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Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.

This well-said statement by Eric Schmidt has proven its worth.

Today, smartphones have become a key to digital media success, with over 6.3 billion mobile app users worldwide. Also, reports state that average Americans spend half of their time surfing smartphones, and out of it, 88% time is spent on mobile applications. Mobile app development technology is evolving every passing day, and multiple factors directly impact mobile app trends 2022. Read this news to know more about mobile app development trends in 2022.

mobile app development trending

As the demand increases with 2x speed, more businesses are stepping into app development. Due to this ever-rising usage of applications, the mobile app development market revenue is expected to reach $700 billion by the end of 2022.

So, if you are also a business owner and planning to develop a mobile app, you must be well-versed with the latest mobile app development trends in 2022.

What is Mobile App Development?

mobile app development

Mobile app development is basically a process to develop applications or software for smartphones and other digital devices that are most commonly used for Android or iOS platforms. The demand for mobile app development started in the year 2020, and the demand continues to rise in the coming time. In fact, mobile applications have become an integral part of today’s businesses to develop a strong web presence.

Latest Mobile App Development Trends 2023

Here’s the list of the current mobile app development trends that will rule in 2022. So, do not miss on these trends.

1. 5G Technology

Although 5G technology has been for a while, 2021 was the year when it became a buzzword and is expected to rise in 2022. More mobile app development companies have already started incorporating 5G technology to their fullest, as it has been predicted that organizations using 5G networks can offer better business solutions and get quicker outcomes.

5g technology

Also, mobile app developers have predicted that 5G technology will bring in a wealth of benefits, including –

  • Improved data handling
  • Faster device connections
  • Enhanced battery

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2. Mobile Wallet

Due to convenience, security, and fraud prevention technology, e-commerce has become an integral part of today’s digitalized world. Gone are the days when COD was used, and people used to carry cash in their pockets. Now, everyone, including customers and businesses, prefers to purchase mobile wallets like Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more.

Features Mobile Wallet Application

Due to this, the demand for mobile wallet and e-wallet app development companies is also rising. So, if you own a website or an application, it must have a digital wallet option.

3. Wearables

As per Statista, there were around 450 million wearable devices in 2017, and it is expected to reach 950 billion by the end of 2022. A lot of changes happened in the wearable industry. For instance, Apple has announced its Wearable Apple Watch OS 8 update and has introduced new features.

Wearable Device Connection

This is how wearable app development has become one of the essential trends of today’s time. So, businesses should get ready with wearable apps that offer a better user experience via smartwatches and other devices.

4. Beacon Technology

Beacon is basically a small radio transmitter that implements BLE wireless technology, and numerous industries like healthcare and e-commerce are utilizing beacon technology. However, this technology was introduced in 2013 but has become a buzzword of today’s time.

Its outstanding analytics and targeting analytics enable increased user engagement and profit. The two most essential assets, i.e., customers’ data and in-store purchasing behaviour, are the reasons why beacon technology should be the foremost choice for businesses.

5. Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things or IoT is a burgeoning trend in today’s mobile app development industry. Nowadays, the internet has crawled deep into everyone’s life. From smartphones to voice-controlled devices, our lives are surrounded by connected devices. Automate home appliances are one of the biggest examples of Internet of Things technology.

Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

As per the professionals’ analysis, IoT software programs will reach around $6 billion by 2027, and this figure is clearly indicating the ever-rising demand for IoT app development in the coming time.

6. Mobile Commerce

As per research, around 73% of sales happen via mobile devices, and hence, the mobile app development trend for mobile commerce is also rising. As more buyers prefer to shop online, developing a react native app or PWA will help people offer a better shopping experience. Unlike e-commerce website development, mobile commerce enables users to shop via mobile applications and not use mobile web pages.

Today, every business targets mobile applications to increase revenue by serving the best to their potential customers. So, if you plan to beat your competitors, stepping into mobile commerce is a must.

7. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & ML has tremendously transformed the IT industry to a great extent and has taken mobile app development to the next level. The mobile app development companies majorly incorporate this trend to offer security, enhance performance, and provide a better user experience. All this has increased mobile app security to a great extent. This is one of the major reasons why AI & ML are ruling today’s world.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Brands like Apple is key player in the field of Machine Learning. Its smart models are enabling mobile app developers to create immersive experiences. So, you can also think of incorporating AI & ML into your mobile and web app development and let your business reach the heights of success.

Final Thoughts!

Being a business owner, everyone should be well-versed in the above-mentioned mobile app development trends 2022 and keep updating themselves with time. As mobile apps have transformed the business area, more businesses plan to develop mobile for their business.

But, creating an outdated mobile app doesn’t make any sense and will not going to help you beat your competitors. That’s why knowing about the latest mobile app development trends will act as a saviour for your business.

Before taking a step ahead, ask the following questions to yourselves – 

  • What is the next big thing in mobile app development?
  • What is the latest trend in mobile app development?
  • What is the future of mobile app development?
  • Why is mobile app development trends essential while developing an app?

Once you answer these questions, you can start with the process to build a mobile app. Also, make sure to avail services from a well-known mobile app development company or hire dedicated developers for the same.