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Till the publishing of this article, many things may change in this world. The world is demanding something new where peace is one of the things that require the utmost. One of the shocking events is an ongoing war between Russia and USA. The whole world is keeping an eye on the news and praying that peace distortion events must stop. Although nobody likes wars, they will still be stopped until some political decisions have been taken. Read this blog to know more about what Indian IT services providers can promise you while the world is on edge of war.

On the other hand, the share market is unstable, and not in control; it is rapidly going up and down. Ukraine is counted as one of the top IT outsourcing services providing countries still weak ago, but things are drastic and different now. Now it is a difficult time for the whole country and professionals to keep up their regular duty. Ukraine is now under the shadow of guns and tanks.

The Industry body of Ukraine is called- IT Ukraine Association. This country hosts the largest number of C++ programmers, including other IT professionals. The reason that made Ukraine advanced with outsourcing services is that it’s time zone and work culture matches with USA and UK. It contains approx. 200,000 specialists and top tech cities are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and Lviv. Now, that nation is on a halt; services are badly affected. The mentioned top-tech cities are badly war-ridden. The service requesters and providers can’t stop it.

The businesses that hire Ukrainian professionals or IT companies are looking for an immediate option that somebody must take care of their existing project. The immediate option is Indian IT services providers and mobile app development companies.


India and its IT Sector

India is one of the largest IT outsourcing services provider countries and growing with a 60% growth rate every year. That makes it a suitable choice for global businesses to hire web developers or a mobile app development company. Here you can find the services such as Business Process Outsourcing, Process Management, Software Engineering Services, and Knowledge Processing Outsourcing.

Another reason that makes India a favorable destination is cost-effective software development by experienced developers.

 “India accounts for approximately 55% market share of the US$ 200-250 billion global services sourcing business.”

Here you can find different types of players, from large size to small size players. They all are equally contributing to the growth of the nation and in the service-providing sector. By 2025, the IT sector’s revenue is projected to reach US$ 19.3 billion.

More information can also be get from the following info graph published by ibef.org.

IT and BPM

There are several options you can find here to manage your project. 

Why Do You Need To Handover Your Existing Projects To Indian IT Services Providers?

If you are one of the businesses that are looking forward to handover an existing project to an experienced software development company, then hiring a service provider from India is the best option to do the same. Here are some points that you would like to read.

1. Experienced IT Professionals

As India is one of the largest IT services providing countries, you will find experienced IT professionals here. It does not matter that you want to hand over your mobile app or a website; you can find the experts accordingly. Suppose your existing project is related to Chatbot Development, then it can be handover to the experienced AI Development company with ease.

2. Professionals From Diverse Culture

India is a land of diversity and but working culture unites all the people in one string. Here you will find professionals from diverse cultures but tend to create fully-functional and feature-rich applications.

3. Support & Maintenance Services

The Indian IT & Software industry professionals are not only limited to development. You can also hire a mobile app support and maintenance company from there. They can help you regarding mobile upgradation, app monitoring, website improvement, app migration services, server maintenance & monitoring, and many others.

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4. Cost-Effectiveness

India’s IT companies are the best option if looking for cost-effective solutions. Compared to the price of hiring a software developer or IT professional, you will find Indian developers with a nominal cost without compromising the quality.

5. Handling of Latest Tech-Stack

India is the fastest growing economy and has a stronghold in using the latest technology, especially software development. So, it does not matter what kind of technology you are using for application development. If your project is stuck due to any conditions, you can easily hand over your project to Indian professionals.

6. Zero Consultation Cost

It is one of the attractive factors that make Indian professionals distinct from others. You can consult with them at no cost. It will not be an issue if you switch to others for a second opinion. It shows the professionalism of Indian developers.

How You Can Handover Your Existing Project?

Although it is tough to hand over the existing project to the other services provider, in conditions such as in Ukraine where service providers have been stuck in war conditionsit will be a smart move to switch to some other software development service providerSo, your project could be completed on time.

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Here are some following steps that you can follow to find the best mobile or web development company to take your existing project to a further level.

1. Company Profile

For handing over your project to the other IT company, first, you need to explore their company profile through channels such as LinkedIn, Top App Firms, Clutch and other professional websites. Once you explore it, then move to the next step.

2. Existing Project Details

When you contact the mobile app development company or web development company, then try to find out what their existing projects are? Or what kind of projects have they finished to date? It will give you an idea they are compatible to handle your project or not.

3. Client Feedback

It is always a better practice to read about what feedback their clients have been given to the services provider whom you consider suitable for your project.

4. Tech Stack They Use

The software development company whom you want to hand over the project must be experienced in using the latest tech stack. Using the latest technology directly affects the scalability that you would never like to miss.

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5. Payment Terms

Payment terms and conditions are also an important factor while hiring the IT services provider company. If you find the company suitable, ask them what payment terms and conditions they follow.

The Final Thoughts

The world is full of uncertainty anything can happen at any moment now. So, if you are one of the businesses struggling to find website developers or mobile app developers due to the Russia and Ukraine crises, then the best option is to hire mobile app developers from the Indian IT industry. They can easily carry forward your project to finish it.