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Want to develop an App like lime for your business? Here is a full guide to developing an eScooter sharing app.

With the increased population and climatic changes, there is a high demand for environmental-friendly solutions. Research predicts that vehicles and factories cause the majority of the pollution.

As a result, businesses and people are thinking of new ways to reduce pollution and opting for e-vehicles like electric scooters like Lime & Bird.

In recent years, the demand for e-scooter apps like Lime has grown in popularity, and more businesses are stepping towards eWallet app development. If you are the one looking forward to creating an e-scooter sharing app, this blog is for you.

So, without any delay, let’s get started!


What Are E-Scooter Sharing Apps Like Lime?

An on-demand e-scooter sharing mobile application helps people commute with an electric bike or scooter. Among hundreds of e-scooters, Lime is one of the most popular scooter-sharing applications offering e-bikes, kick e-scooters, and bicycles.

Although the on-demand eScooter app development process is similar to car-sharing app development, the development cost is less.


What is e-scooter Sharing App


To get a clear idea of e-scooter rental software, let’s get into the details of a famous electric scooter application, i.e., Lime.


App Name

Lime -Your Ride Anytime

Founded By

Brad Bao

Founded In

January 2017 (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Annual Revenue



E-scooter sharing

Top Competitors

Bird, Scoot, Ninebot, Mobike, Spin


E-Scooter Sharing App Market Size & Stats

People planning for e-scooter ride sharing app development are often concerned about the success and popularity in the coming time.

To help businesses get assured of their decision to invest in e-scooter sharing apps, we have highlighted the current market size and stats.


E-Scooter Sharing App Market Size & Stats


  • The global e-scooter sharing market size was estimated at $20.78 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $1,752.00 million in 2022.
  • By 2026, the number of users in the E-Scooter-sharing segment is predicted to reach 125.4 million.
  • Revenue is estimated to grow at 13.31%, resulting in a market volume of $2,888.00 million by 2025.
  • By 2025, 100% of the total revenue of the e-scooter rental business will be generated through online sales.
  • E-scooter apps like Lime have a user penetration of 1.1%, which is expected to hit 1.6% by 2025. When compared globally, the most e-scooter rental business is generated in the US.

These stats mentioned above are clearly indicating the importance of e-scooter ride-sharing apps for businesses in 2022 and beyond.


Top 7 E-Scooter Ride-Sharing Apps

Although there is ample e-scooter rental app available in the market, only a few of them are the most popular ones.

We have highlighted the top seven e-scooter applications to help you recognize the difference between each of them.





Secure payment gateway integration

Unlock your trip by QR code scanner or ID


Smart lock & real-time GPS tracking

QR code integration to lock and unlock


Map to locate the closest electric scooters

Enter payment information to get an automatic excursion


Instant unlock via QR scanner

Easily locate nearby e-scooters


Easily find an e-scooter nearby location

Finish the trip & lock the scooter


Pay using multiple payment methods

Add your social media accounts


Search for the nearby scooters

Park your scooter and lock using Circ app


These are the best e-scooter ride sharing app that businesses should know before developing apps like Lime or any other. Now that you have an idea of each of the apps, let’s dive into the e-scooter app development process.


How to Create E-scooter Sharing App?


Apps Like Lime


Planning to create e-scooter sharing app? Don’t know the e-scooter app development process? Here is a step-by-step process suggested by mobile app development professionals.


1. Conduct In-depth Market Analysis

First of all, conduct extensive market research before developing e-scooter apps like Lime. Doing so will help you figure out the target audience, latest trends, and technologies.

Gathering such data will help you while developing electric scooter applications. Besides this, you will also know the nearby place where you can park the e-scooters and make one parking area nearby. Remember, this is the foremost yet crucial step of e-scooter app development, so take enough time, conduct proper research, and proceed further.


2. Jot Down E-scooter Rental Software Idea

Overall, your concept or idea behind e-scooter application development should be to offer the best solutions to customers. To develop unique e-scooter apps like Lime or Bird, you must identify some loopholes that your application is resolving. It will make it easier to grab the users’ attention.

The best way is to sketch the e-scooter rental software idea on a piece of paper. That will help you during the development and prepare you in advance.


3. Get Your E-scooter App Designed

Besides business app development, its design also grabs the customers’ attention at first glance. So, apart from planning the development process of your electric scooter app, think of its appealing or attractive design. A perfectly integrated UX/UI of an app will easily enable you to envision the finished app.

Suppose you don’t have a desired team of designers, in that case, hire dedicated developers from an electric scooter rental application development company who can create and design a unique e-scooter app for your business.


4. Create Lime Electric Scooter App Prototype

This process involves shaping the vision and transforming it into a useful e-scooter ride-sharing app. A well-planned MVP or prototype will make it easier for you to grab the attention of both users and investors and ultimately result in a successful e-scooter app.

Also, creating a prototype will help you become cautious about dealing with the electric scooter app model. In the end, you will be able to take the desired actions against unapproved utilization and access to data. So, develop a perfect prototype before you actually create an e-scooter app like Bird or Lime.


5. Start E-scooter Rental App Development

Finally, you can proceed with the development process when you have a perfect e-scooter rental app plan in hand. If you have your own in-house team of mobile app developers, well and good, and if not, hire one.

Just get in touch with a well-known electric scooter rental application development company professionals who can help you create an e-scooter ride-sharing app.


6. Test Your E-scooter App

Every application should be tested carefully before launching it on App Store or Google Play Store. Professional mobile app testing reduces the chances of errors and bugs that users might encounter.

So, it is better to launch a perfect and 100% error-free on-demand e-scooter app development that brings huge success and profit in the coming time. You can also hire dedicated developers who can design, develop, and test a perfectly working e-scooter app for you.

So, this is how you can create a successful e-scooter rental app and increase your business sales and profit in no time. To add more worth to your business application, don’t forget to include the following features.


Must-Have Features of E-Scooter Apps Like Lime

While there is an unlimited e-scooter apps like lime features, some essential features should be in your lime bike app or any other e-scooter app. They will help you gain users’ attention while bringing in desired business profit with time.


Must-Have Features of E-Scooter Apps Like Lime


1. Simple Sign-in

Keep the sign-up process for eScooter rental software as simple as possible. To make your application unique, you can insert a short tutorial on ‘How to sign-up and use e-scooter ride-sharing apps like lime?’

enlisting all the tips and tricks. It will be helpful for the users and also keep them engaged with your scooter ride-sharing app from the beginning.


2. Search Nearby Scooters

The application should display a simplified process to locate nearby e-scooters while allowing them to choose the best-suited scooter or bike for them.

You need to incorporate accurate GPS integration that enables the users to locate the available e-scooter for a smooth ride selection.


3. Secure Payment & Tracking

Every user prefers to use an application with a secure payment gateway that allows them to pay securely within seconds.

Along with this, enabling a tracker helps users find the nearby e-scooter parking area. Whether you want to build a bird scooter app for android or apps like Lime, these features apply to all e-scooter applications.


4. Smart Lock

Incorporating a smart lock during e-scooter app development enables users to lock their vehicles after use. It reduces the confusion among users and increases the success possibility of on-demand e-scooter app development.

Whosoever might be the next user has to unlock the vehicle via e-scooter sharing apps like lime before using it.


hire-mobile-app-developers CTA


5. Push Notifications

Every mobile application has a push notifications feature, and e-scooter rental software is no different. This amazing feature keeps the app users engaged and timely updates them about the ongoing deals and discounts.


6. Ride History

Providing sorted ride history is one of the crucial features of the e-scooter ride-sharing apps like lime development process.


7. Users Feedback

Users’ reviews and ratings act as a lifeline for businesses and help to build credibility in the market. Through such features, users can leave their valuable feedback and concerns that businesses can work upon in the future.

Very few business applications have this feature, but if you want to make your e-scooter app stand out, incorporating this feature is a must.

These are some essential features of the lime electric scooter apps like lime that, if included properly, will help your business application gain popularity and success within less time. Also, make sure to incorporate the right set of tech stacks that every lime bike app contains.


Tech Stacks for E-scooter Sharing Apps Like Lime

The tech stacks implemented during e-scooter ride sharing app development possess the power to make or break your business success, so use it wisely.

Also, make sure to use the right blend of technologies while developing an e-scooter application. If you don’t have the desired experience, hire e-scooter app development company professionals.

Also, we have shared the list of the popular tech stack that you can include while developing an e-scooter ride sharing apps like lime.


E-scooter Sharing Apps Like Lime


Monetization Strategies to Increase E-Scooter App Development Revenue

Whenever businesses invest in e-scooter apps like Lime, they will definitely expect the app to generate high revenue and profit.

You also do. Right? So, here are some useful e-scooter rental app monetization strategies that you can implement to increase your business sales 2x times faster.



Provide monthly membership benefits to the users by offering them weekly, monthly, or annual passes. It will keep the users stick to your e-scooter rental software for a long.


In-app Advertisements

Grab the users’ attention with attractive in-app advertisements. Also, you can promote shops, local restaurants, or hotels to increase more worth of your e-scooter application and generate good profit.


Exclusive Offers & Discounts

Every user prefers to use an application that provides exclusive deals and discounts. So, you can increase user loyalty by distributing coupons and promo codes.

These are the three major mobile app monetization strategies that businesses can implement to increase revenue and e-scooter application worth at the same time.


E-scooter App Development revenue 2022


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an E-scooter App like Lime or Bird?

The cost to develop an eScooter sharing app depends on multiple elements, such as –

  • App complexity
  • Features
  • Development platforms
  • Functionality
  • Tech stack
  • Time & efforts
  • Development platform
  • Size
  • Developers’ location

These major factors strongly influence the cost of on-demand e-scooter app development. Still, if you want to know ‘How much do the app like lime scooter costs‘? its average cost lies somewhere around $15,000 to $25,000 depending on the type of e-scooter app developed. If you don’t have a limited budget, you can hire dedicated developers part-time or hourly.


Apps Like Lime


Final Thoughts!

With the increase in pollution, people are looking for eco-friendly traveling options, and as a result, the demand for e-scooter apps like Lime is increasing at lightning speed.

These electric scooters have emerged as a great business option for newbies and existing business owners. Now that you know everything about creating an e-scooter application, now is the right time to step into the e-scooter app development process.

If you don’t have the software development team to develop e-scooter ride sharing apps like Lime or Bird, hire an electric scooter rental application development company, professional.

At Dev Technosys, we have highly skilled and dedicated mobile app developers who can develop a perfect business app for you. Feel free to get in touch anytime.