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Node.js Vs PHP is a debate that has been going around for a while and there are no signs of it easing anytime soon. However, this can lead to confusion on the client-side. After all, it is quite difficult to choose between a platform that powers as much as 80% of the internet (PHP), and another one that is innovation-defined(Node.js).

Node.js Vs PHP: Full Comparison

Node.js and PHP both are quite popular technologies in today’s world. There is high demand for both of these, in addition, a lot of companies are offering development services for both. That is why it is so hard to choose between these two. To ease this dilemma, let’s compare both of these.

Node.js Vs PHP

Why Compare Node.js Vs PHP?

Before we go into Node.js Vs PHP, let’s ask, why should we compare them? This is a good question because they are quite different from each other. For instance, PHP is a programming language, while on the other hand, Node.JS is a runtime environment based on JavaScript.

But apart from all the various differences between these two, there are many similarities too. Node.js Vs PHP are mainly used for backend work in custom web app development services. Plus, they can be further enhanced with the use of plug-in libraries, APIs, and frameworks.

Based on which one of these two you choose, it can highly influence your development aspects like costing, development time, etc. And it doesn’t make choosing between two any easier either. For both have their benefits and drawbacks alike.

Most of all, you might be working on a project, where both of these options are equally applicable. That is why it is important to conduct a head-to-head comparison between these Node.js and PHP. And in this blog, you will be looking at exactly the same thing.

How to Hire a Dedicated NodeJS Developer

What is PHP?

PHP is one of the OG programming languages. First released in 1994, this back-end scripting language is quite popular among developers. Back then PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but now it’s more meaningfully known as Hypertext Preprocessor.

Since it is an open-source language, PHP development company use it for a wide array of operations. For instance, it is used in the world’s best content management system WordPress, as well as other CMS like Drupal, Shopify, Joomla, Woo Commerce, among other things.  Some of the most popular PHP products are Facebook and Wikipedia.

What is PHP

While PHP sure is old, it doesn’t fall behind when we talk about the feature. This programming language has multi-threaded blocking processing. Plus, it is executed by interpreters on the service side. This includes the likes of Zend Engine with Apache, Nginx servers, etc.

Code of PHP is also compatible with HTML5 markup, adding to the flexibility of the programming language. Plus, it also connects quite well with SQL databases like MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL. With all of this technical stuff said and done, let’s look at some benefits you get with PHP.

Benefits of PHP

There are many reasons to Hire PHP Developers. Some of these are, as mentioned below:

Benefits of PHP

  • A large number of internet hosting services support PHP.
  • This language is compatible with almost each and every server and platform.
  • PHP’s syntax is clean and gets work done in lesser lines.
  • It is quite popular, as well as elaborated and sustained back-end programming languages.
  • PHP comes with a high success rate, as 80% of total websites are built on this technology.
  • Leading Content Management Engines like WordPress uses PHP.
  • This language is backed with a large community and auxiliary software.
  • It is easy to configure it as per the development environment.
  • There are a seemingly endless number of PHP libraries, frameworks, and CMSs.
  • Since it was introduced in 1994, it is tried and tested technology.
  • This language is easy to learn and offers high coding speed.
  • PHP works without a virtual server, unlike Node.JS (as we will later learn).

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Limitations of PHP

While there are a lot of benefits that come with PHP web development, there are some limitations to it as well. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Since PHP runs line by line, it offers a slow working speed.
  • PHP is web-oriented, meaning it only works through the website backend.
  • This programming language doesn’t do too well with a larger number of applications.
  • There are some technical issues in terms of debugging related to PHP.

Use of PHP

Now, it’s time to look at the applications and uses of the PHP programming language. These are, as mentioned below:

  • PHP is widely used in e-commerce and blogging websites, or just any websites which deal with CMS
  • PHP is a part LAMP stack (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP), which has a wide number of applications
  • PHP based systems are highly easy to deploy and integrate with other third-party systems

Node.js vs AngularJS

What is Node.js?

Node.js has been around since 2009. This is a JavaScript-based open-source runtime environment through which JavaScript applications can be used on the server-side. But what makes Node.js such a big deal? Well, JavaScript was extremely limited to the front end, running on a web browser environment. And it never came near the domain of PHP, however, all of this changed with Node.js.

node.Js development

It is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine. This enables JavaScript asynchronous programming, which is revolutionary in itself. In addition, it also comes with non-blocking I/O, event-driven workflow, a lot of built-in libraries, and a lot of other amazing features.

Node.js logic also works well with micro-services, event queues, as well as jobs.  Not only this but, it’s also highly compatible with JSON (Java script Object Notation). All in all, this runtime environment is used by some of the largest organizations in the world. This includes Microsoft, PayPal, LinkedIn, etc.

Among other things, there are a lot of benefits you get when you hire a Node.js Development Company.

Benefits of Node.js

Some benefits of Node.js are, as mentioned below:

Benefits of Node.js

  • Node.js capable of multiple event and function processing in parallel.
  • It enables you to establish a real-time connection between client and service.
  • Node.js quite an agile language enabling custom web app development.
  • Since it is based on JavaScript, developers can work on both front-end and back-end, with one language.
  • When we talk about service calls,Node.js are many lighters.
  • This runtime environment has good compatibility with JSON
  • One of the largest upsides is that it is quite scalable.

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Limitations of Node.js

There are some limitations that come who Node.js too. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Nide.js isn’t recommended when it comes to handling larger files.
  • While Node.js is more than a decade old, it is relatively new, thus lesser supporting material
  • For the same reason as above, the community of this Runtime environment
  • When it comes to web app rendering (Graphics) Node.js can have too much workload on the CPU.
  • Unlike PHP, there isn’t much CMS that supports Node.js.

Use of Node.js

There are many applications and uses of Node.js.  Depending on these, you can get an idea of what to ask your mobile app development company.

Use of Node.js

These are, as mentioned below:

  • It is recommended for Single page applications development
  • Node.js can be used with Frontend tech like React, JQuery, Angular, etc.
  • Node is part of the MEAN stack, and MEAN Stack Developers have a lot to offer.
  • It is used in real-time application development.

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Difference Between PHP Vs Node.js

PHP vs Node.js: Functionality

In this section of the blog, the functionality of both PHP and Node.js shall be discussed. So, let’s look at them turn by turn, starting with Node.js’ functionality:


Node.js revolutionized the world of development when it brought a number of functionalities under one roof. Thus, developers do not need to learn or work on different systems for a single project. This runtime environment offers a seamless development process including an integral backend model.

Another plus point is that Unlike PHP JavaScript is a full stack development language, which takes the functionality to whole another level.


As we discussed before, PHP is strictly a backend programming language. Thus, it can only be applied in a limited area. In addition, it is a part of the LAMP stack. This means if someone wants to use PHP to a full extent, should know how to use different systems including HTML and CSS.

If a single developer can’t do it all, you will need a whole team to cover different aspects of development. This is something that limits the functionality of PHP. This is something important to consider when you want to hire CakePHP developer.

Node.js Vs PHP: Popularity

When you are comparing Node.js Vs PHP, popularity is one of the biggest factors that come into play. The reason is that the more popular either of them is, the more widely they will be used. This in turn affects the supporting material availability and size of the community. With this being said, let’s discuss both of these, turn by turn:

Node.js vs Java


You know the popularity of Node.js one rises when everyone wants to hire a Node.js developer. In this, Node.js is the most used programming framework as of the recent stats. Now, only about 1% to 2% of websites are running on this platform, but these websites are some of the big ones. This includes likes of LinkedIn and Netflix.

Node.js is forecasted to grow because-as developers say “JavaScript” is the most in-demand and convenient language. In contrast, the demand for PHP is going down.


Now, PHP has been around for a long time. And most of the websites development solutions are based on PHP. As such, more than 80% of websites on the internet today are based on this programming language. 40% of these are backed with WordPress engines.

Node.js Vs PHP: Development Cost

Whether you want to hire a CakePHP web development company or a Node.js one, the Development cost is one of the big factors. Because the goal of creating a web application is to earn money and you don’t ROI to be in negatives. Nevertheless, let’s see what the development cost in PHP and Node.js is.

Node.js Vs PHP: Development Cost


The development cost depends on a number of factors, but here we shall be looking only at one of those, which is the development platform. Now, it goes without saying that it’s cheaper to hire a small team of Node.js developers.

Since JavaScript can be used as both front-end and back-end, a small team can do the job. This means the development cost is lower in this case.


In contrast to Node.js, PHP is strictly a backend programming language. Thus, if you need a team of both front-end and back-end developers to complete a PHP project. This is something to consider that pushes away from PHP and towards CodeIgniter web development services.

Node.js Vs PHP: Coding

While coding is something clients usually don’t concern themselves with, it is important here. You see, in debates like this one, Node.js vs AngularJS, or programming languages in general, you can’t pass over the coding.

Node.js vs PHP Performance

This can affect the project overall and also in terms of maintenance. With this being said, let’s get right into it:


Speaking of coding, one of the big advantages that Node.js have over PHP is that, you can use one language throughout the development process. And that is JavaScript. While it is true that Node.js require longer lines of code than PHP, at least you won’t have to look after different languages in the same code. So, this is quite an advantage.


Well, the usefulness and success of PHP are clear, as it has been around for a long time. And during this time, it has powered more than 80% of the entire internet. However, it may offer some drawbacks in terms of coding. Because in order to successfully implement PHP, you need to be proficient with the LAMP stack.

Node.js Vs PHP

Node.js Vs PHP: Frameworks

If you know anything about development, you know how frameworks are a big part of it. It is clear that frameworks play an important part when you compare PHP and Node.js.


No doubt, Node.js is relatively recent, but it has a huge big number of libraries backing it. There are likes of Meteor, Derby, Express, and Sails. These frameworks can improve productivity while reducing development time, and using lesser resources.


PHP has been around for a long, long time. If nothing else, it has resulted in a large number of libraries. Some frameworks are so popular that, there are dedicated solutions for them, like Laravel development services. Other widely used PHP frameworks are, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Phalcon.

Node.js Vs PHP: Speed

Speed of the product is something that becomes quite important in today’s world. With PWA development solutions offering lighting fast speed, challenging both web and native apps, others need to catch up. People no longer want to wait for applications to load up and even clients don’t want something that takes ages to load.


While there are many advantages that come with PHP being such an old programming language, there are also drawbacks. And the slow speed of operation is one of these disadvantages. This is due to its synchronicity nature. This makes it execute a function in a specific sequence.


As an asynchronous development environment, Node.js is in a league above the rest. This means it doesn’t run the modules in sequences, which adds to the overall speed. This also significantly reduces downtime and improves the user experience.  This is one of the many reasons why people look for a Node.js Development Company.

Node.js Vs PHP: Database

The database is yet another important factor that can affect the development process and results. So, how do PHP and Node.js perform in this aspect?


Node.js is synchronized and compatible with all databases across the web. Plus, JavaScript Object Notation Data format, works well with NoSQL databases including MongoDB and Couch DB. It also supports graph databases and other libraries.

Tips for Hire PHP Developers


PHP works well with databases like MySQL and MariaDB. It is possible to work with a NoSQL database on PHP, it isn’t often recommended as it can take a long processing time.

Node.js Vs PHP: Request Handling

Request handling affects various things across the working of web apps or applications based on PHP or Node.js. This can also affect the overall performance.


Node.js can handle multiple requests with asynchronous processing. This also reduces the load on the CPU and RAM. However, if an error isn’t addressed it can tangle with other requests. This can lead to a pan-system problem, which is something you don’t want.


Unlike Node.js, PHP only responds to one request at once. Since requests are executed one by one, it also puts more load on CPU and RAM. In this sense, it is the right opposite of Node.js works.

Node.js Vs PHP: Community

Clients want to hire Laravel developer is because it has huge community support. The reason is that the community help developers improve and innovate continuously. This is the reason why looking for community support is important.


On the npmjs.com registry, you can a large number of Node.js projects. While the Node.js community is small, it is still quite compatible with today’s development needs. As such, most of the recent project focuses on building unique functionalities.


PHP has a larger community with a lot of projects available at its disposal. However, PHP projects aren’t nearly as innovative as their Node.js counterparts. This is something that you need to keep in mind when you want to hire web developer.

Node.js Vs PHP: Modules

Last but not least, Modules are an important part of a platform. This stands true in the Node.js Vs PHP debate. So, let’s look at the same below:


Expert PHP developers often target Node.js by saying, the latter one isn’t as stable as PHP projects. But you need to remember that Node.js is a growing community. This, Quality controls systems aren’t all that powerful.

Nevertheless, the Node.js package registry has put in place the npm-audit initiative. This keeps an eye on malicious code.


PHP has had an advantage in terms of modules for a long time now. However, this has changed recently. As there has been reduced in the quality of modules.


PHP and Node.js are some of the best development platforms our time has to offer. Like everything, they have their advantages and disadvantages alike. While PHP takes the lead in some areas, Node.js is a winner in others. Node.js Vs PHP is a debate that can go on forever. But at the end of the day, you should the one which is best compatible with your mobile app development project.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you consult a leading mobile app development company to get the best advice based on your project needs.