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Do you also wonder how e scooter business is an opportunity for new business and why everybody is investing in E Scooter app development? Digitalization is growing immensely and making our world computerized by a hybrid society. As a result, a significant change is happening in the e-scooter sector. Urban riders have always favored electric-powered scooters because of their ease and lightweight. Since 2008 the scooter has been offered for sale worldwide.

They have been offered for sale. The market experienced a CAGR of 19.5% between 2015 and 2021. it’s huge, right! The E Scooter Sharing app business received more than all other normal motorbikes hike in growth. The electric scooter trend in 2021 is examined in this article, along with some major segmentation trends and growth rates.

In this blog, we covered almost everything you need to know about the E Scooter app development market. So it is vital to read through this entire blog to know every scooter market trend you were looking for!

So keep reading…!


Current Market Stats of E Scooter Sharing App

In May 2018, sales of electric scooters in the United States market surpassed those of motorcycles for the first time. According to statistics, the electric scooter craze will continue till 2021.

The below section will offer some exciting market stats on scooter-sharing app development, which will help you know about the market growth of this business.


E Scooter Sharing app


● An estimated market volume of US$2,818.00m by 2026 is the result of revenue growing at a projected annual rate of 15.42 percent (CAGR 2022-2026).

● By 2026, there should be 124.8 million users in the E-scooter rental business market.

● User penetration is currently at 1.0 percent and is predicted to reach 1.6 percent by 2026.

● The average revenue per user (ARPU) is anticipated to be $20.60 USD.

● By 2026, online sales will account for 100% of the total revenue in the E-Scooter sharing market.

● In 2022, it is anticipated that the E-scooter rental business market will generate US$1,588.00 million.

● In contrast to other countries, the United States will produce most of its revenue (US$615.80m in 2022).


E-scooter rental business


● It represents the global sales generated by the E Scooter app development company between 2016 to 2024.

● The expected global sales of the e-scooter sharing app will be more than 55 million by the end of 2024.


E Scooter Sharing app


● Global comparison of E Scooter app development company stats shows that the US will generate 615.80 million in revenue by the end of 2022.  The graph above shows different top 5 countries’ revenue generation by the end of 2022.


E Scooter Sharing app


● The user base of e-scooter sharing apps is expected to reach 124.8 million by 2026.

● In 2022, it is anticipated that the E Scooter Sharing app revenue will be US$24.76 billion.

● Market volume is predicted to reach US$35.90 billion by 2026, with revenue forecast to expand at a 9.73 percent annual rate (CAGR 2022-2026).

● In 2026, unit sales in the scooter market are projected to total 21,393.86K motorbikes.

● In 2022, it is anticipated that the volume-weighted average price for the scooter market will be US$1.57k.

● From a global standpoint, it is predicted that China will create the greatest income ($5,693.00m in 2022).


Top 10 E Scooter Sharing App

Now that you know about the fascinating business opportunities of e-scooter sharing apps, you must go through some amazing market trends that are getting immense popularity these days. In the section below, we have noted almost every market trend with a massive user base when it comes to e-scooter sharing apps.


Top 10 E Scooter Sharing App





Bird 4.7



● Instant GPS tracking

● Intelligent Lock facility

● Move and map the facility

● Integration of a payment gateway to lock and unlock QR codes

Android | iPhone




Lime 4.8



● Integration of a Secure Payment Gateway

● Simply scan the QR code to unlock your travel, or input your ID

Android | iPhone



Spin 4.1



● Map showing the location of nearby electric scooters.

● Submit your bank details to automatically receive a free excursion.

Android | iPhone



Skip 4.7



● Secure with QR

● Pay using various payment options

● Add your social media profiles.

Android | iPhone



Ride Goat 4.1 ● Scooter booking with instant unlock by QR

● Locate scooters nearby with ease

Android | iPhone 



Neuron 4.2



● Reserve an electric scooter nearby

● To unlock the bike, scan the QR code.

● Reduce your speed for safety.

Android | iPhone




Dott 4.7



● Booking a ride at a green rate

● scanning a QR code to verify the ride

Android | iPhone



Uber 4.1 ● A neighboring eScooter may be found with ease.

● You’ll adore your journey/services and pay for them.

● Once you’ve finished traveling, secure the scooter.

Android | iPhone



Wind Mobility 3.5


● Ideal for neighborhood electric scooters

● Using the Wind app, unlock with a single click

● Once you’ve finished traveling, lock the electric scooter.

Android | iPhone



Circ 4.0 ● Utilize the free app to sign up.

● Look for the scooters nearby.

● Utilizing the Circ app, park your scooter and secure it.

Android | iPhone



1. Bird

Bird is an electric vehicle sharing company launched in 2018. It is based in Santa Monica, US, with HQ in Amsterdam, NL. The market value of this company is 2.5 billion dollars. Bird is one of the top e-scooter sharing apps that offers the best facilities to the nearest electric scooter ride.



Key Takeaways

● The total fund bird application has raised more than $415 million.
● Sequoia Capital has recently funded more than $300 million on birds.
● The fundraising sum has increased the company’s reported valuation from $1 billion in May to $2 billion by the end of June.
● It is essential to know that e scooter-sharing app bird has secured over $400 million in venture capital funding.

Several new startups are interested in investing in developing bird scooter apps for android or iOS devices. You can also get your app like filled or bird by getting in touch with our expert team.

2. Lime

Lime is one of the tops and most authorized e-scooter sharing apps launched in 2017. lime is a micro-mobility service provider that distributes scooters, bikes, and other vehicles to reach the desired destination.




Key Takeaways

● Lime recently disclosed that the company had raised a $310 million Series D round. The company is situated in San Francisco, Paris, FR, and Dublin 4, IE. The market value of this company is more than 2.4 billion dollars.
● It is essential to know that an app like Lime has recently partnered with the best E transportation service Uber.
● Over 3 million rides have now been completed on Lime’s bike and scooter fleets.

If you want to develop App Like Lime, you must hire dedicated developers. After the collaboration with Uber, that company has raised $335 million in a round. The business expanded internationally by establishing its services in Madrid and introducing many electric scooters in the Spanish Capital.

3. Spin

Spin is a prominent platform that offers bike and electric scooter sharing services worldwide. It was launched in 2016 and is situated in San Francisco, US HQ, Ottawa, CA, and Amadora, PT.



Key Takeaways

● The $8 million in total funding for the electric scooter firm Spin was raised by backers such as Grishin Robotics, CRCM Ventures, and Exponent.
● Axios was the first to reveal this, and TechCrunch has since learned that the company is raising about $125 million through a blockchain-based security token sale (STO).

Speaking of this firm, it is one of the well-known E Scooter mobile app development businesses that offer electric scooter services, and you can find them in more than 19 cities right now by searching on the web for them. It is essential to know that riders of east Lansing city can allow electric scooter services with the help of a spin app.

4. Skip

Skip is another e-scooter app in San Francisco based on a dockless electric scooter startup. The E Scooter mobile app development (Skip) was launched in 2016. A new pilot program that tries to determine how the divisive type of micro-transportation will fit in the city has granted the company permission to operate in Portland.


Skip – Medium

Key Takeaways

● It is essential to know that it has raised more than $6 million in funding from top strategies. the total amount of capital funded by Alexis Ohanian and Ronny Conway.
● Skip has allowed users to find nearby e-scooters and pre-booking facilities. by using skip.
● A user can access all the faculty related to e-scooters via QR code and get a ride according to their preference and requirement.

Therefore, commuters download the Skip app to their smartphone, scan a QR code to find the closest scooter, and they’re set to go.

5. Ride Goat

Ride goat is another amazing e-scooter sharing app that was launched in 2019. Ride goat application has headquarters in Austin. It is vital to know that goats offer quick access to electric scooters in several cities with mobile applications.


E Scooter Sharing app


Key Takeaways

● Goat company has expanded its business with more than 500 e-scooters by utilizing the profit earned.
● You can get booking options to have stressless and free rides.
● You can access the navigation through an inbuilt map to locate the nearby places with the help of a QR code scanner.

Hence it is vital to know that the goat application requires payments in advance to access the e-scooter for the ride. teh internet connection is the most important thing which will help users integrate their registered accounts with social media and share them with friends.

6. Neuron

The neuron is another e-scooter sharing app that is a sincerely affordable alternative to e-scooter rides. The application was released in 2016 by Zakhary Wang and CTO Harry Yu in Singapore. It is vital to know that neuron application is part of several individuals worldwide.



Key Takeaway

● It reduces congestion and 90% of the environmental footprint.
● The company has raised more than $12 million from series A in 2019.
● Almost 30% hike witnessed after the pandemic in the use of electric scooter business

It is crucial to know that the company operates in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. The company’s CEO believes the business will grow immensely in the upcoming years.

7. Dott

Dott is another e-scooter sharing app that was launched in 1993. The founder of Dott ride is Maxim Romain and Henri moissianc. The headquarters of Dott business is established in Amsterdam.



Key Takeaway

● Total annual revenue generation from the Dott application is around $5.0 to $25 million.

● The funding offered to dot ride is more than $211.7 million.

● The business of Dott rides has covered more than 36 cities across all European countries.

● The company will have more than 40,000 scooters and 10,000 bikes from 2022 to 2021.

● The business has earned more than $85 million from the e-scooter sharing business and is expected to earn more in upcoming years.

You must know that Dott’s logistics factor involves processing ist maximum. In addition, the company has a legal permit to operate its business in places like Paris and London.

8. Uber

Many of you must have heard about uber. Uber doesn’t need an introduction. Uber was launched in May 2010. Since then, the company has raised its user base and has more than 93 million active users.




Key Takeaway

● Uber has $26.61 billion in bookings in the year 2020.
● The total funding for uber is more than 24 billion dollars.
● The annual revenue of uber in the year 2019 was 14.1 billion dollars
● Uber will earn 3.1 billion dollars in the 2020 quarter.

It is vital to know that Uber has more than 68% of the US rideshare market. Furthermore, the growth of Uber with active monthly users grows with a CAGR of 48.74%.

9. Wind Mobility

Wind mobility is another e-scooter sharing app established in Berlin and Barcelona. The company is micro-mobility which you started a few years ago in 2017. The founder of this e-scooter sharing app was Eric wang. To access the app, you can download the app from the google play store and apple store.




Key Takeaways

● You can search the nearby electric scooter from this application by securing one click of the wind app.

● The company generates annual revenue of 12.8 million dollars per year.

● The company estimated per employee is 145000 dollars.

You can get an app like wind mobility in a few steps. All you need to do is get in touch with our experts and get your premium app ready.

10. Circ

Circ is another e-scooter app-sharing company that was launched in 2019. The app offers smart parking discounts in some selected cities by tracking travel time and distance.




Key Takeaways

● Circ has completed more than 1 million rides in the last few years.
● The company is Berlin-based and has expanded its reach to more than 21 cities across 7 European countries.

You must know that cricket has more than 10000 scooters with effective working speed and quality. You can get in touch with our team about e-scooter sharing app development if you are looking for similar apps like circ.


E Scooter Sharing app


Opportunities of E Scooter Sharing App

This year, you must go through some amazing business opportunities expected in an e-scooter sharing app. It is essential to know the market of e-scooter sharing apps is large and has quite an immense impact on several countries. We have gathered some fascinating business opportunities for the E Scooter Sharing app below, which you should keep in mind.


E Scooter Sharing app

1. Offer Economic Benefit

The advantages of e-scooter use in a city’s economy have already been observed in numerous studies. It is vital to know that only the e-scooter industry is the $13.8 million in revenue that shares were able to bring in for the food and beverage industry. According to the 2019 Global Rider Survey, 29.3% of tourists use shared e-scooters for transportation to complete their journeys and explore the city.

The general population can explore more of the city and boost its economy by having easier access to electric scooters. It is vital to know it is a compelling argument for continuing to use electric scooters even after the covid 19 pandemic. 

2. Supportable Travelling

The environmental impact of the electric scooter is one of the main factors contributing to its popularity. The most important reason every investor is interested in creating an E-Scooter sharing app development is that it offers sustainable traveling by reducing toxic pollutants in the atmosphere. Electric scooters do not require fuel to operate, saving the cost and less polluting the environment. It is essential to know that it helps lower air pollution in densely populated areas.

According to a study by Lime, shared electric scooter programs helped the city of Paris reduce its carbon emissions by 330 tonnes in just one year. Electric scooters have established their value in promoting a more sustainable transportation industry, even though some people continue to doubt their environmental benefits.

3. Offer Micro-Mobility

As we all know, our world is living entirely in the digital era in that electric scooters have become another hi-tech technology that changes your lifestyle. E Scooter Sharing app may become a common form of transportation in the future, especially for urban dwellers. In reality, in addition to electric scooters, personal micro-mobile gadgets may become more prevalent in cities. E-scooters and other gadgets would be promoted to commuters as long as legislation governing micro-mobility devices is legalized and specified.

It is essential to know that all users of micro-mobility will also be safer using an e-scooter application. The more communities that legalize and support, and invest in creating an E-Scooter sharing app. It results in easy travel with reasonable cost-effectively. If you are wondering how to start an E-scooter rental business and how much it costs, then you must go through this blog and get important information about your use.


Build An E-Scooter App Like Lime and Bird

E Scooter Sharing App Development Challenges

As we learned almost every aspect of the e-scooter sharing app, now the time has come to understand the challenges faced with Scooter sharing app development. Below we have mentioned the top seven challenges faced by this industry, so make sure to read the following.


How To Build A Scooter Sharing App Like Lime | by bispendra brsoftech | Nerd For Tech | Medium

1. Acquiring User Base

As we all know, the market has grown immensely in the past few years due to digitalization. Becoming one of the popular business industries and generating high revenue isn’t easy. It won’t be easy to enter the industry and win market share given the high valuation and finance E Scooter sharing app development are increasing.


2. Unqualified Developer

The difficulty gets serious if you hire the incorrect developer, who may not comprehend your requirements or provides subpar performance. When developing the e-scooter app, hire someone who can come up with new ideas and solve difficulties.


3. Data Retention

It is vital to know you need to deal with a lot of incoming data through the app. Managing such a duty is essential, which requires effective stored space to store the data. To make sure it comes together well, you need assistance from a custom software development company and technical knowledge. It is another important thing that needs to be taken into account when you’re about to develop an E-scooter sharing app.


4. Legal Rules

The E Scooter Sharing app sector will be subject to rules set by authorities at various scales. You’ll need to pay attention to keeping tabs on things and occasionally informing your customers of your policies. To follow every legal step, it is essential to come up with tactics that respect the law.


5. Parking Issues

It is essential to know that you will require sufficient parking spots as an e-scooter sharing app provider. Parking spots for the e-scooters must be required to avoid the mismanagement of vehicle parking in prohibited areas. If you are interested in developing an app like Lime, in that case, you must know how much it cost to develop a scooter sharing app.


6. Safety Issues

Driving an e-scooter without a helmet and without using common sense is risky. The app’s features and the e-scooter technology must include enough safeguards and emergency tactics to prevent the situation.


7. App marketing and Advertising

It is another most challenging part of the e-scooter app. After your on-demand application launch, app marketing and advertising are other factors that greatly influence app profitable results. You must know that the most effective marketing strategies for your target audience need to be attractive.


Looking to build bike app

Is that all?

Hopefully, the information mentioned above was quite helpful to you in knowing about the E Scooter Sharing app market trends and business opportunities. You should know stated stats and trends noted earlier were from authorized sources.

After witnessing the business opportunities, every entrepreneur would love to invest in Electric scooter app development if you are one of the people looking forward to developing your E scooter app. In that case, you should get in touch with our team.

A software development company will help you make your dream come true of getting the best E-scooter-sharing app like Filld with effective further results. So stop waiting and drop your queries now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you need to start an electric scooter rental business?

To start an electric scooter app development business, first, you need to hire dedicated developers to create and design the best mobile application according to your business requirements.


2. How much does it cost to develop an e-scooter app?

It is vital to know that E-scooter mobile app development varies from $8000-$15000. The E-scooter sharing app varies depending on factors depending on the app’s complexity. The size of the app, app platform, app complexity, and developer location affect the cost of a hybrid app development company.

3. What are the key markets for the e-scooter market?

The market for E Scooter Sharing app is growing immensely, but there are top 5 countries that have extensively witnessed massive E-sharing app development growth.

● China
● Japan
● Taiwan
● The US
● Spain