faced a slight problem. Because most of the companies across the world had developed their eCommerce stores to fit desktop needs and with mobile phone users coming in view, they knew it was time for a change.

Progressive Web App Are The Best Option For Your Business

This is where progressive web apps for ecommerce comes in. As per reports and stats from Google itself, the Progressive web application has helped improve an average of 20% in revenue. In addition to this, it also helps improve the user experience which in turn drives user engagement.

This is quite a step up when considering before the use of PWA the conversion from mobile traffic was only 16% despite contributing to as much as 60% of total traffic. This is the reason why an e-commerce store should consider moving to a progressive web app from its existing store.

Nevertheless, in this section of the blog, we shall be discussing the different benefits offered by amazing tech. this way; you will know what to ask for when you go to an eCommerce Development Company.

With this being said, let’s get right into it:

1. Improved User Adoptions and Home Screen Installing

We already saw how progressive web apps offer amazing better user engagement and user experience while providing the same benefits as a native app would. One of the advantages of the same is that Progressive Web Apps can be installed on the home screen of the mobile phone. Thus, users can directly access the store from their home screen without ever going to the browser.

Now, let’s see why this function is so important. As things said, people don’t download applications. In any given month, the average amount of apps people downloads on their phones is almost zero. And with PWA, there is no need to download the app.

Improved User Adoptions and Home Screen Installing

All you need to do is visit a link and accept a prompt. That is all there is to it. If you look at it from the perspective of a user, they will think it is just like any other application and not a typical shortcut. Therefore, it is the same as when a person downloads an app cutting all the bad parts.

Furthermore, after it is there on the home screen, there won’t be any need for further updates like “mobile apps”. And even when they do update themselves it happens in the background which ensures that you as a user only get the best and latest content. So, you won’t need to hire a web developer to change each type bit of it.

2. Push Notification and User Engagement

We have seen how PWA has many native applications’ benefits. And just a native app it also has the ability to send push notifications to mobile phones. Well, push notification is quite innovative in its own right and has a unique ability to keep users engaged.

This is quite an intuitive way as a business are reaching to more and more potential audience without any hard work as seen in traditional counterparts. After all, what would be better than reaching to mobile phone directly?

Push Notification and User Engagement

Needless to say, these small notifications have quite some impact on customers. They are the attention-grabbing majority of the time. When compared to the traditional forms of marketing for instance e-mail marketing, Push Notification has the upper hand. The reason is that it doesn’t appear inside an app and people don’t need to open it to read it or grasp it.

Push Notifications are short and sweet. This is what makes them such a driving force of today’s digital marketing. This gets even better when you learn that as much as 96% of internet users surf the internet without giving their email addresses or contact information to the said website. This means there isn’t a lot of data to work with, making their potential user base a lot smaller.  This is the reason why Progressive web apps for ecommerce is such a wish come true.

Why Dev Technosys Is Better Than Other Progressive Web App Development Companies

3. Reduced Development Costs, Faster Innovation & Continuous Delivery

Omnichannel businesses usually have a multiplatform strategy and work on four different systems. This includes an interactive website, an Android application an iOS application as well a Windows native application, though it is not that common.

It is no secret that creating, running, and optimizing responsive websites takes up quite some resources. And when it comes to native application the investment increase by many folds.  The reason is that development isn’t the one part that is most expensive, rather the cost doubles when you have to monitor, maintain, and improve the said app. When you are talking about iOS remember that these platforms charge 30% of all revenue.

Furthermore, progressive web apps are used by custom web development companies to create apps that do not need development maintenance or even marketing on any platform other than itself. All in all, it creates quite a unique opportunity to give bring all those 4 different systems into one single platform. so, it helps businesses bring down the cost of the same by quite a big margin.

4. Instant Performance

It goes without saying that desktops users as well as the internet are highly hungry for speed. This increased, even more, when mobile phones became more popular and there was a rise in mobile-first and even mobile-online usage. It is seen that more than 50% of the users leave a website it if takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This result in a fall of the conversion rate with 21,8% on each 1-second delay in page speed.

It was also found that mobile websites which had load times of fewer than five seconds had a much better performance as compared to the others which had a load time of over 19 seconds. Thus, the former one had 25% better ad visibility in addition to 70% longer sessions as well as a 35% lower bounce rate.

Moving on, Progressive web apps are designed in such a way by an on demand app development company,  that they provide unreal smoothness and fast UX. Businesses often capitalize on this speed benefit by leaving behind slower Webpages.

It is seen that PWAs have a load time of less than even 1 second, offering an Instant speed experience. Apart from all this it also improves user engagement as they don’t have to wait for your page to load. And another advantage is that these apps acquire a lot less space than their counterpart.

This means they take up less space on both the business and user sides. This is quite a big advantage when it comes to increasing profitability. Making it one of the reasons why your e-commerce business needs this application.

Cost Of Developing A Progressive Web Application

5. Improved SEO Capacities

Progressive web applications are web-based as the name implies and each part of them is available through a simple search engine. And this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in. you see, SEO plays a big role in digital marketing and is one of the sole things that can get your business up there in website ranking.

Improved SEO Capacities

In terms of SEO, PWA provides a big advantage as all the content that is present in this web application can be linked to, shared, as well as ranked by Google. When compared to the native application which doesn’t allow crawls, this proves to be a big benefit for the marketing team. So by breaking down the wall between apps and webs, while also providing all the benefits of native apps.

Combining this quick response time, less bounce rate, better user engagement, and decreased data used, this is the best thing that can happen to SEO. And the best part is that progressive web apps offer all of these benefits right out of the box. So all of these prove that PWA goes hand in hand with better SEO ranking. If you do it the right way, this can be a game-changer.

6. Better Conversion Rates

Throughout the blog, we have used the term “Conversion Rate” a lot. As a matter of fact, this is one of those things that are high; affected by PWA. For it goes without that saying that good user experiences directly translates to better conversion rates. By removing the wait time, slow loading, and all of those things from your e-commerce store, you are making it quite a lot user-friendly which helps you reach your business goals while helping customers meet there’s.

Better Conversion Rates

PWA is faster, more efficient, highly marketable, and just better all around. Whether you talk about instant background loading or it being available just like an application on the home screen, progressive Webpages have their own advantages. And one cannot forget that PWA can provide useful features like push notifications to your eCommerce product customization software. With better conversion rates your business can highly increase its profitability. PWA means all-around good things for an e-commerce store.

How to Create PWA Web Store?

Now that we have been through the definition of PWA, its benefits, if it’s the right choice for your business, it’s time to see how to create a Progressive Web App. So, there are two methods you can do this through. One is creating a progressive web app itself, obviously. And the other one is combing progressive web app with BigCommerce and DEITY Falcon.

PWA Web Store

In this last section of the blog, we shall be discussing the same two methods in great detail. So, with this being said, let’s start with the first one.

1. Creating Progressive Web Apps

Like we already discussed any web-based store can derive many benefits from a progressive web app. This includes profitability, better speed, better conversion rate, and whatnot. Meaning PWA can not only help you improve your store, but also get an edge over your competitors. But how do you create one?

Well, creating a PWA is quite simple. People believe that in order to create one you need to replace your whole front end and go through an expensive and intensive process. However, that is not the case. In fact, the opposite of it is true.

Since Progressive Web App allows modular implementation, all you need to do is hire a CakePHP developer to move your already existing web store to PWA. This not only saves the cost but all provide you with a whole lot of other benefits too. And the best part about it is that your customer will notice no change at all, but they will still experience all benefits from PWA. Plus, its cost of implementation and maintenance is also quite affordable and low.

2. Progressive Web App With Big Commerce and DEITY Falcon

BigCommerce offers high extensibility to open SaaS headless platforms. This opens doors to enterprise-class integrations, flexible APIs, and webhooks, in simpler words a lot of good things for your e-commerce store.

Furthermore, using the same tech, DEITY Falcon created a launching platform that is also open source. And the best part is that it offers high great benefits for the PWA e-commerce store.

App & Web Development CTA

Combined with DEITY Falcon, BigCommerce is giving the chance to every store to benefit from the advantages of Progressive Web Apps. Involving BigCommerce as the eCommerce core back-end engine, combined with DEITY Falcon as the PWA front-end, businesses in every different shape and size can begin offering vigorous, exceptionally scalable, and surprising web experiences to their users, benefitting from all application advantages while limiting time-to-market – and all of that at a lower absolute expense of ownership than some other leading e-commerce stage.

So, now all that is left to do is hire a NodeJS Development Company to do all of the technical parts of the work for you.


In this blog, we discussed and gazed at many things. Starting from the definition of PWA to its benefits, its features, and whatnot. We learned that there are a lot of benefits that come with the use of progressive web apps or progressive web apps for Ecommerce.

In fact, as the technology progresses, all of the traditional web stores should move to PWA and avail all the amazing benefits like faster speed, low maintenance, fast load time, less space consumption, and so on. But it is recommended that you consult a good development company as they are the only ones what exactly PWA will look like for your web store, and what are things you should consider before migrating.