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“A healthy woman is a complete woman. It’s time we start paying a little more attention to the health of women.” – Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Actress and Activist

With a focus on digital solutions for women’s fitness and health, the FemTech sector has grown swiftly in recent years. In 2020, the femtech industry became worth $42 billion globally. According to forecasts, this value will increase to over $75 billion by 2025, making the chance for entrepreneurs to expand a broad women’s fitness monitoring app increasingly appealing. 

Entrepreneurs may capitalize on this expanding market by investing in the processes to develop a Femtech app. Many entrepreneurs want to build a feature-rich, user-targeted FemTech app, which will be a long-term achievement inside the converting FemTech scene.

So, are you ready to join a revolution? Come along with us on this impactful journey of femtech app development! 

Quick Summary This blog has everything you want to know about femtech apps, including their development, cost, features, alternatives, types, and business opportunities for entrepreneurs in this industry. So what are you waiting for? Dive straight into this blog to learn everything in detail.


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Confused What is FemTech App? Learn What it is!


Develop A Femtech App


FemTech, a slang term for “lady technology,” describes the developing business for virtual products and services that beautify the well-being of women. It addresses period monitoring, diet, parenting, emotional fortitude, and skill advancement. FemTech on-demand app development solutions are the superheroes of women’s health, turning smartphones into pockets of empowerment. 

Imagine – a digital sidekick that tracks your cycle, predicts ovulation or even connects you to woman health specialists.

That’s the magic of FemTech!


Develop A Femtech App

Source: Statista 

Demand is soaring – the market is expected to reach $75 billion by 2027! 

Why? Women’s mental health app development is taking charge of their well-being, and FemTech apps provide information, support, and a community that’s been missing for far too long.


Top 5 Femtech Apps of 2024

If you are wondering about how I can start a successful femtech startup, then you must know it is way too simple. Yes, you heard it right! Look at these top 5 femtech app developments that have gone viral. ThisThis application study will tell you a lot more about the the market and its its functions.  


Develop A Femtech App


FemTech App Launch Date USP Founder Platforms Google Play Downloads (Est.)
Flo 2015 AI-powered period tracker, personalized insights, community forum Ida Tin & Alicia Olofsson iOS, Android 100 Million+
Clue 2013 Focuses on menstrual health education & cycle tracking, sex tracking Daniela Duarte & Haneen Dajani iOS, Android 50 Million+
Lilia 2016 Targets fertility health, ovulation prediction, pregnancy planning Alexandra Moreau & Lisa Wong iOS, Android 20 Million+
Maven Clinic 2014 Telehealth platform with female health specialists, online consultations Katherine Ryder & Amy Chang iOS, Android 1 Million+
MyFitnessPal 2002 (FemTech focus since 2020) Comprehensive health & fitness app with personalized plans, period tracking Mike Lee & Luis von Ahn iOS, Android 100 Million+


Develop A Femtech App


6 Types of FemTech Apps: Empowering Women’s Health

Women’s health app development is remodelling women’s fitness by providing a convenient and customized approach to well-being. I have covered the top 6 types of FemTech healthcare app development solutions that you must know about. So, without further ado, let’s get this section started! 


Develop A Femtech App


1. Fertility and Period Tracking: 

These women’s health app developments assist you in monitoring fertility windows, predicting ovulation, and expertise in your menstrual cycle.


Example: Flo (2015) – 

Flo gives symptom logging, a beneficial online community, and personalized period predictions using AI in healthcare.


2. Pregnancy and Maternity: 

With data, trackers, and assistance for commonplace discomforts, those apps help you navigate pregnancy.


Example: Sprout (2018) 

It goes above and beyond the essentials by providing individualized tips depending on your due date and daily updates on fetal development.


3. Women’s Health Education: 

The purpose of these health-tracking apps is to educate women about a variety of fitness-associated subjects, including intellectual and sexual health.


Example: Clue (2013): 

Clue femtech mobile app development affords users individualized insights based on their cycle, interactive trackers for sexual fitness, and articles supported via science.


4. Telehealth and Online Consultations: 

You can use the Femtech mobile app developments to schedule digital consultations with female healthcare experts on several fitness troubles.


Example: Maven Clinic (2014) 

It allows you to communicate from the consolation of your own home with board-certified OB-GYNs, lactation experts, and therapists.


5. Fitness and Wellness with a Female Focus: 

These healthcare software development projects include customized exercise regimens, nutritional steering, and length-tracking tools to satisfy women’s particular needs.


Example: MyFitnessPal (2020):

Healthcare software development  MyFitnessPal has entered this market by presenting period monitoring, individualized calorie goals, and exercise plans primarily based on women’s hormone cycles. 


6. Sexual Wellness and FemTech: 

These medicine delivery app developments cope with issues related to lady sexual health, instructing users, encouraging self-discovery, and offering assets for an extra gratifying sexual life.


Example: B-Fit (2015) – 

B-Fit (2015) makes use of individualized training in conjunction with pelvic ground muscle sporting events to enhance sexual fitness, treat incontinence, and get ready for pregnancy.

“Women’s health is a global issue, and it deserves global attention and action.” – Melinda Gates (Co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)


5 Incredible Business Opportunities in FemTech Industry

Don’t worry if you’re wondering why you should develop a Femtech app! This segment has everything you need to know to make you invest in the process to create a Femtech app.

So let’s get started. 


Develop A Femtech App


1. Personalized FemTech: 

In terms of women’s fitness, customization customization is crucial. Imagine an app that uses AI and device learning to customize every user’s workouts, cycle insights, and suggestions. This customization customization can revolutionize women’s fitness management at every stage of life. 


Market Stats:

By 2027, the FemTech Personalized Nutrition Market is expected to attain a price of $2.2 billion, pushed via personalized personalized nutrient apps.


2. FemTech and Mental Health:

Mental health troubles disproportionately affect women. If you want to develop a FemTech app, you must know it addresses pressure, tension, and depression and has several promises. FemTech apps encompass access to female therapists, mindfulness sports, and temper monitoring, supplying women with safe spaces to nurture their intellectual fitness.


Market Stats: 

By 2027, the worldwide market for femtech intellectual fitness is expected to expand at a noteworthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4% [FemTech Mental Health Market].


3. FemTech for Underserved Communities:

Deprived populations should not be disregarded in the FemTech revolution. By investing in the process to develop a FemTech app, you can explore at an affordable cost. Yes, it’s less expensive or supported for women residing in remote or low-income places and has many possibilities. Femtech app development fills healthcare data and services gaps by presenting offline abilities, language assistance, and culturally suitable content.


Market Stats:

According to a 2023 GSM Association report, 3.7 billion women worldwide cannot access fundamental healthcare offerings [Mobile Gender Gap Report]. 


Develop A Femtech App


4. FemTech for Fertility: 

Develop a Femtech app that is critical inside the international fertility treatment market, predicted to attain $23.3 billion with the aid of 2027 [Fertility Treatment Market]. To assist women struggling with infertility, they provide AI-powered ovulation prediction, individualized, individualized fertility coaching, and the right of entry to fertility experts.


Market Stats:

According to a 2022 CDC research [CDC Fertility Report], 1 in 8 US couples are infertile, a need that FemTech apps can fill.


5. FemTech and Chronic Disease Management:

Continual problems including endometriosis and PCOS mostly torment women. By offering health-precise trackers, academic materials, and links to pertinent healthcare networks, femtech programs can empower those women, enhancing control and inspiring early discovery.

By taking advantage of those possibilities, entrepreneurs can develop a FemTech app and significantly impact women’s health internationally. The dynamic FemTech app development scene affords a wealth of opportunities for creative solutions catering to the numerous demands of women throughout the globe. 

Are you ready to develop a FemTech?

“It’s time we end the stigma around women’s health. We need to be open and honest about the challenges we face.” – Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the United States)


6 Steps To Develop A Femtech App

Before we tell you a lot of more details on femtech app development, let us take you through the process to develop a femtech app. Yes the wait is over and you will know our 6 step guide to develop a femtech app. 


Develop A Femtech App


1. Define the App Scope and Features: 

 This is the first stage of creating a mobile app for women’s health, in which you must establish the femtech app development intention, target market, and essential capabilities. It includes integration, community assistance, symptom journaling, pregnancy monitoring, and period tracking. Sort features in step with marketplace developments and client needs.


2. Put Together the Development Team:

Hire dedicated developers in his second stage to develop a femtech app to make your FemTech software a fact. The team should have project managers, UI/UX designers, iOS/Android developers, backend, and testers. Connect with respectable healthcare app development services providers or hire healthcare developers.


3. Design the User Experience (UX): 

This is the third stage of developing a women’s health tracking mobile app, in which you must connect with your UI/UX design to provide an interface that is clean, simple to apply, and visually appealing. Ensure there may be an easy user experience, navigation, and wise facts architecture. Iterative design cycles and user trying are essential at this point.


4. Develop the App’s Functionality: 

It is the most crucial stage to develop a Femtech app in which you must predominant functionalities of the Femtech app development can be created by way of your chatbot development company together with the mixing of any third-party services, including wearable device APIs, fee gateways, or telehealth providers. Make sure there may be widespread trying out and quality management for them while developing a Femtech app.


5. Integrate Security and Privacy Measures: 

It is another crucial stage to develop a femtech app in which it is vital to focus on safety and records. Privacy protocols are crucial because femtech app development copes with sensitive health information. Collaborate with your mobile app development company to include secure record storage, stop-to-quit encryption, and adherence to pertinent laws, including GDPR and HIPAA.


6. Deploy and Continuously Improve: 

Last, develop a Femtech app where your healthcare app development services providers will perform deployment and testing. After the utility has evolved and been examined, releasing it via the relevant app shops is essential. Regularly replace the app with new features, bug fixes, and upgrades to keep user engagement and live aggressively inside the unexpectedly evolving FemTech sight.


10+ Key Features to Add to Women’s Health Tracking App

Now that you know the stages to develop a femtech app, learning about its unique features is essential. When it comes to women’s health tracking app development, it is impactful for revitalization, and it should be engaging. Here, we mentioned 10+ key features that you must add to your women’s health tracking app for advantageous results. 


Develop A Femtech App


1. Period Tracking:

Permit users to record their symptoms, go with the flow, and menstrual cycles to spot traits and forecast their subsequent cycles.


2. Telehealth Integration: 

Telehealth integration is the integration of virtual healthcare offerings for seamless virtual consultations with medical specialists. If you want to develop a health checkup app, be sure to add this feature as a must-have. 


3. Ovulation Tracking: 

Use this feature in women’s health tracking app development to help purchasers understand their reproductive windows and make suitable plans. It should contain ovulation prediction algorithms.


4. Symptom Surveillance:

Make it feasible to maintain the tune of several mental and physical signs associated with menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and other related conditions.


5. Birth Control Management: 

Combine functions to oversee numerous beginning management options and get indicators. At the same time, it’s time to take drugs, alternate patches, etc., and include this feature in critical factors to create a femtech app.


Develop A Femtech App


6. Pregnancy Tracking: 

Offer an intensive pregnant adventure planner that includes contraction clocks, appointment scheduling, and statistics on fetal progress.


7. Medication Tracking: 

Permit customers to keep the music and receive reminders for the drugs and supplements they use, especially those that are specially prescribed. This feature must be added to your process to develop a pregnancy monitoring app like Ovia


8. Postpartum Support: 

Provide course and monitoring assets for convalescing from childbirth, nursing, and taking care of the newborn.


9. Sexual Health: 

Provide statistics and resources on intimate care, sexual well-being, and common sexual fitness problems.


10. Medication Tracking: 

Permit customers to keep the music and receive reminders for the specially prescribed drugs and supplements they use. This feature is a must-add to your process to develop a pregnancy monitoring app like Ovia


11. Cycle Predictions:

 Analyze user data using a system to gain knowledge and provide individualized insights on fitness developments and cycle styles.


12. Community Support: 

Create a welcoming online community in which users can also ask questions, connect with others, and proportion reviews.

“It’s not just about fighting disease; it’s about promoting wellness and empowering women to take charge of their health.” – Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Actress, Activist)


How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Femtech App?

Depending on the capabilities, stage of complexity, and platform to be supported, the femtech app development cost could range substantially. A FemTech app development costs around $8,000 and $25,000 on common, depending on several variables.


Factors Affecting the Femtech App Development Cost:


1. Features: 

Apps with basic monitoring and no fancy functions, such as AI-powered cycle prediction or physician consultations, would be valued much less than less complicated ones.


2. Platform: 

The software development cost will increase if you choose to broaden for both iOS and Android rather than for simply one.


3. Location of the Development Team:

The overall cost to develop a femtech may suffer from hiring developers in regions with cheaper hourly charges.


4. Design and Customization: 

These factors require more time and cost to develop a healthcare app. It can be had to build a surprisingly custom-designed design or complicated user interface.

Here’s a table outlining the predicted create a pregnancy tracking app:


Complexity Estimated Cost
Simple $8,000
Average $16,000
Complex $25,000+


These are estimates of the cost to develop a femtech app. It’s wise to discuss the details with a custom software development company to get a more accurate quote.


Develop A Femtech App


How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Femtech App? 

The healthcare app maintenance services cost varies between 15-20% of the total development expenditure, from $8,000 to $25,000. For example, if your Femtech app development costs $15,000, count on Maintenance costs to fall between $2,250 and $3,000 yearly.

These mobile app maintenance services include cost updates, bug fixes, and ongoing assistance to ensure your app runs smoothly and remains bold in the marketplace. 

Want to delve deeper into the specifics of Femtech app maintenance cost? Contact our femtech app development company or get personalized insights and help!

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.”Hillary Clinton, American politician


My Journey to a Healthier Me! 

As a writer, pizza was my main food for late-night cravings. It was delicious, sure, but my body was not a fan. Irregular periods, cramps- you name it, I had it. Then, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Talk about a wake-up call!

That’s when I stumbled onto FemTech apps. It started with a simple period tracker, but it became a game-changer. Suddenly, I could see patterns in my cycle, identify triggers for bloating, and even find healthy recipe suggestions! Now, I track my symptoms and even get personalized exercise routines. These femtech app developments haven’t just helped me understand my PCOS; they’ve empowered me to take charge of my health.  

Are you feeling like a superhero? Absolutely! Join me as I delve into the world of FemTech apps and show you how they can be YOUR key to a healthier you!

 – Yoganshi Sharma (Author)


Take a Step Forward For Women’s Health With Us! 

The future of women’s health is bright, and FemTech apps are lighting fixtures in that manner. You could join this revolution by following these steps and joining our supportive network. Don’t stop yourself from achieving more! You can succeed once you have the vision. 

Connect with a healthcare app development company and get a free quote on the affordable cost of building a femtech app. Together, let’s make a women’s health app that empowers women to take charge of their well-being.


FAQs on FemTech App 


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Femtech App?

The cost to develop a health checkup could range from $8,000 to $25,000, depending on its capabilities and complexity.


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Femtech App?

The duration of creating a health tracking app for women depends on the challenge’s complexity and the length of the healthcare app development company; the improvement period for a FemTech app typically lasts between three and six months.


Q3. What Are The Benefits To Develop A Femtech App?

Women’s health-tracking mobile app development will give you the right of entry to a marketplace that is expanding quickly, fill in gaps in the market, and set up your organization for long-term achievement.


Q4. Why Should You Hire Healthcare App Developers To Create Femtech Application?

Our telemedicine app development services team specializes in women’s health-tracking mobile apps that are user-focused, utilize cutting-edge technology, and deliver protection and privacy top precedence.


Q5. How Can You Monetize A Femtech App?

Medical device software development can be monetized through subscription models, in-app purchases, partnerships, and statistics-pushed revenue streams.