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AngularJS is a dynamic open-source JavaScript framework. JavaScript is considered as the most flexible language. It is mostly used to build intriguing web apps.

AngularJS has grown to be a super framework in the business world. It allows web designers to use Html as the template. This language is popular for its accommodations amid developers and businesses.


The Statistics

  1. “968,139 live websites are using AngularJS and an additional 2,311,914 sites have used Angular.JS historically“
  2. “Usage stats of AngularJS according to website categories: In Business and industry 18.47%, in shopping 5.75%, in arts and entertainment 5.49%, in Internet and telecom 5.10% and in others 65.20%”
  3. “Some of the top websites that use Angular.JS are com, YouTube.com, Google.com. Br,  etc“
  4. “More than 460,000 websites with Angular.JS framework use it as a front-end framework. Close to 145,000 websites hold places in the top million websites in the world“


Why AngularJS is Required?

Let us know why we should use AngularJS. One of the main uses of AngularJS is to create a single page application (SPA) or a website menu at any instant. Here are a few reasons to use AngularJS.

  1. Supportive Model View Controller:This framework does not demand to write the code separately.  You can split your MVC app into its component and act as a mediator. Here additional coding is not required.
  2. Data Models Are According To Old Javascript: JS helps to arrange code in a much clearer and cleaner way. Data models in Angular are plain old JavaScript objects.
  3. Has A Major Community: JS has a vast community of developers as well as clients. The large community helps to connect and solve any issue quickly. It also helps with quick information and updates.
  4. Speed:JS is efficient to even get through large projects easily. The tools used along with AngularJS further speeds up the process even more. Small apps are developed at high speed.
  5. Easy Testing: JS gives you the facility to separately test the app. You can write the code separately and test the desired portion. Are you looking for an AngularJS developer? You can reach out to Angularjs mobile app development services.
  6. Simple And Expressive: You do not have to wait for long to learn and then start your project. This framework is quite simple, you can quickly get up and grab the concept and build your first app.
  7. Data Binding And Fast Loaded: JS facilities easy data binding, unlike other frameworks where it is difficult. It saves time by speeding up the process. Along with these features, Angular.JS is an open-source framework hence, affordable.
  8. Two-way Data Binding: This feature reduces the burden of the developer by reducing coding. When you have an easy procedure of data binding, you can impart most of the time on core app development.

How To Start With AngularJS? 

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google majorly. If you like the features we can have a look at how to start with AngularJS.

  1. First of all, you need to load the framework. To load a framework <script > tag is used.
  2. Ng-app is an important part of this framework. It helps to define and link an AngularJS application to HTML. Now, define your application using this directive.
  3. The ng-model part of the framework helps to bind app data to Html input control. Next, you should use the Ng-model directive to define a model.
  4. Ng-bind helps to bin app data to HTML tags. Use this directive to bind the value of the model that you decided.

Tools For Ease The Burden Of Developing The Web Page With AngularJS

  1. Angular UI
  2. Js
  3. WebStorm
  4. Karma
  5. Sublime Text
  6. Protractor
  7. Djangular
  8. Jasmine
  9. Io
  10. Angular Batarang

1. Angular UI

Time is the most valuable. Every developer prefers to complete the work quickly by maintaining the quality of work. Angular UI is a savior in such cases.

While working on any project, one of the key factors is to complete the work before the deadline. To complete the project you need to increase the speed of the project without hampering the effectiveness.

Angular UI helps to increase the speed of the project and deploy an excellent project. This powerful tool helps the user to make the entire process easier.

Angular UI includes UI bootstrap. The UI bootstrap works on the basis of incorporation.  It allows website developers to replace unwanted widgets with bone-naked directives. It is one of the best tools of Angular.Js that ease the burden of a web page.

2. Mocha.Js

Mocha.Js works with the help of node.js This tool is rich in features and makes testing easy for developers. This is considered as one of the best tools for beginners and pro in testing.




Mocha.Js facilitate asynchronous testing which makes the entire process easier and flexible. This tool also allows web developers to run the task serial wise. Angularjs mobile app development company has been working in this field for years.

3. WebStorm

WebStorm is one of the most useful Angular.Js tools that is already embedded with JavaScript – ready status. WebStorm is specialized as a text editor.

It is considered as one of the best text editors along with AngularJS IDE. It reduces the burden of the developer by eliminating the need for constant refreshing.

Usually, the developer has to refresh constantly to visualize the modifications. This becomes annoying for developers. WebStorm has the live text editor feature so the developer does not need to constantly refresh. This tool is efficient for running both HTML and CSS. Hence, it is one of the most preferred tools.

4. Karma

Karma is mainly used for testing. In the entire process of project development, testing is one of the most crucial steps. Karma offers the facility to test the website and application you developed with AngularJS on different devices.


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You can have the accesses on tablets, phones, or browsers as well. Karma is considered as a test runner. Developers who use Karma can easily get the source code for different browsers. Karma is used for different testing. Some of them are given below:

  • Unit Testing: In the unit testing, the individual component of the software is tested to ensure that all the software performs its task as per the design. As the name suggests, the unit is the smallest testable part.
  • E2E Testing:The end to end testing focuses on testing from a user’s Here, a real user scenario is stimulated. In this testing, the entire process from initiation to the end is tested. The main purpose of enterprise end to end testing is to validate integration and data integrity.
  • Midway Testing: This testing is done by a special feature or API. It ensures that API is compatible with external services such as MongoDB, Redis, etc. Thorough testing is essential before launching and Karma is the tool that developers can use for this purpose. Hire angular js developer for completing your project and also you can use these tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

5. Sublime Text

Sublime text is widely used by developers to decrease the burden of coding. Coding is great but it becomes a burden on developers when they have to perform a ridiculous amount of coding.  Are you also trying to find an alteration to coding? The sublime text tool is developed for you then.

Sublime text not only reduces the burden of coding but also increases efficiency as well as saves time of a developer. Sublime text is great in adapting itself to the type of programming languages.


Sublime text is one of the best text editors. Are you looking to hire angularjs developer for creating a high-quality project? Great! You should go with your decision and make the best use of service.

6. Protractor

Protractor is used by developers mostly for end-to-end testing. One of the best features of Protractor is that developers do not need to wait for a test or for a web page to sync, it follows an automatic procedure. As soon as the web page is done with the ongoing task or pending task, it will automatically move to the next step.

The protractor tool is built on the top of the WebDriver JS. It helps to interact with the application similar to a user. Hence, it creates a real world. The developer does not need to put any special effort to test Angular-specific elements.

7. Djangular

This tool is efficient in handling all the application content development-related work. It allows you to create content as per the app instead of creating one massive content.

This is a flexible framework that a developer can use and reuse according to their need. It provides better integration with Angular.JS. AngularJS development services have service providers who are well acquainted with the best use of these tools.  To use AngularJS for your app you can contact service providers.

To install Djangular you can go for the direct process through PyPI. Another important and useful feature of Djangular is that it will include as well as namespace the content of AngularJS inside Django apps. This also helps to improve security. It helps to enable CSRF protection and JSON vulnerability.

8. Jasmine

Jasmine is mostly used with another tool Karma. It is known as the customizable AngularJS tool. Jasmine is used for test-driven development as well as behavior-driven development.

It is used mostly by experienced developers, it is not for beginners.  Jason’s independent of any browsers,  DOM,  or JavaScript framework. This tool is well suited for a node. Js projects. It has become one of the most popular choices of developers for testing. Jasmine helps to keep the test well structured.

9. Ment.Io

Ment.Io is an Angular.Js tool that provides developers with macros. Ment.Io is also not a beginner-friendly tool but is highly useful by experienced developers.

Beginners are mostly acquainted with JQuery, but Ment.Io does not have JQuery. Ment.Io is filled with numerous functionalities that make the tool a bit complex.

This tool is mainly used by developers to directly add input into the desired element. Are you thinking of hiring Angularjs developers? You must contact the Angularjs development services.

10. Angular Batarang

This tool is used by developers mainly for debugging annual applications. AngularJS is developed by chrome whereas Angular Batarang is an extension of chrome.

It is specialized in performing multiple tasks. A developer can use Angular Batarang to do multiple tasks and make the work simpler. It allows customizable testing which performs different sorts of jobs.

According to officials “This extension features tools to help find and address performance bottlenecks,  and visualize and debug applications.”

This tool offers a developer to control the inspection. Angular Batarang uses three formats to showcase debugging results. Performance, model, and dependency are the prime formats.

The web development company has skilled professionals who have been using these tools.  You can install it yourself or take the help of professionals and get the best use out of it.

Wrapping Up

AngularJS is popular amid developers. If you are using AngularJS, you can increase your productivity, efficiency, and save time with the help of the above-mentioned tools.

These tools are useful and reduce the burden of developers. As an Angular developer, you should use these amazing tools. Though it is necessary to be well versed with the complete process of development of applications and websites. Some tools are great for beginners as well as experienced developers. Some should be used only by experienced developers.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Angular App/Website?


Here, the selection and use of a tool are important to get the best out of it. Some tools are used for all platforms and others are limited, so the use of tools also depends on the type of project. If you are thinking of using these tools or hire an AngularJS expert, you can reach out to AngularJs development company.